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Is there anything more annoying than getting hair in your eyes when you are in the middle of an intense match? Do you want a solution that keeps your hair out of your face but also makes you look super stylish?

Then you are reading an article that has been curated just for you. In this article, You will find different types of softball hairstyles that look elegant and keep your hair nicely tucked in and well managed.

Whether you play softball or not, you have to admit how cool these hairstyles are. Softball hairstyles are important for softball players because it helps them to avoid the distraction when playing a game.

Below are some of the awesome softball hairstyles that you can look at for inspiration.

25 Softball hairstyles for Everyday Look

Softball hairstyles look good on all types of hair and hair lengths. It is very stylish and fun.

If you think you can pull off a softball hairstyle, then you should have a look at these hairstyles that I am sure you will love.

Softball Hairstyle for Long Hair

We are well aware of how long hair has the advantage of getting any hairstyle done, no matter how many turns and twists the style needs, long hair gets it all.

Long hair is technically perfect for all hairstyles because of the length. The length gives them an upper hand in getting any style done.

In the list below are an array of beautiful softball hairstyles for long hair:

Bubble Softball Hairstyle

Who doesn’t like bubbles right? If only we could manage to get a hairstyle that resembles bubbles, that would be wonderful.

Well of course it would be great. The bubble softball hairstyle is probably one of the cutest softball hairstyles out there.

It looks fun, exciting, and exhilarating. When I see someone pulling off these braids, I know for sure they are super fun to hang around with.

Bubble hairstyles are an absolute delight to look at, and very comfortable to wear as well. You can wear it for long hours and wouldn’t even want to take it off anytime soon because this braid keeps your hair neat.

This style makes you look very cute and keeps your hair in place. It is a great style that you can try on if you are looking for a cute sporty look.

Double Dutch Braids

Single braids are great but make them double and they become amazing. The double Dutch braids are stunning and they are the best choice if you want a sassy sporty look that portrays confidence and sporty vibes.

When we see someone pulling off this hairstyle, we know without a doubt how sassy they are. This style has been loved by almost all the sports women out there and a lot of celebrities as well.

The double Dutch braids hairstyle pulls in all the baby hair on the hairline into the braid. This allows the hair to stay away from the eyes and face. If you are getting ready for gameplay and want to remain undistracted then you know what hairstyle you have to choose.

Boxer Braid

Boxer braids are the sassiest softball hairstyle out there. They are cool, funky, and everything in between.

These braids amp up your style and set up a bar for you to maintain, and it also gives you a very modern chic vibe. If you wear this style on your game day, then you know for sure that the opponents are already intimidated by you.

You exude so much competitive energy because of this hairstyle. This style is so cool that even the Kardashians couldn’t resist it.

The additional plus point of this hairstyle is the fact that it is very simple to achieve and maintain. You just need your hairbrush and a simple technique.

Below are a few easy steps for you to get this style on your own:

Step 1: Start by sectioning your hair into two parts.

Step 2: Braid your hair from the top.

Step 3: Add strands of hair to your braid as you move down.

Step 4: Repeat the same action for the other side.

Headband French Braid

The French have it all, but let me tell you something that might burst your bubble. You may think the French braid is French, because of its name, which is the obvious response but this braid has nothing to do with France.

The French braid is not French but this braid is loved all over the world. We love this braid so much that we come up with different styles to incorporate this braid into. For example, the headband French braid.

The headband French braid is an amazing twist to your generic French braids and your everyday headbands. This style allows you to portray your creativity all while looking pretty amazing.

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If you are bored of your braids and boring headbands, you can try this softball hairstyle that will make you stand out in a crowd. But let me warn you; people will ask you about your style all the time and how you got it.

The secret of this beautiful headband French braid is mentioned below:

  1. Make two French braids
  2. Pull them over the area where you want to place your band
  3. Clip it in properly to make it secure

The above-mentioned procedure is very simple and easy to follow. With just three simple steps you will get the look that will boost your confidence.

