Printable disney scrapbook pages

Idea 3: Make your child a star of the Disney parade

One of the highlights of Disney World is the parade with all the Disney characters! Which float did your child enjoy the most? Take a close-up of the float and print a 5×7 copy of it. It’s wonderful to always have a photo to get make sure you capture them in your memories scrapbook.

Add your child to the float either through a photoshop program or by cropping a photo of your child by the hand. Your child will love seeing that he/she “magically” appeared on the float by magic! Mat additional parade photos to add to your page. Some fun title ideas would be “Leader of the Pack!” or “Float the Sky!”

Idea 4. Scrapbook interactions with characters – get these on film!

For a fun Disney scrapbook page, gather the photos of your family members with various characters.‍

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You can either fill a page or spread (two side-by-side pages) with a mix of family members and characters or devote an entire page to one child and character. For example, maybe you caught a photo of your son jumping up and down because he just spotted Woody from Toy Story.

You take another photo of your son running and hugging Woody and a third photo of Woody with his arm around your son. These three pictures will make a great Disney scrapbook layout. Add some Toy Story stickers and an autograph if you were able to ask for one.

Idea 5. Highlight the train ride on your Disney scrapbook

Did you and your family enjoy the train ride? Using the Disney map that you received when you arrived at the park, cut out portions of the map for your layout and put together some remnants of these memories on your Disney scrapbook.

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Mat photos of your family riding the train and strategically place them onto the layout of your Disney scrapbook. Finally, journal about the various sites that you saw using different Disney fonts or every just your handwriting.

Idea 6. Dress like a princess or your favorite Disney character for a main Disney scrapbook page

Your daughter has been dreaming about going to Disney for months! After all, her room is decorated with Disney princesses and she dressed as Belle for Halloween! Throughout the day take photos of the Disney princesses. Using a photo of your daughter dressed as Belle, impose her cropped photo in front of the Disney Castle.

Using a circular template, crop the photos of the princesses and add to the disney princess scrapbook layout. Your daughter will love being with the other princesses! Of course, your daughter will be the prettiest one of them all!

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As the day progresses, you’ll be able to get fun photos of your children falling asleep from all of the excitement.

Mat each photo and add a bubble to each one. Inside the bubble, write a fun comment as to what you think your child is dreaming about. These types of relaxed and informal photos can make a great ending for your Disney scrapbook.

And you can bet you’ll have a bunch of photos of the kids looking totally exhausted! Just make sure you have a camera on hand to capture the moment!

As you work on your disney scrapbook layout, remember that the key to giving your album a fresh appearance is to add your personal touch. Instead of thinking of how many photos you can cram onto a page, ask yourself what story can this page tell with just one to four photos on it.

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