Which of these is not a form of transfiguration

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List of Question : Answers

How are Muggle photographs different from magical ones? : They don’t move How could the drinker control the effects of an ageing potion? : Drinking more or less How did I become a Metamorphmagus? [Tonks] : You were born one How do fairies communicate? : By buzzing How do fireproof potions taste? : Icy How do you greet a hippogriff? : With a bow How do you like my Binns impression? [Tonks] : I think it’s brilliant. How do you tell if a door is Imperturbable? : Chuck stuff at it How does the Moke protect itself? : It shrinks How is Quodpot different from Quidditch? : The ball explodes How long did the longest Quidditch game last? : Six months How long should a Polyjuice Potion stew before usage? : One month How long was You-Know-Who in power? : 11 years How many brothers do I have? [Charlie] : Five How many legs does a Quintaped have? : Five How many Lionfish Spines are used in one batch of Herbicide Potion? : Four How many Philosopher’s Stones have been known to exist? : One How many players are on a Quidditch team? : 7 How many points is a goal worth? : Ten How many points is the Golden Snitch worth? : 150 How many Principal Exceptions are there to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration? : Five How many rogue planets may exist in the Milky Way? : Billions How many Sickles are in a Galleon? : 16 How many staircases are at Hogwarts? : 142 How many students sleep in each Hogwarts Dormitory? : 5 How many teams are in the British and Irish Quidditch League? : Thirteen How many times did Muggles try to burn Wendelin the Weird at the stake? : 47 How many times did Wendelin the Weird allow herself to be caught by witch-hunters? : Forty-Seven How often do the flowers of the Flutterby Bush bloom? : Once per century How often does a Streeler’s shell change colour? : Every Hour How often does the Quidditch World Cup take place? : Every four years How often is the World Cup held? : Every four years How old is Professor Snape? : About 30 How should your completed Scintillation Solution look? : Sparkling How would you best describe a Pixie’s voice? : Shrill

What am I most known for? [Nearly Headless Nick] : My Partially Severed Neck What are all Warlock conventions? : Important What are fluxweed and Boomslang skin used for? : Polyjuice Potion What are meteor showers usually named after? : Constellations What are Nettles known for? : Stinging Hairs What are switching spells? : Simultaneous transfiguration What are the color of Madam Hooch’s eyes? : Yellow What are the optimal growing conditions for Devil’s Snare? : Dark and damp What are ‘wildcats’ referring to? : The Gargoyles on strike What became outlawed after the Warlocks’ Convention of 1709? : Dragon breeding What boil-inducing ingredient can create an explosive reaction when added to a Cure for Boils? : Bulbadox Power What book did Beedle the Bard write? : The Tales Of Beedle The Bard What can cause a person’s Patronus to change? : Major life events What can prove fatal from a Banshee? : If you hear its cries What can you counteract by consuming Moly? : Enchantments What can’t the Blackboard Writing Spell create on a blackboard? : Music scores What causes the nightly movement of the stars across the sky? : The rotation of the Earth What charm can repel a Lethifold? : Patronus Charm What charm creates water? : Aguamenti What charm did we end in class by using Finite Incantem? : Wand-lighting What charm did Wendelin the Weird use on the flames? : The Flame-Freezing Charm What charm freezes the target in place? : Immobulus What charm silences the target? : Silencio What class does Professor Vector teach? : Arithmancy What classification does the Ministry apply to Dementors? : Non-Being What clues did you find? : A transfigured Black Quill / Footsteps in the cursed corridor What colour does the presence of a ghost turn flames? : Blue What colour is a potion for dreamless sleep? : Purple What colour is Garrotting Gas? : It’s colourless What colour is Hagrid’s umbrella? : Pink What colour is the dragon pox cure? : Purple What cool spells did you learn? : Incendio or Revelio What covers the distinct nettle leaf? : Stinging Hairs What creature did the Wizards’ Council make a protected species? : Golden Snidget What creature is barred from all Quidditch games? : Dragon What creature was the Golden Snitch invented to replace? : Golden Snidget What creature’s brain is required to complete this potion? [Draught of Living Death] : Sloth What device allows Muggles to watch serialised programmes? : Television What did I admire about Merula? [Tulip] : Her Independence What did the snitch replace? : The snidget What did the Wizards’ Council sign into action in 1692? : International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy What did Wendelin do to make sure she wasn’t recognized? : Wore disguises What did you find in the buried Cursed Vault? : A Merperson’s Trident What differentiates Knarls from hedgehogs? : Their suspicious nature What dish am I famous for? : Rock Cakes What distinguishes Chameleon Ghouls from ordinary ghouls? : Their ability to change shape What do aurors do? : Catch dark wizards What do Dark Spells require in order to be successful? : Malicious Intent What do flesh-eating slugs eat? : Flesh What do Flobberworms eat? : Lettuce What do I hate most of all? [Tonks-Binns] : Myths and Legends What do I want to be when I