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Looking for breathtaking Black Goddess tattoo ideas and feeling closer to your African roots? We have sorted out the best tattoo ideas that you can save.

Black Goddess Tattoo
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Tattoo artists have mentioned both men and women can get this tattoo inked on their bodies.

It is the first choice for many with African heritage and those who like African mythology and history. The feminine yet powerful bodies of African Goddesses predominates the tattoo designs.

The intricate design of the tattoos is often liked by people with African roots to pay homage to their ancestors and adds to the style quotient of the wearer. Some tattoos are spread enough to cover up an entire portion of the wearer’s body, but you can also go for minimalistic designs. The tattoos can be of different colors and styles.

Many go for colorful tattoos; others choose simple black ink. And also, if you want a cartoonish character for yourself, you can consult with your tattoo artist because the choice and liking of the wearer always come first when it comes to tattooing.

African Goddess Yemaya Tattoo

African Goddess Yemaya Tattoo
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This tattoo design is painted with many colors, and there are various types of elements in one space. This tattoo will look good in well-built arms on people of any gender. Because there are many components and the shading is done beautifully to perfection, this can be a bit tougher from the side of the artist. But an expert tattoo artist could ink this out with time in hand.

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If you look back to African culture, you will find this to be the tattoo of Goddess Yemaya. Yemaya is considered the Goddess of the Ocean. She is known to protect her kids and cleanses away pain and sorrow. According to legends, she is well known for curing infertility. As Ocean Goddess in this tattoo, she is wearing a crown made up of shells, and her eyes look like fish skin.

Egyptian Black Goddess Tattoo

Egyptian Black Goddess Tattoo
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If you want an Egyptian Goddess tattoo design on your body, this will be the right choice. This tattoo is big enough to cover up your entire leg. So if you are up for big tattoos and are interested in ancient Egypt, you can go for it. This tattoo of Queen Nefertiti has unique symbolism of feminine power, prosperity, and progress.

In the tattoo, Nefertiti is often regarded as Living Fertility Goddess. In this tattoo, if you go through the other slides, you can see in the Queen’s both hands there are two planets as if she is the Goddess of the entire existence and has her power over everything, filled with deep spiritual meaning. The tattoo design is entirely done with black ink and is quite a tedious, time-consuming process because of the in-detail elements that need to be inked.

African Wildlife Goddess Tattoo

African Wildlife Goddess Tattoo
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It is a very beautiful tattoo design of an African Warrior Goddess wearing lion fur on her head. If you are adventurous and daring with your tattoo designs, you can ink this one on your body. The whole tattoo is done with black ink, but the lion’s blue eyes catch the most attention.

In the entire tattoo, the only thing that is colored is the eyes of the lion. The African lion is seen as a symbolic representation of the Sun as an embodiment of passion. A roaring lion, just like the one in the tattoo, represents strength and power, creating an image of an African Goddess protecting nature and her kids. You can look at the determined look of the lion and the woman and find yourself always motivated.

Mother Nature Black Goddess Tattoo Ideas

Mother Nature Black Goddess Tattoo Ideas
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If you are into African mythology and feminine spirits, this is your sign to get an African Goddess Tattoo. One of the popular selections is of the goddess Oshun. In popular culture, Beyoncé has been identified with her for years. In mythology, Oshun is worshipped for her ability to cure illness and fertility and is also a feminine symbol associated with purity and love.

This colored tattoo will look best on the areas of your body with abundant space to work on. The resemblance of Beyoncé with this tattoo looks very attractive and perfect for hyping your style statement. After consulting your artist, you can opt for different colors for the tattoo. The detailed geometric design is done with prominence and is a tough design for a tattoo artist to ink.

African Goddess Tattoo

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If you are up for some tattoo with deep symbolic meaning then this African goddess tattoo is a perfect choice for you. According to African mythology, this is the tattoo of Goddess Oya. Oya is known to be the goddess of weather and climatic changes. She can call forth lightning, storm, earthquakes, and tornados. Goddess Oya is often associated with buffaloes.

