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With the fall semester already half over, it is about time for mid-year graduates to start planning what to do after graduation. You can never start too early, whether it be career planning, job searches or graduate school applications. Another thing you should keep in mind is what you want to do with your UNC Charlotte NinerNET account.

Some people may want to leave their account untouched and not have to worry about it anymore. Others may want to have access to important emails and documents for later reference. Luckily, your NinerNET account does not expire until one year after your graduation date, so you have some time to transfer your emails and Google Drive files over to your personal accounts.

Transferring Your NinerNET Emails and Google Drive Files

When your NinerNET account is disabled, you will no longer have access to email services and other university services. Here are the steps you should take to transfer your important files and emails before your account expires:

  1. Sign in to using your NinerNET username and password.
  2. Click on the Google Account icon in the upper right and select “Manage your Google Account.”
  3. Select “Manage your data & personalization” under the Privacy & personalization settings.
  4. In the box labeled “Transfer your content,” click “Start transfer.”
  5. Enter your personal Gmail account and send the verification email.
  6. In the verification email, click the button to generate a confirmation code.
  7. Copy and paste the code into the “Enter code” field in your university account settings.
  8. You can now start transferring your Gmail messages and/or your Google Drive files. The transfer time varies depending on how many total items you have.

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You should keep in mind that this process does not delete emails and files from your University account, nor does it copy the sharing permissions on Google Drive. You will still need to share the files and folders again and change the ownership.

When you share the Google Drive content with your personal account, you can change owners by clicking on the drop-down list of permissions. You should select the option that says “Make owner” and click “Done.”

Charlotte’s Alumni Email Program

Even when you no longer have access to your NinerNET email account, you can continue receiving university communications. Charlotte offers an alumni email to all graduating students with a Bachelor’s, Master’s or a Doctorate degree. The Alumni Email Program provides you with a free email account that is automatically assigned with the same username as your NinerNET username. You do not have the option to change or customize it.

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Register for an alumni email account by going online to and following the instructions. For the graduating class of 2021, you will need to wait four to six weeks after your official graduation day to receive an alumni email address.

You can use your alumni email as your preferred email address for updates on what’s happening at UNC Charlotte and in the alumni community. You can also continue to use it even if you return to UNC Charlotte as a student or employee. However, you will get a standard NinerNET account if you return as a student or employee, which is where official university communications will go.

Unlike your student NinerNET account, your alumni email does not expire if you remain active. It will only expire if you have been inactive on the account for two years. You are not required to register for an alumni email, but it is there if you want to have a separate account for university emails.

Legacy Banner Self Service

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If you still have an active NinerNET account, you can access Banner via If your NinerNET account has expired and you want to access your Banner information as a former employee or an alumnus, use the Legacy Banner Self Service. You can view tax documents, pay stubs, your unofficial transcript and request an official copy of your transcript on this site.

The first step is to go to and fill in the required information, such as your name, address and date of birth. Once completed, you can create a legacy password and log in to Banner. Your username will be the same as your NinerNET account.

Whether you are excited to graduate or nervous about the transition to the real world, it is best to be as prepared as possible. You now know what to do before, and after your NinerNET account expires, so you can focus on preparing other things for graduation!

Additional information and links:

  • For more details on how to transfer content between Google Accounts, visit
  • To register for the Alumni Email Program, visit
  • To set up a password for Legacy Banner Self Service, visit

To access your Legacy Banner, go to and log in using your username and newly created password.

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