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1 Welcome to .Home of Jake’s Rolex World Magazine.Optimized for iPad and iPhone: Top Gun Maverick Debut

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  • Summary: 04/11/2022
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  • Source: · This is an interesting piece of Rolex Top Gun movie trivia. In the original Top Gun movie, toward the end of the movie, when Tom Cruise’s 

2 Tom Cruise : Watches Fit for a Maverick | The Watch Club by SwissWatchExpo

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  • Summary: 02/11/2022
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  • Source: · If you’ve seen Top Gun: Maverick and was wondering about Tom’s watch – yes, he appeared in numerous scenes wearing the Orfina x Porsche Design 

3 Memorial Day Special: The Best Pilots Watches of All Time – Chrono24 Magazine

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  • Source: · Val Kilmer, who plays Iceman in Top Gun, apparently wore his GMT-Master on set, though it didn’t make it into the movie. However, a Rolex does 
  • Details: Like me, you may have once thought that IWC’s Top Gun collection started as a creative marketing campaign for the movie. After all, it shares its name with the film and bears the same iconic logo on its case back. However, the watch and the cult …

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