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These steps are only needed if you install this Modlist for the first time. If you update the Modlist, jump straight to Updating.

Steam Config

Disable the Steam Overlay

The Steam Overlay can cause issues with ENB and is recommended to be turned off.

Open the Properties window (right click the game in your Library->Properties), navigate to the General tab and un-tick the Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game checkbox.

Change Steams Update Behavior

SSE is still being updated by Bethesda (they only add Creation Club content). Whenever the game updates, the entire modding community goes silent for the next one or two weeks because some mods need to be updated to the latest game runtime version.

To ensure that Steam does not automatically updates the game for you, head over to the Properties window, navigate to the Updates tab and change Automatic updates to Only update this game when I launch it. You should also disable the Steam Cloud while you’re at it.

Set the Game language to English

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Just do it. This entire Modlist is in English and 99% of all mods you will find are also in English. I highly recommend playing the game in English and I will not give support to people with a non-English game.

Open the Steam Properties window, navigate to the Language tab and select English from the dropdown menu.

Clean Skyrim

I highly recommend uninstalling the game through Steam, deleting the game folder and reinstalling it. You should also clean up the Skyrim Special Edition folder in Documents/My Games/.

Start Skyrim

After you have done everything above and got a clean SSE installation ready, start the Launcher and open the Options menu.

  1. Click on High
  2. Set the Aspect Ratio and Resolution to your monitor’s native values
  3. Set Antialiasing to Off
  4. Check Windowed Mode and Borderless

Start the game and exit once you’re in the main menu.

Using Wabbajack


Let’s get to the actual installation. Grab the latest release from here.

Download the release to a working folder. This folder must not be in a common folders like your Desktop, Downloads or Program Files folder. It’s best to create a Wabbajack folder near the root level of your drive like C:/Wabbajack.

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Grab the latest release of Wabbajack from here and place the Wabbajack.exe file in the working folder.

Downloading and Installing

The download and installation process can take a very long time depending on your system specs. Wabbajack will calculate the amount of threads it will use at the start of the installation. To have the highest amount of threads and thus the fastest speed, it is advised to have the working folder on an SSD.

  1. Open Wabbajack
  2. Load the Modlist from Disk
  3. Adjust the download and installation paths
  4. Click the Go/Begin button
  5. Wait for Wabbajack to finish
Problems with Wabbajack

There are a lot of different scenarios where Wabbajack will produce an error. I recommend re-running Wabbajack before posting anything. Wabbajack will continue where it left off so you loose no progress.

Could not download x:

If a mod updated and the old files got deleted, it is impossible to download them. In this case just wait till I update the Modlist.

Wabbajack could not find my game folder:

Wabbajack will not work with a pirated version of the game. If you own the game on Steam, go back to the Pre-Installation step.


Copy Game Folder Files

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Download the latest ENB Series from here and copy d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll to your game folder.

Copy the all of the files from the MO2/Game Folder Files directory into your game folder.


If this Modlist receives an update please check the Changelog before doing anything.

Wabbajack will delete all files that are not part of the Modlist when updating!

This means that any additional mods you have installed on top of the Modlist will be deleted. Your downloads folder will not be touched!

Updating is like installing. You only have to make sure that you select the same path and tick the overwrite existing Modlist button.

Removing the Modlist

You can just remove the MO2 folder and be done with it. SKSE and ENB files will still be in your game folder so I recommend using ENB and ReShade Manager if you want to remove the ENB.

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