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Jungle Paper Leaf Party Garland

Jungle Leaf Party Garland and free templates. We are excited to see the new movie The Wild Life. It’s an adorable story reimaging Robinson Crusoe from the animals point-of-view. On the world’s wildest island, the film teaches us that friends come in all sizes.When Lionsgate asked us to make a project based on the new movie which comes out September 9th, we loved the idea of a Jungle Party!

the wild life movie

stay wild paper party garland

We are sharing a super easy and fast jungle paper party garland. You can make the garland up and use it in many different ways – on your mantel, over a doorway or on a wall above a party table. A jungle party is such a fun idea and a great way to celebrate this new movie!

paper jungle party garland and free leaf templates

Here’s how to make this Jungle Leaf Party Garland and free templates:

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We made up two different sized jungle leaf templates. All you have to do is print them off on cardstock. Then trace around the leaves and use the cardstock leaves as templates. The larger size leaf template is about the size of an 8×11 sheet of paper. I doubled up the colored cardstock so I could cut out two leaves at a time. The smaller template is about half the size of an 8×11 sheet of paper, so I folded each colored piece of cardstock and then cut the smaller leaves out. To print out the template, click here:

Smaller Leaf Template

Larger Leaf Template

jungle leaf party banner templates

I used about four different colors of green for the leaves in the garland. I took the smaller leaves and folded them in half width-wise to make them more 3 dimensional.

Once the leaves were cut out I laid them out on a flat surface on top of a piece of ribbon that was the length of my mantel. I layered the bigger leaves under the smaller leaves. You can make your garland as long as you like. If you use it above a party table or on a wall it would look great to layer a few garlands on the wall and that would make the party table look even more jungle like!

When I had the garland looking the way I wanted it I used a hot glue gun to glue the paper leaves to the ribbon. I glued the bigger leaves first and then I glued the folded smaller leaves on top of the bigger leaves.

Then I hung the garland on my mantel. I used tape to attach the ribbon at both ends of the mantel.

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I added a few items I already had in my home to my Wild Life mantel.

wild life movie party garland and free jungle leaf templates

I also framed one of The Wild Life screensavers of the island in the movie. Ella and her friend distressed it a little to make it look like an old map.

hand lettering a sign jungle party

Hannah hand lettered the Stay Wild chalkboard saying on the framed chalkboard. I love the way it turned out. She is so creative!

jungle paper party garland and free leaf templates

I added little folded up paper that looks like palm leaves too. And then I added a felted ball garland over the banner for a whimsical touch! My kids love animals and after seeing the different animal characters in the movie, I know this is going to become a family favorite at our house. Be sure to watch the fun trailer!

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I love the way the mantel turned out. It’s perfect for our little The Wild Life party! We can’t wait to see it when it comes out September 9th!

free the wild life coloring pages

You can download the free coloring pages from The Wild Life website and find out all about the movie! There is also free screensavers, downloads, games and more!

the wild life movie

stay wild paper party garland mantel jungle party

Have a happy day!


This post was sponsored by the new movie The Wild Life. All ideas are mine.

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