Valorant child game copypasta

Video Valorant child game copypasta

STICKIED THREADS Pickems: OCE Tour Stage 2 Playoffs 31 russia-ukraine 1 no politics 1 RECENT DISCUSSION NA come 5 Post your best copypastas related to val/cs 13 NRG 2 – 0 13 7 NRG Esports vs. TSM – Champions Tour North America Stage 2: Challengers W1 60 EU fluke region 49 29 Vivo Keyd vai mostrar trabalho hoje 6 EMEA competition returns with Challengers Week 1 6 VALORANT viewership 76 70 biggest paycheck stealers 13 MIBR vs. Keyd Stars – Champions Tour Brazil Stage 2: Challengers 1 Group Stage W1 24 Today’s Predictions (NA)!! 9 Anyone here is a nomad? 51 im going all in 1 optic vs fpx 11 1 Any chance for TSM ….. 31 18 Post your best copypastas related to val/cs posted in Off Topic Hi, I’m the Somalian Counter-Strike guy, I’m now 52 years old. Sorry for my bad English. I’ve moved to the AU and I’ve been working on my English and CS skills. I no longer have bad internet and just got invited to MM. I also managed to get my wife back. Please refrain from copy-pasting my story

posted 27 minutes ago valarante child game…. look to cartoon grapfix to make kid player happy like children show.. valarante cartoon world with rainbow unlike counter strike with dark corridorr and raelistic gun.. valarante like playhouse. valarant playor run from csgo fear of dark world and realism

posted 26 minutes ago My dad beats me FeelsBadMan My mom beats me FeelsBadMan My brother beats me FeelsBadMan My sister beats me FeelsBadMan At least I feel safe with TSM, because they can’t beat anything FeelsGoodMan

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posted 26 minutes ago can i gettt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuughhh

posted 25 minutes ago aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuughhh

posted 4 minutes ago The crazy thing about this clip is that Tenz isn’t playing. If you are a real VALORANT fan you would know Tenz is literally the best player of all time. He is the GOAT. He is my reason to wake up in the morning. No one can compare to this skill level of Tenz. This is a good clip? No it’s not, because Tenz isn’t here. Senteinels supremacy reigns in VALORANT.

posted 19 minutes ago Joshua “steel” Nissan is a retired Bangladeshi professional CS:GO electrical-sports (esports) player. He was known for his in-garage-leading (IGL) skills and he currently works as a part-time mechanic at 100Trucks “100T” where he repairs vehicles and yells at customers for smoking in garage

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posted 17 minutes ago I guss he works in Truck 1 now

posted 3 minutes ago How blatant can Valve be? Seriously? So instead of the spike they have something called a “bomb”? Instead of abilities they have “nades mollies and smokes”. Instead of agents it’s terrorists and counter-terrorists? What is this the 1970s? It’s almost as if they copied but halfway through they got lazy and just released the game. Valve should be ashamed of themselves. I guess imitation is the best form of flattery, Riot is so kind to not come after Valve legally. Blatant rip off of Valorant this game is

posted 5 minutes ago Last week I saw Wardell while in line at the bank. He was wearing 13 rolexes and a chain made out of protein powder so I asked how he had so much money. He said “WATCH THIS”, pulled out a glock and robbed the bank for $31,203. Then he double updrafted and dashed out of the store…

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posted 2 minutes ago e agora tudo nas mãos, nas mãos perigosas de saadhak, tentativa do drone, consegue a eliminição no nanoenxame FANTÁSTICO SAADHAK, ELE TRAZ pro 1×1, contra o sushiboys, sentinela contra sentinela, ele acerta o disparo, ele vai pra abertura, o strafinho coloca só o ombrinho pra jogo, o sushiboys na movimentação do saadhak é flagrado, pulinho strafe voador, vai brincando, é a cumbia latina, é todo o gingado, é todo o molejo, ELE PUXA A CLASSIC ELE HUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILHA O SUSHIBOYYYS

posted 2 minutes ago I HECKIN LOVE TENZ

posted 28 seconds ago I want to eat ? outrageous ? amounts of raw ? fish ? tonight ? just the rawer the better ? ? and I want to be surrounded ? ? ? by boys ? ? ? ? or men ? preferably men ? ?

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