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Robert Downey Jr. is one of, if not, the man who makes wearing glasses look insanely cool. Be it on the streets and especially during red carpets, through all shapes and colors, the Hollywood charmer certainly has a thing for glasses (Fun fact: He is known to be an avid fan of the brand Oliver Peoples) and knows which one to wear for all types of occasion.

After a period personal troubles, the American actor, producer and singer’s career saw its revival during his middle age, landing him roles in “Chaplin”, “Zodiac”, “Sherlock Holmes” franchise, and would reach its height after bagging the role of Tony Stark in the “Iron Man” franchise and a bunch of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movies.

Ahead of the release of his upcoming 2019 fantasy/comedy movie “Dolittle”, DA MAN picks out 10 of his strongest, on-point glasses game for your inspiration:

1. Lens Game

Whole other Hollywood actors would usually pick a normal black shade. The first take on getting to RDJ’s glasses game is to play with colors. He often opts for a more uncommon yet interesting color option, where one of the examples is going with a purple lens on a tortoise frame.

2. It’s All in The Eyes

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There’s a saying that goes “The eyes says it all”. RDJ rarely ever lets his eyes fully hide behind the lenses to do just that.

3. Vintage Flair

Another thing with RDJ’s shade game is that his frame is mostly inspired by models of the 70s and 80s. Here he is in classic square aviator glasses with a slight orange-tinted lens.

4. Crystal Clear Vision

When you’re famously known as the “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” in a movie, why not turn it into reality by wearing an extremely cool frame and lens? It adds another level of interest and sharpness against a suit.

5. The Red Baron

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The color red, which seems to be RDJ’s favorite color, shows how it gives a bold accent to a monotone outfit. It also adds up well to RDJ’s mature facial features.

6. Holiday On The Red Carpet

Even when wearing a semi-formal attire, the right and contrasting sunglasses could make all the difference.

7. Orange Is The New Black

A classic bold, thick frame, which is one of the Hollywood actors classic option, is one thing. But a black, bold and thick frame with orange-tint lens as the icing on the cake while wearing an all black get up? That’s another way to make things more interesting.

8. Mixing and Matching

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When you have so many glasses in your cabinet and wonder which to wear, why not match the color of your lenses with your tie’s color palate?

9. It’s Never Too Much Sun

RDJ also shows us that wearing glasses is not always about being cool, but also to have fun in styling, where he often experiments with combining unique frames and lens colors.

10. The Cool Geek

We know we’re kind of cheating here but bi-color frame—for both opticals or shades—as RDJ shows is still, and always will be, a timeless geeky yet cool option.

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