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Are you looking forward to getting the Lovers tarot card tattoo but can’t figure out what to get? Stop right here for 10 amazing tattoos you’d definitely love!

Lovers Tarot Card Tattoo
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Tarot tattoos are becoming more and more trendy with each passing day.

A lot of people who believe in this particular type of cartomancy get this kind of tattoo inked. And if you wanna know exactly why you need a Lovers card tattoo, keep on reading.

Some common tattoos based on tarot cards are the Fool, the Hanged Man, the High Priestess, the Moon, the Magician, the Tower, and the Wheel of Fortune tattoos. But the most popular one, after the Fool tarot card tattoo, is the Lovers card tattoo. The Lovers card is the sixth trump or Major Arcana card in the traditional deck of tarot cards. Every Lovers card tattoo has a unique story, symbolism, imagery and meaning that vary with its owner. Your tarot card tattoo would signify different things based on its position and placement, similar to what happens in the real cartomancy. The Lovers card can have different meanings in different aspects. But generally, it represents equilibrium, harmony, passion and love. Getting this kind of tattoo signifies that the owner has faith in their own intuition and is on their journey to self-awareness, trying to find balance within themselves. A Lovers card tattoo provides the one wearing it with the power of facing the dilemmas of life. Getting this tattoo inked portrays that the person owning it has the hope of finding love and probably their soulmate. This tattoo could also mean that the bearer is in the search of intense romance and/or sexual pleasure. People who have found their partners and have faith in destiny often get the Lovers card tattooed on themselves. Thus, the various meanings of this particular type of tattoo give you a variety of tattoo designs to choose from. But you should always choose and place your tattoo according to your budget, your ability to endure pain and the need of having the tattoo hidden under certain circumstances. Tattoos featuring tarot cards can be of any shape, size and colour. Be it as a sleeve tattoo or a full back piece; a Lovers card tattoo would always be a super cool option to go for. And we have got you covered with some of the best Lovers tarot card tattoos that you won’t be able to resist.

Lovers From ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Tarot Card Tattoo

Lovers From
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Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ gave us all a beautiful relationship to look up to. And one must admit that Jack Skellington and Sally had one of the most beautiful bonds among that of other fictional couples. This tattoo is a beautiful crossover between fortune-telling and animation. But the tattoo is so complicated and unconventional that you’d definitely need an artist with skills to get this inked.

The Lovers Tarot Card Thigh Tattoo

The Lovers Tarot Card Thigh Tattoo
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Adding skeletons to a Lovers card tattoo is quite an old tradition. But this tattoo has a Halloween-y vibe that makes it so unique. The use of white on black ink in this tattoo is just as mesmerising as the ink-dripping effect is. This tattoo could be anything from a sleeve tattoo to a calf tattoo if it is resized. So think no more and go for it.

L’amoureux Tarot Card Tattoo

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“L’amoureux” in French means ‘the lover’ or ‘the loving one’. This tarot card tattoo represents soul to soul connections and deep, meaningful relationships. The two skeletons kissing each other give the tattoo a spooky tone. This grayscale tattoo is a beautiful piece that demands an experienced set of hands. So to get this one done, you must find an artist who knows how to do their job well.

Los Enamorados Tarot Card Tattoo

Los Enamorados Tarot Card Tattoo
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If you do not believe in ’till death do us ‘part’, this tattoo is made for you. The skeletons in this tattoo represent the immortality of love and passion. If your love for your partner extends to infinity and beyond, we assure you, you will not regret getting this meaningful piece inked on your skin. With the help of a good artist, you will be good to go.

Lovers From ‘The Addams Family’ Tarot Card Tattoo

Lovers From
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This tattoo features Morticia and Gomez Addams from the 1991 film ‘The Addams Family’. Their unique weirdness and their love for each other make them an incredible couple. Gomez admires his wife and finds her to be the prettiest in the world. And this tattoo captures that essence really well. If you wanna get this iconic scene inked as a tarot card tattoo, go for it without having second thoughts.

Indian Lovers Themed Tarot Card Tattoo

Indian Lovers Themed Tarot Card Tattoo
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In India, when a couple gets married, they are believed to become lovers for the next 6 lives (7 including the first one) after they die and reincarnate as the bond of a married couple in India is believed to be holy and everlasting. If you want to flaunt the eternal love you have for your lover or your lover and you have for each other, get this inked!

‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ Lovers Card Tattoo

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We have all cherished the bond between Howl and Sophie in the 2004 Studio Ghibli movie ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’. Haven’t we? And this tattoo featuring Howl and Sophie is something anyone who loves anime and believes in tarot reading can get inked. Getting this arm piece inked on your skin might be a painful experience but we promise the end result will be worth the pain. Thank us later.

Inuyasha And Kagome Tarot Card Tattoo

Inuyasha And Kagome Tarot Card Tattoo
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The Japanese manga series ‘Inuyasha’ gave us a beautiful love story of a human-dog demon (Inuyasha) and a girl (Kagome). This tattoo is an excellent blend of tarot and manga. You can always choose to customise this piece of art by getting other anime or manga couples incorporated in the tattoo. With some money and patience, anyone of any age or gender can totally rock this tattoo.

The Lesbian Lovers Card Tattoo

The Lesbian Lovers Card Tattoo
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Conventional Lovers card showcases a man and woman standing naked in the Garden of Eden. It is nothing but the imagery of Adam and Eve. But the changing times and people having the courage to explore their sexual orientation is the inspiration of this tattoo. It portrays the fact that love is love, and every couple deserves equal rights. Get this inked if you support the queer community.

Sun And Moon Lovers Card Tattoo

Sun And Moon Lovers Card Tattoo
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The sun and moon in this tattoo represent feminine and masculine energies, respectively. The incorporation of the star and the natural satellite gives this tattoo a universal vibe. It showcases the power of love. It tells us that love is the ultimate truth of life. The usage of the floral pattern in this tattoo adds up to its aesthetics really well. So wait no more and get on it.

Tarot card tattoos are believed to bring good fortune to their respective owners. And this particular Major Arcana card tattoo is said to be a guide for your romantic life. If you liked going through the list of tattoos we made for you, we hope it has been helpful enough for you to decide which one you want for yourself. You can get one customised by your artist as well. But since a permanent piece of body art is difficult to remove, you must be sure and careful about your choice. But we can assure you that all in all, a Lovers card tattoo would look good on anyone irrespective of their gender, age and race

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