graduate? [Tonks] What do knarls look like? : Hedgehogs What do Switching Spells do? : Swap Objects for Each Other What do you feed a newly-hatched dragon? : Brandy and chicken blood What do you need to think of in order to conjure a Patronus Charm? : A Powerful, Happy Memory What do you say to summon a broom to your hand? : Up! What does a Hair-Raising Potion do? : Makes hair stand up What does a solitary ‘X’ classification mean? [Kettleburn] : Boring What does a toaster toast? : Bread What does Amortentia smell like? : It depends What does Arresto Mometum do? : Slow or stop target’s velocity What does Avis conjure? : Birds What does Cave Inimicum do? : Conceals presences What does Colloportus do? : Lock and seal doors What does Colovaria do? : Changes Something’s Colour What does Densaugeo do to the target? : Elongates their teeth What does Essence of Insanity cause? : Irrational decision-making What does Glumbumble’s treacle induce, if ingested? : Melancholy What does Hogwarts say you should never do, but I’d love to do? [Peeves] : Tickle a sleeping dragon What does Homenum Revelio reveal? : Humans What does Impedimenta do? : Temporarily slows a target What does Langlock do? : Glues the target’s tongue What does Maxima mean in Latin? : The largest What does Meteolojinx Recanto do? : Dispel weather charms What does Mimbulus Mimbletonia use as a defence mechanism? : Stinksap What does Reparifarge do? : Undo Transfigurations What does Serpensortia conjure? : Snakes What does the charm Lumos provide? : Light What does the Drought Charm cause? : Dryness What does the Ear-Shrivelling Curse cause? : Ears to wither What does the Impediment Jinx do? : Temporarily slows a target What does the Imperturbable Charm block? : Sounds What does the incantation ‘Incarcerous’ conjure? : Binding ropes What does the Knitting Charm enchant? : The knitting needles What does the Lumos charm provide? : Light What does the number 14 reduce to? [Numerology] : Five What does the Pepperup Potion treat? : The common cold What does the Potion for Dreamless Sleep induce? : Drowsiness What does the Reductor Curse do? : Blasts Objects into Pieces What does the Solem in Lumos Solem refer to? : The sun. What does the spell Fumos do? : Create smoke What does the Stretching Jinx do? : Causes the target to stretch What does the Trip Jinx cause its victim to do? : Fall Over What does the Vermillious spell make appear from the tip of one’s wand? : Red Sparks What doesn’t power Muggle devices? : Magic What dragon is not native to Britain? : Chinese Fireball What ends a Quidditch match? : The Seeker catches the Snitch What event followed the Soap Blizzard of 1378? : Economic Crash What famous Auror crashed Bill’s party? : Alastor Moody What famous bank was founded not long after the Soap Blizzard? : Gringotts What followed the soap blizzard of 1378? : Wizarding economic bubble burst What form of magical transportation is illegal? : Flying carpets What Goblin led the 18th century Goblin Rebellions? : Urg the Unclean What guarded the cursed vault? : An enchanted door What happened during the Quidditch World Cup of 1473? : Players committed all the fouls What happens to someone when they drink Veritaserum? : They tell the truth What happens when you touch a Wiggentree? : Protection from dark creatures What Hogwarts house was Uric the Oddball in? : Ravenclaw What house am I in? [Jae] : Gryffindor What incantation makes an object waterproof? : Impervius What incantation marks the air with a burning trail? : Flagrante What incantation shrinks an object? : Reducio What ingredient from the Potions Storeroom did Snape ask you to retrieve to restore HPs? : Pickled Slugs What ingredients ‘seal’ a werewolf bite? : Silver and Dittany What is a group of bowtruckles called? : Branch What is a healing spell commonly used in the Hospital Wing? : Episkey What is a potion that can cause boils if brewed incorrectly? : Cure for Boils What is a rotary phone’s distinguishing feature? : The rotary dial What is a secret keeper? : A person entrusted with a secret What is a side-effect of Pepperup Potion? : Steam coming from the ears What is a side effect of Petrificus Totalus? : Stiffened Limbs What is a spell used to mend broken objects? : Reparo What is a toadstool? : A mushroom What is a Wronski Feint? : Pretending to dive for the Snitch What is an acceptable use of the Orb? : Divining the future What is an animagus? : A person with an animal form What is another name for Defodio? : Gouging Spell What is another name for the Alihotsy tree? : The hyena tree. What is another word for ‘Antidote’? : Cure What is Arithmancy? : Numerology What is bubotuber pus used for? : Clearing up acne What is Godric Gryffindor’s signature item? : Sword What is Helga Hufflepuff’s signature item? : Cup What is linked to this time period? (14th century) : Growth of Gringotts What is my full name? [Nearly Headless Nick] : Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington What is my prank of choice? [Tulip] : Dungbomb What is my signature item? [Rowena Ravenclaw] : Diadem What is not a side-effect of Elixir to Induce Euphoria? : Excessive Sweating What is not an alternate name for Wolfsbane? : Belladonna What is notable about everlasting elixirs? : They never run out What is Peevsey’s favorite thing to do? : Causing mischief What is required in the manoeuvre Taking Passengers? : Complete Cooperation What is Salazar Slytherin’s signature item? : Locket What is taught in this class? [Potions] : Subtle science What is