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This one will be all about how your character looks, genetically-speaking. I mean the hair, eyes, skin tone, and the like. This will probably be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG subject, so please bear with me here. This will also contain how people from different clans and different villages will look like, so, yeah. This is gonna be excruciating for me to work on since this is a long subject, but I’ll try to bear it for the sake of fandom sanity.

I placed a “Read More” break because this is just so long, I don’t want to clog up your dashboards.

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This one will tackle many things, from hair color, to hair style, to even other areas that needs work. Since we have more issues with women’s hair, there will be less of the male issues here (since males can get away with any hairstyle, as I see)

  • NO TWO-TONED HAIR, HIGHLIGHTS, STREAKS, AND GENERALLY UNNATURAL HAIR COLOR ALTERATIONS. Unless you pulled off the Nagato trick (which is using up almost all of your life force into one massively powerful attack and leaving you to the bone and recoloring your hair to white), I don’t think you can pull off a two-toned hair, much less highlights or streaks. This isn’t the modern world, people. Naruto characters are known for their one-tone hair, no matter the shade it’s in. If you’re up-to-date with the anime (and manga), I bet you saw Pakura, that Ino-looking Edo Tensei-corpse with two-toned fringe. And Itama Senju, one of the four Senju siblings (along with Kawarama, Hashirama and Tobirama) While those could give you an excuse for two-toned hair, remember that Kishi hasn’t explained why their hair have two colors. It may be because of kekkei genkai, or something else, we’re not sure. All I know is that two-toned hair colors are generally NOTallowed in the Naruto world. I know what you’re thinking right about now. “What about genetics? Her parents have two different hair colors, so I want to place them both in his/her hair so it looks like he/she’s actually their son/daughter/spawn/kid/child!” Genetics don’t work like that! Remember Naruto’s parents, Minato and Kushina? Minato is blonde, Kushina is a redhead. You don’t see Naruto having yellow-red hair, right? Chances are, even if the two hair colors are dominant, only one will surface per child. From what I know about basic genetics, One hair color would always be more dominant than the other. While red hair is dominant in the Uzumaki clan, it’s recessive when faced with blonde hair. From what I also know, this is the recessive-to-dominant flow for hair color: Red > Chestnut > Auburn > Blonde > Brown > Black. For White and Gray hair, I’m not sure on how dominant it is based on the flow, but I’m pretty sure it could be alongside brown and blonde (since Kakashi did inherit Sakumo’s hair color, which suggest at least some form of dominance over Kakashi’s mother’s hair gene). There’s also the case of incomplete dominance or codominance where two dominant shades can compete and usually end up in a tie… but that’s a 1 to 10000 chance.In Asian countries, where the Narutoverse is framed after, black and brown are the dominant type. About 90% have either brown or black hairs, and the 10% contains other colors like blonde and red. However, in the Naruto world, there exists unique colors like blue (Konan and Kisame), pink (Sakura), and violet-ish or purpleish (Anko). Heck, even Zetsu has black-green “hair” (if you can that hair… I mean srsly, he’s not even made of the same compositions as humans are.) It’s still a question, even in real life, on the true circle of hair genetics, but this is the best I can give you.Oh, and no “hair tints”, “hair coloring”, “hair color variety because of demon/animal soul/part” whatsoever. That doesn’t even exist. I will place my foot on your face if you pull off that trick.EDIT: To the opinion of other people I’ve considered, I’m adding this: You can pull off two-toned hair… JUST AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW HOW KISHIMOTO DID IT. If you saw how Itama Senju’s hair was divided with white and brown hair, or Pakura with blonde-ish pinkish hair, you’ll get what I mean. The division is half-half SYMMETRICALLY. I’m also tired of seeing two-toned hair which are actually streaks. I will punch the next girl who pulls that card off.