Five-Strand Braids

We have all done the generic 3-strand braids. They are very easy and a little bit too simple for my liking. I always thought about how we could change this simple and boring style to make it look interesting and hard to achieve.

Turns out all I ever had to do was add two more strands to it. I mean who would have thought about it. Fortunately for us, someone did and we are grateful to them.

The five-strand braids look so creative and alluring that you can wear this amazing style to any party, wedding, or even an award show.

This is the best twist the generic braids have ever had and I suggest you try this style out before it becomes too mainstream.

Softball Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Medium-length hair is perfect to rock hairstyles that are meant for short hair as well as long hair. Most hairstyles look good at this length.

Sometimes it gets quite crazy to tackle the peky baby hairs that don’t fit in a ponytail, but worry no more, that’s where the softball hairstyles come in and save you from the trouble of fixing it every two minutes.

I have mentioned below some amazing softball hairstyles that you can try on your medium-length hair.

French Braids to Ponytail

This hairstyle is a perfect mixture of braids and a ponytail. It is a great look on the fields. It shows off the beautiful length of your hair and allows you to keep the hair away from your face at the same time.

When you run around the track to score a run, you need to be able to see the track, but if your hair keeps coming in the way, then it’ll be quite a tardy task to complete and you’ll probably be run out by the time you make a home run.

This braid to ponytail style is very simple to get and it makes you look perfect on the field. This is a must-try style and you know this is exactly the style you need, to show off your beautiful hair.

Faux Hawk Braids

Are we confused whether we want a fauxhawk, a braid, or a ponytail?

Now that we have reached an impasse, we have to come up with something that incorporates all styles into one. Well, I am here to pull you out of your distressed situation and hand you over a solution that you are bound to love.

The solution to your problem is the Faux Hawk braids. This is a beautiful amalgamation of the three styles. The faux hawk looks flawless made out of these braids and the ponytail just ties the three styles together.

The faux hawk braids are for you if you know what you are doing and if you want the swag to ooze out of you in the field.

Half-Head Cornrows

The half-head cornrows are the best. You may ask why? Because they are a unique way to let your hair loose but also it does not annoy you by getting in your eye and on your face.

You don’t have to fix your hair now and then or tuck them behind your ear to keep them from annoying you, because they won’t.

The half-head cornrows are a great style to try. It is stylish, fun, and funky. You can try out this style and show up at any event you want, rocking this beautiful hairstyle.

If you want to look out of this world , then my advice for you would be to pair up a long fish-cut dress with a pair of Louboutins .

4-Strands Dutch Braids with Buns

This is such a cute softball hairstyle for medium hair. It is so pretty and looks stunning. The buns at the nape of the neck fit perfectly well with these braids.

The Dutch braids made out of 4 strands of hair look gorgeous with messy buns. This style can be worn to places like a concert, a long drive, or any beach.

I would love to wear this hairstyle and just bask under the sun on the warm sand in Long Island beach. This is a great softball hairstyle that you can wear anywhere, so why wait when you can go for it without a second thought.

Crown Braid with Messy Bun

The combination of braids and buns are very nice to look at. They look great on any hair and they are a standard hairstyle.

The slightly angled braid on the crown brings more dimension to this look and the messy bun on top gives it a very natural and simplistic look.

This is a great style to wear for the bridesmaid or even for the damas in a Quinceanera party. You can pair up this style with a traditional look or you can go for a more rugged look. Either way, you will look great.

This is a mandatory style to try out if you are looking for an authentic softball hairstyle that you can pull off anywhere and at any event.

Softball Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair is the easiest to handle but also can be the most annoying of them all. As good as it looks, it is quite tough to bring all the hair together and make them stay in place.

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The softball hairstyles have succeeded to capture these baby hairs and lock them behind the style bars.

Below are a few softball hairstyles for short hair that are cute, quirky, and interesting.