the American term for Muggles? : No-Majs What is the antidote to Swelling Solution? : Deflating Draught What is the best way to extract juice from the Sopophorous Bean? : Crush it What is the biggest Quidditch event? : World Cup What is the branch of magic that deals with altering the form of appearance of an object? : Transfiguration What is the Bubble-Head Charm useful for? : A fresh supply of oxygen What is the counter-charm to Colloportus? : Alohomora What is the counter-charm to Lumos? : Nox What is the counter-spell to Accio, the Summoning Charm? : Depulso What is the effect of the Stupefy Spell? : Stuns you What is the effect of the Wideye Potion? : Keeps you awake What is the Fwooper plumage used for? : A quill What is the Grim? : A spectral dog What is the incantation for a Confundus Charm? : Confundo What is the incantation for the Disarming spell? : Expelliarmus What is the incantation for the Exploding Charm? : Bombarda What is the incantation for the Fire-making spell? : Incendio What is the incantation for the Growing Charm? : Engorgio What is the incantation for the Knock-back Jinx? : Flipendo What is the incantation for the Shield Charm? : Protego What is the incantation for the Snake-Vanishing Spell? : Vipera Evanesca What is the incantation for the Tongue-Tying Curse? : Mimblewimble What is the incantation of the scrubbing spell? : Scourgify What is the intended effect of the Laughing Potion? : Induce laughter What is the Ministry of Magic classification system? : A creature’s danger level. What is the most popular Wizarding sport? : Quidditch What is the most powerful truth serum? : Veritaserum What is the Name of America’s Magical Government? : MACUSA What is the name of Filch’s cat? : Mrs. Norris What is the name of our Flying Instructor? Even you should know this. : Madam Hooch What is the name of the Hogwarts Poltergeist? : Peeves What is the Name of the Wizard Village near Hogwarts? : Hogsmeade What is the only exciting part about my class? [Binns-Tonks] : Entrance through the blackboard What is the only known ingredient of Floo powder? : Floo What is the opposite of conjuration? : Vanishment What is the primary use of Murtlap essence? : Soothing wounds What is the primary use of the charm Scourgify? : Cleaning What is the purpose of the spell Finite Incantatem? : Stop spells What is the putrid green fluid produced by the Mimbulus Mimbletonia? : Stinksap What is the record for the longest game of Quidditch? : 6 months What is the term for a witch or wizard who can see the future? : Seer What is the use of a draught of peace? : Calming the drinker What is the wand motion for Wingardium Leviosa? : Swish and Flick What is true about gerbils? : They like to burrow What is true about tortoises? : Some live over 200 years What is used in Xylomancy? : Twigs What is Wolfsbane Potion used for? : Keeping a werewolf sane What item gave Bill the Ear-Shrivelling Curse? : A hat What item in the Headmaster’s Office allows you to review bottled memories? : The Pensieve What items cannot be conjured? : Food What kind of spell is Flipendo? : Jinx What language is the root of many spells? : Latin What lives in the Forbidden Forest? : Intelligent wolves What magical bird did Uric have fifty of in his house? : Augureys What magical creature guards wand wood trees? : Bowtruckles What magical plant allows humans to breathe underwater? : Gillyweed What magical plant resembles a withered tree stump? : Snargaluff What magical sport is popular in North America? : Quodpot What makes a transformation easier? : Similarity in appearance What makes magical photographs move? : Developing solution What makes the Moon so bright in the night sky? : It reflects light from the sun What nearly drove Snidgets teh extinction? : Hunting by wizards What other name is the Doxy commonly known by? : The Biting Fairy What part of a Mandrake is potentially fatal? : Its scream What personality trait distinguishes Knarls from hedgehogs? : Suspicion What plant excretes stinksap? : Mimbulus mimbletonia What plant helps you breathe underwater? : Gillyweed What plant produces stinking sap? : Mimbulus mimbletonia What plant secretes stinksap? : Mimbulus mimbletonia What potion causes the drinker to speak nonsense? : Babbling Beverage What potion contains Fluxweed? : Polyjuice Potion What potion does not contain Valerian Sprigs? : Polyjuice Potion What potion has Valerian Sprigs in it? : Forgetfulness Potion What potion is used to rid yourself of Doxies? : Doxycide What property do you have to account for in Transfiguration? : Target’s weight What purpose does the Cough Potion serve? : Cures a cough What Quidditch players fend off the Bludgers? : The Beaters What replaced the Wizard’s Council? : The Ministry of Magic What sensation accompanies the Sea Urchin Jinx? : Discomfort What should Butterbeer taste like? : Butterscotch What should you avoid getting in your eyes while flying? : Insects What sound does a rubber duck make? : Quack! What spell did I create with Badeea? [Ben] : Flipendo Maxima What spell does the Cleaning Charm most resemble? : Scouring Charm What spell duplicates an item? : Geminio What spell provides protection against Dementors? : Expecto Patronum What spell transforms an object into a portkey? : Portus What spell turns an object into stone? : Duro What spell unmasked Gellert Grindlewald in 1926? : Revelio What spell vanishes an object? : Evanesco What spell wards off spiders? : Arania Exumai What spell works on the Whomping Willow to stop