Pizza box drinking game


There’s a great game for the college crowd looking to have fun. Some call it the Cardboard Game, some the Pizza Box game, some the Circle Game. Regardless what you call it, there’s one set of rules. You make the rules!

The set-up is simple. You get a big surface to write on (a pizza box, an unfolded cardboard box, posterboard, etc.) and everyone draws a circle and writes their name in that circle. The size of each person’s circle is up to them.

That’s set up, so here’s the game! Each turn, a player throws a bottlecap onto the game board. If it lands on a circle with somebody’s name in it, that player drinks. If it lands in blank space, the player draws a circle around the cap and writes a rule in the circle. When the cap lands in that circle, that rule happens.

So the main bulk of the game is to make entertaining rules. So us here at SBISD decided to list our respective top ten rules for The Cardboard Game.

Rich’s Top Ten Rules

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10. “Everyone drinks”- every good drinking game has to make this happen at some point.

9. “Forcibly perform Yoga on a player”- This rule is fun because it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Sometimes people just pose at each other. Sometimes it turns into trying to get someone’s foot behind their head

8. “Go to the Thunderdome”- This rule is also up to whatever you want to do with it, but it’s a one-on-one competition of your design

7. “Everyone Gets New Names”- if you get the new names wrong, you drink

6. “Scream Kanye West Lyrics”- this works if you like or hate Kanye West

5. “Start a chant”- Chants are fun for the whole family

4. “Enhance a rule”- This keeps the game fresh

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3. “Cry”- you’d be surprised

2. “Why?”- I always ending up pounding on the table, and shouting Why?

1. “Become the Danger” – someone tried pickpocketing me after they got this one

Katie’s Top 10 Rules

10. “[Insert a name here] and [insert another name here]” – If two names are close enough together, connect them with a bridge so both people have to drink if someone lands on the bridge

9. “Switch seats” – Everybody playing switches seats

8. “Rock, paper, scissors” – Person to your left (or right) plays you in Rock, Paper, Scissors. Whoever loses after x amount of rounds drinks

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7. “No phones” – First person who looks at their phone has to drink (or something else more creative if the rule-maker chooses).

6. “Not Jackie Chan” – First person to mention Jackie Chan drinks

5. “Yell [Insert person who is not playing’s name here]” – If someone isn’t playing, yet in the room, yell their name whenever the cap lands on their name. If you pick the right person, they’ll answer and you can go back to whatever you’re doing.

4. “Remove an article of clothing” – Everyone will get to know each other a little better, but only down to their underwear!

3. “Put on an article of clothing” – One time, someone kept landing on the previous rule and got uncomfortable, so I like to add this rule as a backup.

2. “Hot Seat” – Everyone gets to ask the person who landed on this circle a question. They must answer truthfully or drink

1. “Tallies” – This involves making a large circle in the middle. You drink for however many tally marks are in the circle (tallies = seconds) and each player adds more tallies after the drink.

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