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It’s been eight years since Gilmore Girls ended but I still can’t get over the sheer perfection of the show. It’s easily become one of my go-to series to re-watch over and over again on Netflix, and over the course of my sixth time re-watching the series, I noticed something interesting about Rory Gilmore: Her hair evolution. During important moments in the Gilmores’ lives, Rory’s hairstyle tended to change, and drastically at that. The change wasn’t always in major ways, but in noticing this detail, Rory’s hair has become a subject of deep investigation for me. (In fact, it might be my new unhealthy obsession, to be totally honest.) To make sure I’m not going totally insane, I’ve compiled photos of Rory’s hair throughout the run of Gilmore Girls to back up my theory that Rory’s hairstyle changes during important moments and transitions in her life.

From the innocent, middle-part headband look, to the Season 4 sudden blunt bob haircut, to the pretty, perfect hairstyle at the end of the series, Rory’s hair is really its own character on Gilmore Girls. And, I think it’s important that we celebrate that as much as we celebrate all other aspects of this absolutely wonderful series. So, is there a correlation between Rory’s hair and her big life moments? Hell yes, there is. Sure, there’s more to our girl than a cosmetic change, but lots of women change their hair in tandem with major life changes, so why not Rory? With that, I give you Rory Gilmore’s ‘Do: A History.

1. Rory’s First Hairstyle

So innocent. So young. So full of potential. The first introduction of Rory’s hair was a perfect representation of the character. It was youthful and not very styled, just like her wide open future.

2. The Chilton Look: Aka The Headband Years

Rory’s hair got pretty severe once she got to Chilton. I’m not fully sure if the headband came as a package deal with the uniform, because it’s the perfect color and screams “prep school.” Nevertheless, this hairstyle became synonymous with Rory’s time as a Chilton honors student.

3. The First-Date-To-A-Big-Dance Updo

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This look is adorable, but thank goodness there were many better hairstyles and updos to come. Her youthful look signified Rory’s entrance into the wondrous experience that is dating boys in high school. Seeing as Rory’s dance/Big Date With Dean was at Chilton, she got extra fancy with this updo.

4. The Season 3 Length

Rory’s time at Chilton and her friendship with Jess matured her. Once she hit Washington with Paris, her hair reflected her grown-up nature. After all, this when hair got a little longer and she clearly discovered layering.

5. The Season 3 Updated Headband

Rory’s updated look also included a less severe headband to go with her journey of personal growth at Chilton, her burgeoning relationship with bad boy Jess, and her diminishing connection to Dean.

6. The Season 4 Bob

The sudden bob came out of nowhere if you asked Lorelai, but it made sense to me. Rory was settling into college; she was shedding the weight of her breakup with Jess and trying to start over with Dean (who liked the haircut). This was supposed to be the new-and-improved Rory, but as you probably remember, things got a wee bit complicated.

7. The Bob Evolution

This evolution of the bob — or bobvolution, if you will — may seem just like Rory is simply growing out her hair, but our girl’s turn towards curling her hair in a more classy, elegant way means something. Consider this: As she started a friendship with Logan and the Life and Death Brigade she was maturing, making more independent decisions, and moving away from Dean for good. Her hair was clearly a reflection of all that.

8. Season 5’s Short, Curly Locks

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This adorable look started a trend for Rory as she began to fully get integrated into the Yale inner circle. This hairstyle reflected her high-class, upper-crust surroundings as she was started casually dating Logan, which was also a huge step for Rory.

9. The Longer, Elegant Look

This long, wavy length with long side bangs was the hairstyle that Rory began wearing when she took a break from Yale after getting arrested. Clearly, this was yet another emotional transition reflected in her hair: Those short curls got a little more wild and free when Rory broke away from her mother.

10. The Bangs Emerge

The straight bangs across the face began when Rory started her job with the DAR. This look with the bangs and ponytail makes her look like a young version of the society wives and that her grandmother hangs out with, doesn’t it?

11. The Looser Bangs Look

The severity of the bangs and waves loosened up as Rory’s time living with her grandparents progressed and she started realizing that taking time off Yale and this new life as a society girl was not what she wanted. This particular look is from the episode where Jess visits and confronts her about her change — you know, the tipping point. I’d say her hair reflects reaching a certain momentous moment.

12. The Super Straight Hair & Bangs Combo

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Back to school, back to the life she loves, and back to her relationship with Lorelai. All of that means it’s time for a new hairstyle, which comes right after her trip to Atlantic City with Lorelai to properly celebrate her 21st birthday. The long hair and blunt bangs are clearly marking the birth of a more nature, more ambitious Rory.

13. The Infamous Pink Hair

Rory’s time as editor of the Yale Daily News ends and she gets a dye job along with her two new gal pals (including future B in Apt 23, Krysten Ritter). Rory needed another temporary change after leaving her post at the paper to go along with her uncertainty about post-graduate life and this pink sure was it.

14. Season 7’s “Rory’s a Reporter Now” Hairstyle

Rory’s last look on the show is definitely her best. Once she started to get her life back on track and started trying to make plans for her future after college, her hair reflected a more grown-up look that also showed Rory was more open and flexible for all the great things to come in her career. This is the final look she sports after she gets her new job following Obama on the campaign trail and it couldn’t be more perfect.

Obviously, Rory’s so much more than her hair, but it’s never bad to have a ‘do that matches the ‘tude and Gilmore Girls certainly delivered on the coif front.

Images: Screenshot/The WB (14)

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