it from attacking? : The Freezing Charm What spell would you use to mend a pair of glasses? : Reparo What spell would you use to tame Devil’s Snare? : Incendio What spellbook contains the Leg-Locker Curse? : Curses and Counter-Curses What sweet causes hiccups? : Hiccough Sweet What trait did Godric Gryffindor value most in a student? : Courage What trait did Helga Hufflepuff value most in a student? : Loyalty What trait did Salazar Slytherin value most in a student? : Cunning What trait do I value most in a student? [Rowena Ravenclaw] : Intellect What trick might someone eat? : Acid pops What type of ball attempts to hit the players? : Bludger What type of cauldron do first-year students need? : Pewter What type of Ghoul is capable of disguising itself? : Chameleon Ghouls What type of potion does Golpalott’s third law pertain to? : Antidotes What type of Potion is Weedosoros? : Poison What type of roller skates feature all four wheels in a single line? : Inline What type of Transfiguration turns a goldfinch into a Golden Snitch? : Transformation What was Elfric known as? : The Eager What was Elfric the Eager responsible for? : An uprising What was Elfric the Eager’s uprising? : A revolt. What was the first ever recorded game of Quidditch? : Queerditch Marsh What was the first potion we learned in Snape’s class? : Cure for Boils What was the point of this lesson? [Pawn to Queen] : Fine tune your skills What was the primary reason for the creation of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy? : Persecution by Muggles What was the Seeker originally called? : The Hunter What was Uric the Oddball best known for wearing on his head? : A jellyfish What were the wizards that cooperated with the Muggles called? [re: Witch Trials] : Scourers What will help you whilst attempting Strong Braking? : A firm grip What Wizarding Sport was the Golden Snidget used in? : Quidditch What would Peevsey do at a trial? : Cause a mistrial What would Peevsey do at the International Warlock Convention? : Wreak havoc What year did the Soap Blizzard occur? : 1378 What Zonko’s product bite you when you use it? : Nose-Biting Teacup What’d you reveal with Revelio? : A hidden staircase What’s a telltale sign that mandrakes have matured? : They move into each other’s pots What’s another name for Belladonna? : Deadly Nightshade What’s in a forgetfulness potions? : Lethe water What’s my dad’s name? [Tonks] : Ted What’s my favourite band? [Tonks] : The Weird Sisters What’s my favourite greeting? [Tonks] : Wotcher! What’s my favourite subject? [Penny] : Potions What’s my favourite thing to do with a chair? [Peeves] : Throw it What’s my prank of choice? [Tulip] : Dungbomb What’s my ridiculous first name? [Tonks] : Nymphadora What’s my specialty? [Binns-Tonks] : Boring Students What’s my specialty? [Tulip] : Pranks What’s my toad’s name? [Tulip] : Dennis What’s one form of hex deflection? : Salvio Hexia What’s the best solution to a broken nose? : Episkey What’s the best use for the Talirek Twirl? : Evading Bludgers What’s the biggest Wizarding newspaper in Britain? : The Daily Prophet What’s the first step of flying on your broom? : Kicking off What’s the first step of performing a Bell Tailslide? : Flying straight up What’s the highest tower at Hogwarts? : The Astronomy Tower What’s the most unfun job at Hogwarts? : Caretaker What’s the name of the joke shop in Hogsmeade? : Zonko’s What’s the only all-wizard village in Britain? : Hogsmeade What’s the only exciting part of my class? [Binns-Tonks] : Entrance Through the Blackboard What’s the term for an object imbued with a fragment of a wizard’s soul? : Horcrux What’s your favourite part of History of Magic? [Tonks] : Your impressions

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When brewing Wiggenweld potion, what spell did we first cast to help us find ingredients? : Lumos When did Gringotts Wizarding Bank open? : 1474 When did my fellow Founders and I found Hogwarts? [Rowena Ravenclaw] : 10th Century When did the wildcat gargoyle strike take place? : 1911 When did we first meet? [Ben] : Our first year When do Puffskeins hum? : When they’re content When does the Hogwarts Quidditch season begin? : September When practising Bibliomancy, which passage should one select? : A random passage When Riding Facing Backwards, how does steering work? : Turn to the opposite direction When stirring a Wiggenweld Potion, how many times will the solution change color during the process? : Several When was Azkaban Prison established? : 1718 When was dragon-breeding outlawed? : Warlocks’ Convention of 1709 When was He Who Must Not Be Named defeated? : Halloween When was Hogwarts founded? : 10th Century When was it [World Cup] invented? : The Eleventh Century When was Ollivanders founded? : 382 B.C. When was Quidditch invented? : 1050 A.D. When was the first full description of the game of Quidditch written? : 1398 When was the Golden Snidget first introduced into the game of Quidditch? : 1269 When was the Werewolf Code of Conduct composed? : 1637 When was Wendelin The Weird alive? : The Middle Ages When were Snidgets introduced to Quidditch? : 1269