Goddess Oya is often associated with different symbolic meanings. She can bring down the entire humanity to ashes when angered. She expresses female strength and independence, she is a symbol of a true warrior. In this tattoo, the goddess is seen riding her buffalo with thunder all around. It can be depicted that she is on her way to a fight. The goddess is a symbol of how a woman can break all standards to be her true self, a fighter.

Egyptian Civilization Tattoo Designs

Egyptian Civilization Tattoo Designs
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This tattoo is perfect for someone who is into Egyptian history. This tattoo is a collaboration of many elements associated with Egyptian history. This is a full leg tattoo so if you are into big tattoos covering your entire skin then you can do it. Other than your leg you can also ink this tattoo on your entire arm. This is quite tedious work for the tattoo artist and also for the wearer so if you are patient enough to sit for long hours then you can try this tattoo design.

There are so many elements in this entire tattoo showcasing Egyptian culture. The Pharaoh, tomb, camels, and desert everything in the tattoo is about Egypt. This tattoo will add to the style statement of the wearer. The Pharaoh’s head symbolizes great power and leadership. If you look closely there is an Egyptian symbol of Ankh which is referred to as the key of life meaning eternal life or the power over life and death in Ancient Egypt.

African Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Transformation

African Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Transformation
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If you are looking for a bit different tattoo other than a picture of a black goddess tattoo with meaning, you can go for symbols related to the African continent. The photo of Sanfoka originating in West Africa is a very powerful symbol and carries a positive feeling of bringing back our past and enriching the present.

You can modify the size of your tattoo or add some other symbols to it. It’s always your decision. This Sanfoka symbol is added with a face of a woman and also an egg. Mythologically the egg is always inside the mouth of Sanfoka but in this tattoo, the egg is not inside her mouth but still it has her head backwards like in mythology. You can change the position of the egg; it’s up to you.

African Tribal Tattoos Ideas

African Tribal Tattoos Ideas
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If you are looking for some tribal goddess tattoos this is perfect for you. There are so many elements in this tattoo that you can either add or remove some of them on your wish. This tattoo is a homage to the goddess and paying her respect.

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This goddess is a lover of flowers mainly sunflowers which you can find out from this photo. The abundance of flowers and queen in a crown makes the tattoo very beautiful for anyone’s eyes. Because of the size of the tattoo, it will take a larger section of your body to be inked but you can always decrease the size. The choice of the wearer always comes first when it comes to tattooing.

Minimalistic Queen Tattoo

Minimalistic Queen Tattoo
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Looking for some minimalistic tattoo ideas? This one can be your go-to Egyptian goddess tattoo. This tattoo is done with finesse and the line work is done fantastically. This tattoo of an Egyptian goddess. If you focus there is a symbol of a bee on the neck of Queen Goddess which is the symbol of the given of life, birth, death, and resurrection.

This queen tattoo emits the aura of femininity and the power of beauty. The symbols added to the crown are ancient Egyptian symbols that carry a lot of meanings with them showing the power of majesty. The entire tattoo is done with black ink while some shading is done with colors.

Crescent Moon Goddess Tattoo

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If you are looking for an African Goddess tattoo with a moon on her head you can pinpoint this one for your next tattoo appointment. This tattoo is on the smaller side and you can ink it on your forearm, and legs anywhere you want. Or even you can add colors to this tattoo after consulting.

The Goddess is carrying a cow skull with her. This goddess is known to be the protector of women and the goddess of love, beauty, music, fertility, and pleasure. The entire black tattoo with a golden touch catches attention.

Black Goddess tattoos are beautiful and look nice on the wearer, bearing many historical and mythological meanings and symbolism, making them unique and personal. You can customize the tattoos in your way and let your creativity shine. You can get one of these tattoos for approximately around $50 to $150. Here are some beautiful suggestions that you can take into account while selecting Black Goddess Tattoo for yourself.

  • Black Medusa Tattoo.
  • Goddess Black Girl Magic Tattoo.
  • Shoulder African Goddess Tattoo.
  • Full Back Black Goddess Tattoo.
  • African Goddess Symbol Tattoo.

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