  • CHOOSE THE HAIR COLOR AND SHADE WISELY. Since there is a variety of colors and shades of hair in the Narutoverse, you have more freedom with this than anything else. BUT. Choose your shades wisely. If you use pure or neon colors, I won’t only sock you, I’ll have your head on a stick. Hair colors don’t work like that! Usually, in the Narutoverse, hair colors are broken shades of their pure counterparts. Saturated or watered-down, if you will. Sakura’s pink hair isn’t pure pink, it’s somehow pale rose (fuck I hate being extremely specific). Jiraiya’s white hair isn’t pure white. If anything, it’s slightly gray. Sasuke’s hair isn’t pure black, it’s a lighter shade. I could ramble on and on about the hair colors and their broken shades on hair, but you get what I mean.Aside from this first part of this rule, you also have to take note that there are clans which have, at least, one predominant hair color. The Uzumaki clan are renowned for their red hair, so much that Karin and Nagato are immediately recognized by those who knew of the Uzumaki clan’s existence solely because of their hair (their chakra amount helps too). Uchihas are generally black-haired or dark-haired, but there are also brown, and plenty more shades. I’ve never seen a blonde Uchiha, though. Hyuugas are also in the black-brown range. Naras are also dark-haired, and usually, male Naras have spiky hairstyles. Yamanakas have blonde and auburn hair. Houzukis have light hair shades, like white to very very light brown (it’s described as “blonde”). This can also lessen the effort of thinking of or in choosing hair colors.
  • GIRLS AND WOMEN IN GENERAL, DON’T PULL OFF LONG-ASS HAIR AND NOT EVEN TYING THEM PROPERLY IN THE FIRST PLACE. This is the second worst problem among Naruto OCs out there. Seriously, you’re not making Rapunzel, are you? I’m an athlete, and heck, I get disturbed when my medium-length hair is swaying in every possible direction like fish out of water. Seriously. It’s disturbing as hell to have medium hair untied, how much more do you think it would be for long-ass hair that fucking reaches to your ankles?!? It’s seriously annoying. If I were the enemy ninja, I’d grab you by your hair and flail you like a curtain. Why do you think Sakura snapped half of her hair length off? If you’re going to pull off a ninja who runs like an athlete on steroids, chop off that hair or at least tie it properly. Ino has hers on a high ponytail even if her fighting style doesn’t call for much physical movement.And even though Hinata’s fighting style is more of taijutsu, she serves more in the series as a tracker type, which isn’t really calling for much movement. Even Karin is like that. If you guys ever saw Road to Ninja (which is canon because Kishi made it himself), you could see Kushina, with her long flowy red hair, in a HIGH PONYTAIL when she’s on missions. Even Kishi knows it’s inconvenient for female ninjas to have their long silky hair flying around.There are a LOT of ways females can get their hair in a stylish manner without compromising their mobility. DON’T GO FOR CHOPSTICKS OR ANYTHING REGAL-LOOKING; that’s insane and it will get loose in two minutes flat. DON’T GO FOR HAIRSTYLES THAT WILL TAKE YOU AN HOUR TO DO. I don’t think the Kage will appreciate it if they come a-knocking on your door and you have to have an hour to get ready. You’re not a daimyo, nor a princess, so why bother with ridiculous hairstyles that will attract small birds and branches?
  • DON’T COPY EXISTING HAIRSTYLES IN NARUTO, ESPECIALLY THE UNIQUE ONES. I’ve seen OCs with hairstyles EXACTLY like Sakura’s hair, or ALMOST EXACTLY like Sakura’s hair, save of a few strands in front of their fucking face. It’s unoriginal and uncreative. I’ve also seen Sasuke copycats. I mean, seriously, you really want a duck’s ass on your head?
  • THAT SAID, DON’T COPY EXISTING HAIRSTYLES FROM ANY OTHER ANIME, ESPECIALLY THE UNIQUE ONES. I’ve seen Sakura Kinomoto numerous times. Heck, we all saw KAGOME HIGURASHI in this one! If you want to recreate them, I’m seriously questioning your sanity.
  • STOP IT WITH ALL THE EMO/SCENE/HIPSTER/SKRILLEX HAIR. THE WORLD OF NARUTO DOESN’T EVEN HAVE PUNKS AND GOTHS, SO WHY IS THERE A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF THESE?!? I mean, seriously… I’m so sick and so done with all these hypocrisy. That style is due to their respective fashions, and if there is no emo or scene or hipster or even Skrillex in the Narutoverse, where the hell do you get that hairstyle from?!? Seriously, you guys have just got to stop this.
  • CONVENIENCE OVERCUTE / BEAUTIFUL / SEXY / GLAMOROUS / STUNNING. Think of hair this way: If you were an athlete, and you’ve have to do at least an everyday routine of jumping everywhere, running like a drugged maniac and practicing martial arts, what hairstyle would you go for? Is it practical to have your hair away from your face? Is it comfortable for you to do your stuff in a rush if you need to style your hair using a hairbrush, hairspray, clips and iron? Think of what will you do if you are an athlete. Think of how you are going to bear with your hair if you’re running around fighting people.