Where are Flying Lessons Held? : Training Ground Where are Gnomes most commonly found? : Gardens Where are the highest quality Shrivelfigs grown? : Abyssinia Where are Kappas most commonly found? : Japan Where can dark cloud constellations be most easily seen? : The Southern Hemisphere Where can Knotgrass be found? : The Forbidden Forest What can’t Healers treat? : Lycanthropy Where did Emeric the Evil spend most of his life? : England Where did Professor Binns die? : In Front of the Staff-Room Fire Where did Rowan Khanna grow up? : A Tree Farm Where did the Goblin Rebelion of 1612 occur? : Hogsmeade Village Where did the Witch Trials of 1692 take place? : Salem Where did you have to go to study Trelawney’s prophecy? : The Centaur Camp Where did you sneak into? : Another house’s Common Room Where do first-years have Herbology class? : Greenhouse One Where do Glumbumbles nest? : Dark and secluded places Where do I- I mean, where does Tonks like to hide jelly slugs? : Herbology pots Where do monks grow gravity resistant trees? : Nepal Where do my parents work? [Tulip] : Department of Magical Law Enforcement Where do Shrivelfigs come from? : Abyssinia Where do vanished items go? : Into non-being Where does the Sopophorus plant grow? : Gloomy marshlands Where does Valerian grow best? : In the sun Where is Hogwarts located? : Scotland Where is Ovomancy thought to originate? : Ancient Greece Where is the ‘British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters’ located? : The Ministry Of Magic Where is the Divination Classroom located? : The North Tower Where is the entrance to St Mungo’s Hospital? : Muggle London Where is the nearest dragon reserve? : Romania Where is the Hufflepuff common room? : By the kitchens Where is the Slytherin Common Room? : Dungeon Where was Beedle the Bard born? : Yorkshire, England Where was Quidditch invented? : England Where’s one place you would not find any gnomes? : Antarctica Where’s the best place to buy Flesh-Eating Slug Repellant? : Knockturn Alley Where’s my favourite place to swim? [Peeves] : Boys’ Ground Floor Toilets

Which Alchemist was active during the Medieval age? : Nicolas Flamel Which best describes the effects of a Switching Spell? : Switching Two Targets Simultaneously Which book details the history of Quidditch? : Quidditch Through the Ages Which book is instrumental for this lesson? [Cheese-Based Potions] : Charm Your Own Cheese. Which bubble burst following the Soap Blizzard of 1378? : The 14th Century Wizarding Economic Bubble Which charm did we end in class by using Finite Incantem? : Wand-Lighting Which charm freezes the target in place? : Immobulus Which clause in the Code of Wand Use prohibits non-humans from using wands? : Clause Three Which class do I teach when I’m not sleeping? [Binns-Tonks] : History Of Magic Which condition could be remedied by a Calming draught? : Shock Which creature is known to steal things? : Niffler Which creature’s hair is often woven into Invisibility Cloaks? : Demiguise Which curse did I fall victim to in our third year? : Sleepwalking Which dragon transmits dragon pox? : Peruvian Vipertooth Which dry ingredient is used in Wideye potion? : Billywig Sting Which elective is occasionally offered at Hogwarts? : Alchemy Which field of study at Hogwarts has a direct Muggle equivalent? : Astronomy Which ghost haunts the second-floor girls’ bathroom in Hogwarts? : Moaning Myrtle Which ghost is the most terrifying? : Bloody Baron Which incantation banishes an object? : Depulso Which incantation cancels all spell effects? : Finite Incantatem Which incantation changes a person’s hair color? : Crinus Muto Which incantation conjures flowers? : Orchideous Which incantation descends the target? : Descendo Which incantation lifts the caster? : Ascendio Which ingredient does Snape make us crush in a Wideye Potion? : Snake Fangs Which ingredient is not used in Shrinking Solution? : Rotten Egg Which is a possible side effect of Pepperup Potion? : Steam Coming Out Of Ears Which is NOT a reason for a wizard to remain on earth as a ghost? : Hunger Which is NOT a side effect of a miscast Silencing Charm? : Insatiable Hunger Which is NOT one of the palm lines we read in Palmistry? : Time line Which item would a Muggle wear? : Trousers Which magical plant resembles a withered tree stump? : Snargaluf Which member of the Council became the first Minister of Magic? : Ulick Gamp Which Minister for Magic resigned following the goblin rebellion of 1752? : Albert Boot Which Ministry of Magic department regulates Quidditch? : Magical Games and Sports Which mode of transportation allows Muggles to fly? : Aeroplane Which Muggle device is popular in the wizarding world? : Radio Which non-human species practices Divination? : Centaurs Which of the following Charms did we learn our first year? : Knockback Jinx Which of the following creatures eat Fairy Eggs? : Bowtruckles Which of the following is caused by space weather? : Auroras Which of the following is a side effect of the Wiggenweld Potion? : Healing Injuries Which of the following is a Wiggenweld Potion ingredient from the sea? : Lionfish Spine Which of the following is another dive commonly used by Seekers? : Spiral Dive Which of the following is know as the Tickling Charm? : Rictusempra Which of the following is not a dark creature? : Fire Crab Which of the following is not a line of racing brooms? : DashSweep Which of the following is NOT a type of Dark Magic? : Charm Which of the following is NOT a type of Transfiguration? : Summoning Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in the Antidote to Common Poisons? : Red Myrrhe Which of the following is NOT another name for Belladonna? : Flitterbloom Which of the following is one of the most powerful defensive charms? : Patronus charm Which of the following reptile’s blood is used for Wiggenweld Potion? : Salamander Which of