Classic Ponytail with A Headband

The ponytail with a headband is a classic way of blocking hair from getting all over your face. This style is worn by many athletes on the field and in general.

This look is very simple but stylish and sleek nonetheless. You can wear the classic ponytail with a headband on any occasion.

This is the easiest hairstyle ever because all you have to do is just make a ponytail and put on a headband over your hair. The headband helps to secure your hair in place allowing you to go on with your day without a worry in the world about your hair.

If you are in a hurry and you have no idea how you can make it to the event you are getting late for, then you can go for this simple, classic style.

Angled French Braids

The angled French braids are aesthetically pleasing. This is not your everyday softball hairstyle. This hairstyle is a bit different and looks great on the big screen, when you are in the field.

This is a statement braid that you can wear to stand out from the crowd. You know how R9 had his unique hairstyle to get recognized by everyone? It’s like whether people know you by your name or not, they for sure will know you by your hairstyle.

This is a cool, modern, and stylish twist to the everyday French braids or the crown braids that go all around your hair forming a crown.

This softball hairstyle is a good choice for you if you need to look different from everyone else on your team because it is quite easy to mix up players as everyone is wearing the same outfit.

Side Braid with Skinny Headband

Headbands are very common when it comes to sports. People of all genders need to wear a headband from time to time in sports to keep their hair in place.

If you play softball and you’re looking for a softball hairstyle that will make you look fancy, then you can go for this style. The skinny headband is a statement piece and it makes you look pretty cool.

This is an easy hairstyle to get and even easier to pull off. So, let’s not waste more time and get the style we like.

Dutch Braided Pigtails

We all love pigtails. This is such a cute hairstyle for short hairs. It is easy on the eyes and when you add a few tones to your hair it becomes perfect.

This is an amazing hairstyle. The hair is braided up to the nape making it look so elegant, and the pigtails from below the nape of the neck adds a romantic vibe to this look. This could be a great look on Valentines day.

This is a great hairstyle if you want to go out on a casual first date. Not too dressed up, not too boring, just the right amount.

Low Bun with Scrunchie

Low buns are a girl’s savior. At any moment we feel the need to keep our hair away, our instant reaction is to make a bun.

The scrunchie is the most helpful accessory when it comes to a bun. You can’t imagine a bun without a scrunchie. Girls usually carry scrunchies with them and these scrunchies are our friends in need.

The scrunchies make our buns look elegant and beautiful enough to go out and have fun wearing this style.

Softball Hairstyles for Pixies

A lot of softball players happen to have pixie-cut hair because it is the easiest to maintain and it stays away from your face.

There are a lot of softball hairstyles for pixies because athletes need to maintain their hair a certain way during game time and pixies are the most convenient for them.

Below are a few styles that will inspire you to get a pixie.

Front Bangs

If you haven’t seen Penny rocking this hairstyle in The Big Bang Theory, then you have to stop everything and go watch it right now.

Penny pulled off the front bangs softball hairstyle like the queen that she is. This hairstyle became quite famous after this show and we could see more and more girls rocking this style since then.

Girls were accepting their inner person and they were ready to break barriers with this style.

This hairstyle is perfect if you have bob hair or if you want to get a pixie. It is quite feminine as well, if that is one of your concerns.

The Slick Back

Who wouldn’t want to go to the field looking like Black widow? This Marvel superhero made her fans go wild with the slick back hairstyle when she appeared in an interview.

It is such a sleek and stylish look to get. This style is perfect for a formal evening, a meeting, or even a date night.

This style is also perfect for softball track because I don’t see any hair coming your way with that much gel and wax. If you like this style then you should sprint to your salon and show them this masterpiece, and get yourself a slick back hairstyle.

Purple Pompadour

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The purple pompadour is very colorful and vibrant. This hairstyle looks so stylish and alive. The electric purple mixed in with the platinum gray gives you these wonderful pastel purple-like results.

