Viking bridal hair

This blog post is all about Viking wedding hairstyles.

Vikings are an obsession with certain types of people. So consider this, if you love the hairstyle of the women in Game of Thrones then you are totally in the right place.

These hairstyles are so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly hair. Or if you have light or dark hair, you could achieve this look for your wedding.

You may not want to have an entire Viking wedding but you may want to use some elements inspired by Vikings, like the hairstyles.

Viking wedding hairstyles include a variety of braids, curls, updos and so much more. The possibilities for Viking wedding hairstyles are endless.

In this blog post, we will show you some beautiful Viking-inspired wedding hairstyles you could wear for your wedding. These hairstyles look so good for an outdoor wedding.

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This is a beautiful Viking style for long hair. This is a half-updo with curls, twists, and fishtail braids. The bride’s hair looks so full. You could achieve this fullness easily with hair extensions, but you will need a talented hairdresser to achieve this look.

You could have a viking inspired hair do even if you wedding has nothing to do with of the viking lifestyle. They still make amazing hairstyles and you will definately stick out in your photos with a viking hair inspired look

Braid halo is a great Viking-inspired wedding hairstyle for shoulder-length hair. Viking brides are very eccentric and their hair on their wedding day is no exception.

Although we are used to seeing viking hairstyles withlight colored hair, you could also have a beautiful style with dark hair or with red hair.

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Love this fishtail braid with a bridal crown. This is a cute style for long hair. At a Viking wedding ceremony, these hairstyles look great on a bride or bridesmaid.

You could also get highlights to bring some dimension to the hair. The layered look is the way to go whether with curls, braids or dreadlocks.

The reason why most of the hairstyles are of the hair pulled back is because of some of the Viking wedding traditions. Women will remove their headpiece (kransen, a gilt circlet) and save it for their future daughter. It will be replaced with the bridal crown which she wears during her wedding and festivals.

Fun fact: Not only do you have to exchange rings at a viking, but they have to exchange swoards too!

There are several resons why you see so many long hairstyles for a viking wedding. Both viking men and women wear their hair long. If your hair is not long, then you could easily accomlish some of these looks with hair extensions.

This is a dutch braid half up twist hairstyle. This is an easy hairstyle that a stylist could do depending on how many braids. There are also so many tutorialon variations of this style on Youtube.

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Fun Fact: Viking weddings only took place on Fridays.

Hair is very symbolic during a viking wedding ceremony. There are different hairstyles for single women and for married women.

For example, a woman on her wedding day she may star with her hair in a braid before, and through out the ceremony her hair style will change as she become a wife. This is a symbol of her going for a singel woman to a married woman.

Fun Fact: Viking weddings had to take place on a full moon. So it took a long time to get married.

The viking era was such a facinating time and you could see that they were ahead of their time when it came to style.

You could still see a glimps of viking inspiration in the modern boho wedding or even the boho chic look.

Feature Image Credit: muffy_karbonsoul

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