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Roblox is a popular online multiplayer game where users get to design their own world and add characters to it. It allows you to select different themes and design your own characters. In order to do that, users will need the primary currency called Robux. Users must complete various tasks and achievements to earn Robux. Having a lack of Robux can compromise your survival in Roblox world.

So how do you earn free robux? One way is to find great resources like this how to guide on how to earn Robux. Guides like this are great for players who don’t have a lot of money to spend. But these aren’t the only way you can earn Robux and as the demand for in-game customizations, upgrades, and special features arise, it’s crucial now more than ever to get started on your search.

Below is a list on other ways you can gain Robux for free.

You can also find different ways on how to earn free robux here:


This is a legit website to earn reward points that you can later redeem in the form of a gift card. You just need to complete microtasks to earn those points such as:

  • Completing surveys
  • Visiting a website
  • Using coupon codes
  • Using bonus points
  • Inviting friends to join

You can earn as much as 3,750 RobuxMania reward points that are equivalent to $25 worth of Roblox Gift Cards. The gift card will give you a Robux code that will give you Robux worth $25.

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RobuxMania is found to be reliable and safe. This site never asks for your Roblox login details, and you get five bonus points right after logging in with a username.


Next on the list is RobuxHunter.. It’s closely similar to RobuxMania. You can exchange the points earned with a gift card code usable to purchase Robux. But here, they offer discounts on redemption. Your 1,000 points can get you a $10 Roblox gift card, but you will only need 1,500 points to get a $20 gift card.

Rixty Codes

Like RobuxMania, earning Rixty codes requires you to complete some tasks such as:

  • Downloading apps
  • Signing up for newsletters
  • Answering short surveys

The points you will earn from completing those tasks can be traded for Rixty codes. The code will let you add free Robux conveniently to your Roblox account without the need for a Robux generator.

Google Play Cards and Codes

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Similar to those that have already been mentioned, earning Google Play Cards and Codes will require you to complete tasks such as:

  • Registering your Samsung device
  • WHAFF rewards
  • Purchasing a ChromeCast Device
  • Google Opinion Rewards, wherein the credit can be earned by simply answering surveys
  • Tap Cash rewards

The points earned will let you shop for games, videos, movies, or apps in the Play Store. Or you can use them to redeem points in other online games like Clash of Clans, Fortnite, 8 Ball Pool and, of course, Roblox. This is just one of the most reliable and legit methods in earning Robux for free.

iTunes Credit

You can get a free Robux in Roblox with your iTunes credits or gift cards. But, of course, this will only benefit Apple users. As long as you have an iOS device and internet connection, you will be able to earn rewards on the App Store by completing various tasks.

Roblox Promo Codes

Roblox admins generate promo codes that can be used in purchasing free items in Roblox without spending a Robux. Below are the promo codes available in 2019:

  • ROBLOXROCKS500K – Shades of the Blue Bird Following
  • GAMESTOPPRO2019 – Glorious Pharaoh of the Sun
  • GOLDENHEADPHONES2017 – 24k Gold Headphones
  • $ILOVETHEBLOXYS$ – Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat
  • ONEMILLIONCLUB! – Playful Red Dino
  • *HAPPY2019ROBLOX* – Firestripe Fedora
  • TARGET2018 – Full Metal Tophat
  • JURASSICWORLD – Jurassic World Sunglasses
  • !HAPPY12BIRTHDAYROBLOX! – 12th Birthday Cake Hat
  • ROADTO100KAY! – Bloxikin #36: Livestreamin’ Lizard
  • SPIDERMANONROBLOX – Vulture’s Mask
  • HOTELT2 – Transylvanian Cape
  • SXSW2015 – Southwest Straw Fedora
  • KEEPIT100 – Next Level Future Visor
  • WEAREROBLOX300! – Visor of the Blue Bird Following
  • MLGRDC – Next Level MLG Headphones
  • 200kTWITCH – Violet Hood of the Ages
  • KCASLIME – KCA Slime Wings
  • COOL4SUMMER – 150K Summer Shades

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Trading & Selling Collectibles

Aside from the Robux, you receive after joining the Builders Club, and you can also use your membership in trading objects for free Robux.

Your creativity can be of much use in the Builders Club Marketplace. You can collect and find objects that are unique and set them with a high-value collectible price.

If your design skills are exceptional, you can sell buildings for a larger value, or trade them for Robux.

Keep Your Device Safe as You Rule

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Online games can be addicting, and as you get into the game, it’s tempting to want to rule it and explore every possible resource. You might even think of resorting to free Robux generators or Roblox hacks. Keep in mind that most of them are scams or illegal processes. The chances of getting your device infected with malware are high. Some may even require you to install their tool into your device, which may make you prone to downloading malicious content. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a Robux generator.

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