Ugh, I’m glad the hair part is over. It’s ass-long, just like the hair of all these unbearable OCs.


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While this is a smaller case, it’s still an issue since many apparently have little to no sense in choosing eye colors, just like choosing hair colors. Anyway, let’s just get on with this.

  • LESSEN THE AMOUNT OF CHARACTERS WITH HETEROCHROMIA. Heterochromia is a condition wherein the eyes have different pigments which result in two different eye colors. While this is a natural case and a natural sickness (it’s not cute; it’s mutation), it’s cliche and overly-used. It’s like seeing Suiseiseki and Souseiseki in Naruto! And I’m not accepting the “But his/her parents have two different eye colors, and he/she inherits both!” excuse. It’s pathetic and explains nothing. I’ve told you about genetics. Use it.
  • ALBINISM DOES NOT RESULT TO RED EYES. Red eyes accompanied with albinism is associated with animals. In human cases, albinism just results to very light blue to light brown. The reason why they’re often mistaken as “red” is due to the pictures they produce. You’re aware of the red-eye effect, right? I’m assuming that you have had at least a camera with flash. If not, Google it. Anyway, albinism tends to heighten the red-eye effect with photographs of albino due to the lesser melanin in the retina and… you know what, I won’t go into the science of it, just know it’s like that. Anyway, remember that the eyes of people with albinism are much more sensitive to light, so be wary of this.
  • SOME CLANS HAVE EYE SPECIFICS. I’m soooooooo tired of seeing Hyuuga OCs with FUCKING NORMAL EYES. Last time I checked, ALL Hyuugas have white eyes (subtle hints of other colors like lavender or gray). Uchihas usually have relatively plain-colored eyes, and more like dark-colored than anything else, like black or brown. Inuzukas have feral-looking eyes. I’m not bitching about the other clans anymore, but I think you guys get the picture. Right?
  • STOP STYLIZING YOUR CHARACTER’S EYES. I mean, seriously, who the hell has “beautiful long eyelashes” like those OCs have? I mean, seriously! Mei Terumi is pretty but her eyelashes are not as fucking big as her eyes! Where do you get all the mascara for that?!?
  • EYES DON’T GLOW, NO MATTER WHAT DOUJUTSU YOU USE. I’ve seen enough of these glowing eyes. YOU’RE NOT FUCKING STARFIRE. THIS IS NOT TEEN TITANS. STOP MAKING YOUR EYES GLOW LIKE FIREFLIES. I have never seen Byakugan, Sharingan or even the fucking Rinnegan glow. Maybe that filler kid with his weird doujutsu (Ranmaru) could pass off with this rule, but for fuck’s sake, he’s a filler character. He’s not canon, and he will never be.
  • SPECIAL SCLERAS ARE VERY RARE BUT WELCOMED. Kakuzu has red sclera, which is weird, but honestly, I like the originality on them. They’re scary, and fits his character well because he’s a tall guy with a menacing aura and scary eyes to boot. It’s just… it gives him more character. BUT DON’T GO FOR BLACK UNLESS YOUR CHARACTER IS PART OF THE EDO TENSEI. If I see black scleras here, I will automatically assume that your character is dead and raised back as a zombie by either Kabuto, Orochimaru or Tobirama.

