Uno customizable card ideas

UNO is a shedding card game where players have to match their cards with the ones presented in the deck.

Uno cards can be customized with the help of some blank wild cards. Some of the unique custom card ideas are: copycat, judgement, charity, steal chance, etc.

The best thing about customizable cards is, you can add whatever you want. You can turn the game as per your likings.

Which UNO cards can be customized?

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Basic Uno cards containing numbers cannot be customized. The card that can be customized is the wild cards.

Wild cards add fun to the game, making it spicier. You can show your creativity and make the game more entertaining.

15 unique customization ideas

Here are 15 unique ideas for customizing your UNO cards.

  • Copycat: Add a picture of a cat on your blank wild card. This will indicate that the next player will have to copy the previous player’s card.
  • Double edge: Draw two swords on your blank card. If a player plays this card, he or she will have to draw 2 cards and the targeted player will have to draw 5 cards.
  • Duel:This is the most fun way to amp up the game. Every player will select a number secretly. The player who will have the lowest number will have to draw 3 cards. If there’s a tie then no one will have to draw a card.
  • Steal turn:This is like the reverse card. A player can steal another player’s turn. The rotation then will begin from that player.
  • Judgement: One person will be selected. If that player has a wildcard then he or she will have to draw 2 cards. If the player doesn’t have any then he or she will draw one card.
  • Paradigm shift: When this card is played, every player will have to swap their cards with the next player sitting to the left.
  • Charity:When a player plays this card, he or she will give two cards in their hand to the targeted player.
  • Discard color:The player playing this card will name a color. The named color has to be taken from every player’s hand.
  • Gem of True sight:One person will be targeted and that person has to show all the cards in hand to all the players.
  • Anti-fun: This card changes the state of the game. When a player has this card in hand and another player plays their last card, that player will have to discard the anti-fun card. The player playing the last card will have to draw 4 cards. The winning player can defend this card by playing the deflect card.
  • Deflect card: Deflect card can defend the anti-fun card but cannot defend the charity card. The next player sitting will have to take 4 cards.
  • Fair play: When a player sees that another player has fewer cards than him, then he can play this card. The player will discard cards until he can match the other person’s card. Disarm all wildcards: this card spices up the game. When this card is played, all the wildcards from every player’s hand have to be discarded.
  • Poison: When this card is drawn, the player will have to discard it immediately and draw 3 extra cards from the pile. If this card is played at the beginning then it has to be placed back in the deck and taken to another card.
  • Fortune’s gift: The player will have to guess the first card of the deck. If they can guess the correct color or number or say that it’s a wild card and he or she is correct then the player will discard 3 cards. If the player is wrong then the card has to be put back in the middle of the deck.
  • United we fall: when this card is played, every player will have to draw 2 cards.

How to implement the customization ideas? (Step by step guideline)

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Step 1: For customization, you will have to buy blank cards on which you’ll be able to draw customizable stuff.

Blank cards are widely available on e-commerce platforms. You can buy blank cards at a much cheaper price.

Step 2:websites like “,” “” have readily available templates for UNO customization.

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Step 3:Instead of printing from a template you can draw by hand. But the easiest way is to print stickers and add them to the blank wild cards.

By doing this, you’ll be able to get them off or change the card whenever you want.

Customizing UNO cards is not that hard and makes the game interesting. You can add these customizable cards to your UNO cards whenever you want.

Add the scoring to these customized UNO cards. Preferable scores are 20, 30 and 50.

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