Trapmaker 2 chapter 2

Video Trapmaker 2 chapter 2

The first chapter was pretty interesting. Photographs, donuts, coffee, code-cracking, and even plaster creation from scratch. In this chapter, the dead body is being identified at the lab. Meanwhile, Kate discovers a new lead on an old friend. Let’s see what happens!

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker 2 Chapter 2

1- Kate’s office is nice and clean and that’s on your advantage because obviously messy places make it harder to find hints. We’re here now to take a look into that business card we found. Tap on the drawer and get the key.

After that, take a Fingerprint form and some ink.

2- Next, tap on the door and enter the other room. Grab the black cable and click on the second drawer. As a result, you will see a dusting brush inside of it. Take the dusting brush.

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3- Next, click on the computer. You will get to see some software detectives use to access private data. It’s a puzzle and you should proceed as follows:

  1. Drag County Distributors down to Company Name.
  2. Drag Owner and Date to the Search Engine on the right.
  3. From the search results drag Investors to the Search Engine and County Distributors also once again.
  4. Put Investocorp to Investors.
  5. Now, search Investocorp and garden supplies.
  6. You’ll get a web address ( Insert it into Website URL.
  7. + date will give 2010 which is the Year Founded.
  8. Next, do 2010 + site registration and after that + IP. The IP Number will be shown.
  9. Address + County Distributors
  10. Investor + try state area
  11. Fertilizer is the Product Sold.
  12. Fertilizer + Address
  13. 1380 Crestwave St. is the Address.

And this is it! Finally, you’ve got all the necessary data!

4- You’re now at the lab. Use the key on that locker. There is a fingerprint powder inside. Take it out!

5- At this point, have a look at the victim. Use the fingerprint form on him. In addition, use ink, fingerprint powder, and dusting brush. After that, plug the cable to the monitor on the right. X-rays images will appear.

6- Have a look at that drawing on the table. It says Internal Bone Fractures. There are 5 areas you need to carefully glance: the neck, right forearm, left wrist, right knee, and the left lower leg.

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7- Go to the screen and count the cracks. However, we don’t need each area. Also, remember the date that is found in every picture “05/27”. We will need that later on.

  • Neck: 3 cracks
  • Right Arm: 4 cracks
  • Left Wrist: 5 cracks
  • Right Knee: 3 cracks
  • Left Leg: 2 cracks

Then go back to the screen report and insert those numbers as follows:

8- Furthermore, go back and scan the injury report. The computer monitor will show a case file number “22”. Tap on the locker.

9- Once again, you have to crack a code. However, there is a note that may help us. The code is case number / date filed / presiding officer’s ID.

  • The case number is 22.
  • The filed date is 05/27
  • Presiding officer’s ID is 03.

Now you know what numbers to put in.

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10- You got the business card right? Nice! Next, go back to the lab and place that business card on the table. Dust it for fingerprints and use the dusting brush to reveal the fingerprints.

11-There is a sketched face you need to change at this point based on Kate’s description. Finally a good opportunity to show your artistic skills!

12- Upload the new sketched face into the database. Go back to the other room. We need to use Keiko’s computer but it’s locked. Yes, another passcode. Keiko must not be disturbed so you have to find it by yourself. Take a look at the keyboard. Only three numbers have fingerprints: 1,2,4. Therefore, the code may contain only those three numbers. Next, tap on the Keiko’s picture on the right side of the room. She is celebrating her birthday. You can see the Christmas tree on the background so her birth month is December and her birthday is either 24 or 25, but number 5 didn’t have any fingerprint so it must be 24. In this case, try 1224!


13. Lastly, scan the sketch of the Trapmaker and the computer will find a match. In conclusion, his name is Bradford Jace. Super! You’ve progressed a lot! Soon, you’ll know more about him!

That was Chapter 2. Proceed to Chapter 3.

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