the following spells is not a charm? : Geminio Which of the following traits does the Occamy exhibit? : Choranaptyxis Which of the following was a reason why the 14th century witch burnings were pointless? : Flame-freezing charm Which of the following would be the easiest to Transfiguration? : Porcupine to Pincushion Which of the Hogwarts ghosts is Peeves afraid of? : The Bloody Baron Which of these beings does not live on Hogwarts grounds? : Goblins Which of these birds is a relative of the Rook? : Ravens Which of these books covers ancient runes? : Spellman’s Syllabery Which of these charms is the dancing-feet jinx? : Tarantallegra Which of these creatures’ blood will keep a human alive? : Unicorn Which of these defensive charms is useful in a duel? : Protego Which of these factors does not affect Transfiguration? : Hue Which of these is a non-being? : Boggart Which of these is an ingredient in Polyjuice Potion? : Powdered Bicorn Horn Which of these is most critical to successfully Broom Casting? : Balance Which of these is NOT a cleaning spell? : Confrigo Which of these is not a form of Transfiguration? : Enchantment Which of these is not a model of Muggle car? : The Dementor Which of these is not a type of broom? : Occamy / Phoenix Which of these is not a type of concealment charm? : Confundus Charm Which of these plants bloom instantly? : Puffapod Which of these plants doesn’t bite? : Whomping Willow Which of these plants has healing properties? : Dittany Which of these plants is a class-C non-tradable substance? : Venomous Tentacula Which of these plants is prone to slapping people in the face? : Bouncing bulbs Which of these spells can summon an object? : Accio Which of these spells does not make something smaller? : Reducto Which of these spells is a severing charm? : Diffindo Which of these spells is most similar to Flipendo, the Knockback Jinx? : Depulso Which of these spells is not a charm? : Geminio Which of these spells is not a Transfiguration spell? : Confundo Which of these spells keeps a charm stable? : Fianto Duri Which of these tasks can not be aided by a Vanishing Spell? : Dancing Which of these words best describes Slytherin House? : Resourceful Which of your pathetic friends is deathly afraid of flying? : Ben Copper Which part of the asphodel plant is used in Draught of Living Death? : Root Which plant produces stinking sap? : Mimbulus mimbletonia Which plant’s pus clears up acne? : Bubotuber Which potion does not contain Valerian Sprigs? : Polyjuice Potion Which potion grants the drinker incredible luck? : Felix Felicis Which potion is commonly featured in Muggle fairy tales? : Draught of Living Death Which potion should you all be required to drink before entering my classroom? [Snape] : Wit-sharpening Potion Which potion would make Rowan feel better? : Pepperup Potion Which puffy plant produces instantly-blooming beans? : Puffapods Which Quidditch ball is enchanted with the Gripping Charm? : Quaffle Which Quidditch ball is the biggest? : Quaffle Which Quidditch player guards the hoops? : The Keeper Which Quidditch players score goals? : The Chasers Which Quidditch team has only female players? : Holyhead Harpies Which Quidditch team is last in the league? : Chudley Cannons Which Ravenclaw witch invented Floo powder? : Ignatia Wildsmith Which school of dark magic is the most dangerous? : Curse Which skill is most useful for surfing loops? : Balance Which species commandeered the Giant Wars? : Giants Which spell causes objects to swell in size? : Engorgio Which spell does the Cleaning Charm most resemble? : Scouring Charm Which spell is one of the Unforgivable Curses? : Crucio Which spell transfigures an object into a rabbit? : Lapifors Which spell would you use to tame Devil’s Snare? : Incendio Which star is the brightest in the night sky? : Sirius Which statement is true about conjured objects? : They vanish in time Which sub-branch of Transfiguration is considered to be the most difficult? : Human Transfiguration Which sweet-smelling plant changes its scent? : Flutterby Bush Which team has the most wins? : The Montrose Magpies Which type of Transfiguration is employed in this lesson? [Flobberworm to Fritter] : Transformation Which wand wood is considered unlucky? : Elder Which wizard used the Tarantallegra spell in 79 AD to conjure a dance within Mt. Vesuvius? : Zaccaria Innocenti

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Who am I giving dueling lessons to? [Diego] : Merula Who captures werewolves? : Werewolf Capture Unit Who created the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy? : International Confederation of Wizards Who discovered the Law of Elemental Transfiguration? : Gamp Who do you prefer: Dust Binns or Peevesy? : Peeves! Who does a Plumpton Pass? : Seeker Who does the Blitzen Ballet? : Chasers Who famously crafted wand cores from Jackalope antlers? : Isolt Sayre Who founded Hogsmeade Village? : Hengist Of Woodcroft Who founded St Mungo’s Hospital? : Mungo Bonham Who has been to every Quidditch World Cup since they were born? : Merula Who invented Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion? : Fleamont Potter Who invented the Cheering Charm? : Felix Summerbee Who invented the Wronski Feint? : Josef Wronski Who is Hufflepuff’s patron ghost? : Fat Friar Who is Nicolas Flamel? : An Alchemist Who is Ravenclaw’s patron ghost? : The Grey Lady Who is Slytherin’s patron ghost? : Bloody Baron Who is the Astronomy professor? : Professor Sinistra Who is the author of ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration’? : Emeric Switch Who is the author of ‘Curses and Counter-Curses’? : Vindictus Viridian Who is the author of ‘Moste Potente Potions’? : Phineas Bourne Who is the best person to tease? [Peeves] : Filch Who is the Caretaker of Hogwarts? : Filch Who is the Charms professor? : Professor Flitwick Who is the conductor of the Frog Choir? : Filius Flitwick Who is the Divination professor? : Professor Trelawney Who is the Flying Professor? : Madam Hooch Who is the Gamekeeper of Hogwarts? : Rubeus Hagrid Who is the ghost of Hufflepuff House? : The Fat Friar Who is the head of Ravenclaw’s house? : Professor Flitwick Who is the Herbology professor? : Professor Sprout Who is the History of Magic Professor? : Professor Binns Who is the Potions Professor? : Severus Snape Who is the Professor of Transfiguration class? : McGonagall Who is the Transfiguration Professor? : Minerva McGonagall Who killed Emeric the Evil in a duel? : Egbert the Egregious Who lead the Gargoyle Strike? : A group of wildcat Gargoyles Who previously held Snape’s position as Potions Master? : Horace Slughorn Who runs the Kitchens? : Pitts Who teaches Care of Magical Creatures? : Silvanus Kettleburn Who was the first minister for magic? : Ulick Gamp Who was the first Quidditch referee to die in a Quidditch match? : Cyprian Youdle Who was the first witch or wizard to hatch a basilisk? : Herpo the Foul Who was the Minister for Magic during the First World War? : Archer Evermonde Who was the original owner of the Sorting Hat? : Godric Gryffindor Who would make the most use of the charm Alohomora? : A Thief Who wrote Advanced Potion-Making? : Libatius Borage Who wrote Lupine Lawlessness? : Emerett Picardy Who wrote Magical Draughts and Potions? : Arsenius Jigger Who wrote the book of Curses and Counter-Curses? : Viridian Who wrote The Dream Oracle? : Inigo Imago Who wrote The Owl Airforce: True Life Tales of War in Europe? : Simon Dentata Who wrote Unfogging the Future? : Cassandra Vblatsky Who’s my favorite person to prank? [Tulip] : Filch Who’s my partner in pranks? [Tulip] : Tonks Who’s the best duelist in our year? [Diego] : You Who’s the best Metamorphmagus in Hogwarts? [Tonks-Binns] : Tonks Who’s the best person to tease? [Peeves] : Argus Filch Who’s the current owner of Zonko’s Joke Shop? : Bilton Bilmes Whose teeth did [Nearly Headless Nick] accidentally turn into tusks, leading to [his] death? : Lady Grieve

Why did Liechtenstein not attend the first meeting of the International Confederation of Wizards? : Their stance on Troll Rights Why did the Werewolf Code of Conduct fail? : No Werewolves signed it Why shouldn’t you drop Puffapod beans? : They’ll bloom Why were broomsticks chosen for enchanted transportation? : They’re inconspicuous Why would you cast Alohomora? To… : Unlock a Door Why would you need to switch brooms in midair? : Broom failure

A Firebolt is a type of what? : Broom A statue of what creature marks the entrance to the Headmaster’s Office? : Gargoyle According to Madam Hooch, which of the following increases your chances of falling to your death? : Long hair Acromantula is the name for a giant version of what creature? : Spider An infusion of Wormwood is NOT an ingredient in which of these potions? : Beautification Potion An intended transformation is directly influenced by which of the following? : Concentration Arresto Momentum was originally developed for what purpose? : Slowing a Falling Quaffle Aside from duelling, what’s my favourite hobby? [Diego] : Dancing At what age can you earn your Apparition license? : 17 At what time of day are owls typically active? : Night Before Dumbledore, who was the headmaster of Hogwarts? : Armando Dippet Bowling dates back to what ancient civilisation? : Ancient Egypt Bowtruckles are especially fond of what tree? : Wiggentrees Can Ascendio be used underwater? : Yes, it can Can the Extinguishing Charm be used to put out dragon fire? : Yes, it can Casting Fumos creates what kind of defensive cloud? : Smoke Catching what object ends a Quiddich match? : Golden Snitch Centaurs willingly identify as… : Beasts Colovaria is also known as what? : Colour Change Charm Defense Against the Dark Arts professors are said to only last how long? : One Year Did Muggles use ancient runes as well? : They did Did the Werewolf Code of Conduct work? : No Dittany is used primarily for what purpose? : Healing Do ancient runes have magical properties themselves? : No, they don’t. Do you know what kind of creature a Boggart is? Because I do. : Non-Being Do you know what potion is effective against Banshees? : The Laughing Potion Do you remember what spell I invented? [Badeea] : Star Shower Spell Does Blue Sparks do any damage when cast on people? : It only hurts a little During our first day of Herbology class, what creature took the form of a werewolf and gave Penny Haywood a scare? : Boggart Emeric the Evil was killed in a duel against whom? : Egbert The Egregious Engorgio is the counter-spell to which charm? : Reducio Fanged Geraniums are most notable for what? : Their fangs Fill in the blank: Petrificus Totalus is the incantation for the Full Body-____ Curse. : Bind From what event do we measure the age of the universe? : The Big Bang Gobstones is similar to which Muggle game? : Marbles Here’s a head scratcher! Where does Valerian grow best? : In the sun I am a giant fan of what? [Peeves] : Pranks I am the patron ghost of which House? [Nearly Headless Nick] : Gryffindor I believe