Eyes generally have little detail to be discussed, so I’ll leave it to that.


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This one is even a smaller case, but with all the violations in the fandom, I was astounded it blew to this article. I will be talking less about actual skin color but more on the unique features of the skin in the fandom and in-verse.

  • THERE ARE A LOT OF SKIN SHADES IN THE NARUTOVERSE, SO USE THEM. Although 90% of the population in Naruto have fair skin, we’ve seen tanned shades (like Naruto), dark shades (like the ninjas of Kumogakure) and even chalky ones (like Sai). There’s a lot of leeway for skin color, even for the fair skin. Not every fair-skinned characters have one exact shade; some are pinkish (like Sasuke), yellowish or brownish. Choose your shade, and go ahead. But just so you know: half-breeds, like I’ve said on their guide, usually have different shades like blue (Kisame) or white/black (Zetsu). I actually appreciate characters with darker skin tones than fairer ones, because there’s not many of them in the fandom. They’re very wonderful to look at.
  • SKIN MARKINGS ARE N-O-T NOT FOR DECORATION; THEY HAVE MEANING. I don’t want to enumerate every fucking Naruto canon character with face or skin markings, since they’re actually plenty of them, but remember this: face markings mean something. They’re not just for the show. They are either passed down genetically because of a clan (like the Inuzuka), something that adds to their character (like Chouji’s) or something that either connects to their power or to their overall person (like Naruto, Killer Bee, Tsunade and the like). I don’t have any idea about Jiraiya or Hiruzen’s markings, and I don’t think there’s been any talk about the origins of those marks, so I won’t touch those.Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of OCs with strange markings that are… just there. They don’t mean anything, or they don’t have any purpose in life. If the marks do, it’s the issue of how it looks like. I mean, seriously, I’ve seen paw prints (totally unoriginal and used-up), strange shapes and even A TATTOO OF A NARUTO CHARACTER. What the fuck is that even about?!? I mean seriously… Just, if you can’t make up an original design, don’t bother. Just… don’t.
  • SCARS DETRACT FROM THE HANDSOME OR PRETTY FACE YOU MADE. I saw one OC whose face was half-affected with a nasty scar from a burn. I was going to believe in that character, until this phrase: “The scars don’t affect her face very much, she’s still very pretty”. Jesus… Try burning your face with fire or acid, wait for a couple of weeks to get a scar, then tell me how it doesn’t affect your overall appearance. I’m seriously getting a headache with this.And don’t get me started on the slash wounds on the wrists of the “emo” characters I saw in Quizilla. I just… UGH. I don’t know what runs in this fandom anymore.
  • SKIN GENERALLY ISN’T PERFECT; THERE’S BOUND TO BE SOME SORT OF SCAR OR BIRTHMARK SOMEWHERE. I have yet to see a real person with no fucking flaws on their skin THAT COMES NATURALLY. I don’t believe they exist in this world, so why would they exist in fiction? How about Sakura’s skin, you say? There’s got to be a scar somewhere along her body that we’re not aware of. I mean, seriously, during that Sasuke and Sai arc when she was whipped by Kyuubi!Naruto’s tail, she had a scar on her arm for episodes. And even if we’re not aware of that scar anymore nor is it drawn to explicitly make the audience see it, I bet she has that scar. Unless the Narutoverse has some serious scar-covering ointment or something…

I guess I’ll be ending this one at that. There’s just one word I’d like you all to remember after all of these: GENETICS.You could go a long way with character creation if you brush up on a little of basic genetics. There’s lots of articles on that in the Internet, and I suggest you look this up: Punnett Square.It helps with determining your OC’s looks based on their parent’s genes.

One more thing: CHILDREN DO NOT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THEIR PARENTS. Naruto looks like Minato, save for the style of their hair (Minato’s is shaggier and longer) and skin color. Shikamaru’s features are sharper and cleaner than his father’s. If you want your OC to have a striking similarity to one of their parents, do that while changing some stuff like eye shape, eye color, or skin color.

Ugh, that’s it. I’m officially ending this.

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