This color might not be too dark, but we are not complaining because we love it and we want it. This is a perfect hairstyle that you can rock on the fields. With this style, you can go for the home run confidently.

This softball hairstyle is perfect for you if you want people to notice you and remember you for a while. To be honest, people might even start referring to you as the girl with the purple pompadour if they miss out on your name.

Bowl Style Short Bob

This is such an endearing look to go for. This hairstyle gives you a softcore or cottage core vibes. It is very adorable and it looks perfect on oval and rectangular face shapes.

This is also a great pick for people who have fine hair because this style adds more volume to your hair and makes it look very fluffy. The fluffy look portrays an illusion of more hair on the head.

If this style matches your aesthetic, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and chop off some hair.

Faded Sides

This fancy fade style is a deal-breaker. The faded side looks like a fresh breath of air. It is super clean and looks amazing.

This hairstyle is pretty popular amongst the boys and girls of the 21st century but little do we know how old this hairstyle could be.

This hairstyle has been around for ages and people did not ditch this style because to this day, it makes everyone look very nice and pristine.

You can wear this hairstyle to your wedding, to a meeting, to an award show, or even to a simple gathering of friends.

These faded sides are extremely low maintenance and require the least amount of effort from you to keep them looking good. But it helps, if you visit your barber every 2 weeks for a nice trim.

Celebrities in Softball Hairstyles

Celebrities have been styling themselves in athleisure wear and hairstyles for a very long time now. This is a look that they usually prefer during long journeys.

The softball hairstyles come in handy when there is a tardy flight after which they have to come face to face with the paparazzi as soon as their flight lands.

As a lot of pictures will be taken, they don’t want to be criticized for having a bad hair day. So, the best choice that they have for their hair is to go out with a softball hairstyle and be ready to click photos at any time and anywhere.

Gigi Hadid in Dutch Braids

Gigi Hadid rocking the Dutch braid in the daytime. We have spotted Gigi in this look quite a few times now. This hairstyle looks exceptionally amazing on her.

Amanda Seyfried in the half cornrows

The mean girls gifted us Karen Smith and who could’ve played that role better than Amanda Seyfried.

Seems like our girl has evolved from being Karen and now she is rocking this beautiful hairstyle and winning hearts all over again.

Jojo Siwa in Boxer braids

Jojo Siwa needed to come out of her bow look and get into something better. After her coming out to the world, she needs to come out of her bow era, and what better hairstyle is there to show a drastic change than the boxer braids?

Jojo Siwa went from being the cute little bow girl to a full-fledged sassy woman just by changing her hairstyle. Hairstyles can change a person’s entire look and Jojo is the proof.

Jennie Finch in A Classic Ponytail with Headband

Jenni Finch is a softball superstar. People love her for her amazing gameplay. We have spotted her giving her best during the games and looking flawless while doing it.

Her favorite softball hairstyle to wear while playing seems to be the classic ponytail with headband, as she wears this style quite often.

Alex Morgan in Faux Hawk

The American football superstar pulls off this faux hawk like no other. This is a great style for athletes to wear because it looks very neat and you get to click pretty nice pictures afterward.

Alex Morgan in this hairstyle has always looked great, we could call it her go-to style because of the number of times she was spotted in it. It is a great athleisure hairstyle to try on.


What is the right way to wear a softball hairstyle?

There is no right way to wear a softball hairstyle as long as you can pull off the style of your choice. You can wear whatever suits you and whatever you feel confident and comfortable in.

Can anyone wear softball hairstyles?

Anyone and everyone can wear this style. These styles are known as softball hairstyles because the softball players wear this style more often than others. But if you like what you see, and you want the style, then there is no reason to hold back your urges.


The softball hairstyles mentioned above are amongst the most famous and great-looking styles. These styles have been listed above to help you figure out which style best suits you and that you can try them before the big event that you have to attend.

Softball hairstyles are great for all occasions and they help to keep your hair very manageable. You should not take your steps back if you have decided to go for any of these softball hairstyles.

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