rules are made to be what? : Broken I bet you don’t know how many wizards serve on the Wizengamot! : 50 I bet you won’t guess this one. What is the command to summon your broom? : Up! I know who the Supreme Mugwump is. Do you? : Albus Dumbledore I’d be surprised if you knew this. What’s the first step of flying on your broom? : Kicking off If I wanted to use an Ageing Potion to make myself significantly older, what would I do? : Drink a Bigger Quantity If one wished to increase the effect of the Bombarda spell, which incantation would you use? : Bombarda Maxima If you cast Engorgio on someone’s mouth, their teeth would be what? : Big In 1876, which caretaker tried to make me leave Hogwarts? [Peeves] : Rancorous Carpe In addition to teaching Flying lessons, what is Madam Hooch’s other job? : Quidditch Referee In our first Transfiguration class, Professor McGonagall showed us a Transfigured cauldron… : Cat ears In our second year, where did you sneak into using a Shrinking Charm? : A Common Room In what capacity did the Sardinian sorcerers attend the Convention? : Sub-Committee In what potion is the Sneezewort featured? : Befuddlement Draught In what year did the Gargoyle Strike take place? : 1911 In what year was Gringotts Wizarding Bank founded? : 1474 In which of these scenarios would you use Cistem Aperio? : Blasting Open a Locked Trunk In which of these scenarios would you use the Impediment Jinx? : To Slow a Rushing Opponent In which of these scenarios would you use the Muffliato Charm? : Preventing Eavesdropping In which scenario would you use a Deflating Draught? : Nulling effects of Swelling Potion In which scenario would you use Cistem Aperio? : To Open a Chest In which situation would the Blackboard Writing Spell be useful? : Summarising a lecture In which situation would the Gripping charm be useful? : Hanging from your broom Is it safe to drink water conjured by Aguamenti? : Yes, it’s safe to drink Is it safe to eat mistletoe berries? : No, they’re poisonous It’s considered a good omen if a bird is flying in which direction? : East Kneazles are most similar to what animal? : Cat Madam Hooch has distinct yellow what? : Eyes Memory Potions provide the opposite effect of which potion? : Forgetfulness Potion Mimbulus mimbletonia secretes what substance? : Stinksap My History of Magic class is focused on what? [Binns] : Facts My voice is best compared to what? [Binns-Tonks] : A Vacuum Cleaner Myomancy involves the observation of which creatures? : Mice and rats Name a crushed ingredient that is used in Cure for Boils : Snake Fang Name a magical plant whose roots can be used in many potions. : Valerian Name a method to make a broom go faster. : Using polish Name an object we’ve Transfigured a porcupine into. : Pincushion No spell yet devised allows a wizard to do what? : Fly unaided One’s defenses against Dark Arts must be? : Versatile Peevesy is a what? : Poltergeist Peevesy thinks food is meant to be… : Thrown Pepperup Potion evolved from a remedy created by what 12th century wizard? : Linfred of Stinchcombe Petrificus Totalus is the incantation for the Full ____ : Body Curse Phyllomancy is the practice of seeing the future in what? : Leaves Porlocks guard herds of what non-magical creatures? : Horses Professor Snape is the head of which Hogwarts House? : Slytherin Reducio is a charm that can be used to shrink what? : Both Regerminating Potions work wonders on which of the following? : Dead Plants Scourgify can be used to clean out infestations of what magical creature? : Bundimun Screechsnaps are capable of doing which of the following? : Move & Make Noise Some curses are even capable of doing what? : Spanning Generations Starfish and Stick is a tactic used by what Quidditch position? : Keeper Streeler venom is one of the only substances known to kill which invasive species? : Horklump Switching spells simultaneously transfigure how many objects? : Two The Bouncing Blub is extremely difficult to… : Pot The Broom Casting technique enables one to do what while flying? : Cast spells The charm Descendo can make a targeted item do what? : Lower The cauldron was sporting what strange feature? [First Transfiguration class] : Cat ears The Deflating Draught is an antidote to which poison? : Swelling Solution The Diricawl is actually thought to be which extinct Muggle bird? : The Dodo The Medieval Assembly of European Wizards gives out which award? : Bravery Against Fantastic Beasts Award The Medieval Assembly of European Wizards is related to which convention? : International Warlock Convention The Muffliato Charm fills its targets’ ears with what? : Unidentifiable Buzzing The Pack Charm is what type of charm? : Household Charm The Vermillious charm produces what colour sparks? : Red Thestrals are mistakenly considered to be omens of what? : Misfortune This topic will be included on what exam? [14th Century Wizarding Economic Bubble] : The N.E.W.T.s Touching the trunk of a Wiggentree protects you from what? : Dark Creatures Transfiguration students practise turning what insect into buttons? : Beetle Vipera Evanesca is used to vaporise what kind of creature? : Snake Wiggentrees are guarded by what creature? : Bowtruckle Will you serve the great nation of Peevesland, soldier? : Sir, yes, sir! You should cover your ears when this mature plant starts crying. Name that plant! : Mandrake You wouldn’t know anything about this. Name a method to make a broom go faster. : Using polish

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