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After catching rare critters, painstakingly buying legit works of art, and donating all of it to Blathers while politely listening to him explain each donation, it’s no surprise that you want to put in a bit of effort to make your museum look nice from the outside.

To help you get started with that, we’ve gathered the 20 best ACNH museum ideas that can hopefully inspire you to make your museum the best it can be!

Awesome ACNH Museum Ideas

20. Castle Museum

Let’s start grand with our first entry from Reddit user u/SpecterCody! You can make your museum look like a castle with the use of Castle Towers, Castle Walls, Decorative Pillars, and a perfectly placed Stone Staircase.

To add some plants to the design, you can use Plant Partitions, Triangular Topiaries, Cypress Plants, Bushes, and Floating Biotope Planters on top of the pillars.

19. Fairy Fountain Entrance

Tumblr user mochi-moss added a magical touch to her museum entrance.

They formed the Stone Paths into fairy wings under the Fountain, added stray flowers and grass, and put two Valiant Statues near the entrance for symmetry. Beautiful and magical!

18. Museum Ruins Entrance

Give your museum a mysterious aura by making the entrance look like temple ruins. Reddit user u/KirbysDreamland93 used a custom path code from MA-9369-1426-8734 for the worn-down tiles and added vines on the cliffs and surrounding area.

The Ruined Decorated Pillars, Ruined Broken Pillars, Glowing Moss Statues, Rock Head Statue, and a Forbidden Altar add to the temple ruins atmosphere. Time to feel like Indiana Jones off on an adventure for a precious artifact!

17. Temple Entrance

Let’s continue the temple aesthetics with jin_men56’s museum temple entrance. With a bit of an illusion using custom path codes, they accomplished making the entrance look like it’s high on top of a hill or pyramid with many long sets of stairs.

These steps are their own creation, and you can get the code here. Absolutely impressive work!

16. Hidden Spring Entrance

The addition of a hidden spring fountain makes the entrance look sacred and ethereal. The placement of blue flower petals and Hydrangea Bushes give it a nice pop of color.

To do this, you have to do a bit of terraforming to put a pond and some waterfalls a level down from your museum. Wonderful work, u/tiara_king!

15. Cafe Entrance

Give your museum visitors a place they can sit and relax with a museum cafe entrance.

Instagram user afterglow.horizons used multiple Bistro Tables and Metal And Wood chairs for the outdoor cafe atmosphere and put Medieval Building Sides as walls or fences.

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They also made a small waterway for yachts. Oh, to eat cake after a day of museum touring, just watching the sailboats float by – absolute bliss!

14. Square Fountain Entrance

For modern cities and concrete jungle islands, this museum entrance might fit your aesthetics.

Instagram user colin.crossing made their island into a proper city, complete with roads, blocks, and sidewalks.

Their museum entrance is pretty unique as well! Instead of using the usual fountains, like Park Fountain, Shell Fountain, or a regular Fountain, they used a Mossy Square Bathtub! It suits the brick and concrete city look of the place.

13. Frida Kahlo-Inspired Entrance

Reddit user u/vdevaca wanted to showcase their adoration of Frida Kahlo and La Casa Azul in their museum entrance and courtyard.

The walls are Medieval Building Sides, while the statue at the center is a Glowing Moss Statue. They also added colorful flowers and butterfly models to show the colorful aspect of her artistry and Mexico’s culture.

12. Modern Building Entrance

Twitter user Thorin_ACNH cleverly transforms their museum to look like a modern building with huge glass windows and sliding glass doors.

The key to this transformation is customized Simple Panels! They also used Wedding Pipe Organs to expand the look of the building.

11. Rock Garden Entrance

A great place to gather all your rocks is right in front of your museum. As shown by nikki.acnh on Instagram, you can have a rock garden entrance for your museum and fill it with flowers, butterflies, and a fountain.

You can also decorate the area with extra statues from Redd.

10. Easter Egg Hunt Entrance

Easter or Bunny Day isn’t really something that a lot of Animal Crossing players look forward to. But if you really love the holiday and want to celebrate it year-round, this idea to have a huge egg hunt in front of the museum is fun-tastic!

You can even modify yours to have a huge maze as well. Hop over to nooksisle’s Twitter to thank them for this idea!

09. Tropical Entrance

A tropical island paradise definitely needs a tropical museum entrance! Continue your island’s resort vibe with this entrance idea.

Instead of using a regular Fountain, you can use an Outdoor Bath at the center. Bright yellow and orange colors aid the tropical aesthetics as well, so use yellow mums, orange tulips, yellow pansies, orange lilies, and yellow Hibiscus Bushes.

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Don’t forget the coconuts! Placing two Market Place Decorations near the entrance is a good idea too.

08. Wood Deck and Rock Garden Entrance

This museum entrance idea might not look too detailed, but there is beauty in the serenity and simplicity of this design.

The wood deck path adds a natural and rustic trail leading to the museum. They not only gathered their rocks for a rock garden, but they made a pond at the center too.

The Lattice Fences, Garden Benches, and Log Stakes contribute to the rustic coziness of the area.

For those who want to try the deck path, the creator is ren04at on Instagram and their creator code is MA-1944-3607-0570.

07. Simple Park Bunny Entrance

Another simple but elegant museum entrance idea is from quenepacrossing on Tumblr. This kind of design gives a “fall season in a small town” feel to it.

The entrance has two Bunny Day Topiaries and Spooky Towers, with a Garden Wagon and two Garden Benches at the center. The fallen ticket on the ground is a very cute detail!

06. Wall Fountain Entrance

If you just can’t get enough of decorating with fountains and waterfalls, this ACNH museum entrance design by jin_men56 on Twitter is overflowing with them!

With their very own museum design codes, they customized Face Cutout Standees to look like flowing fountains while being placed next to actual waterfalls. This gives your museum a majestic look!

05. Spacious Museum Park

Having a spacious garden with less clutter is a good option too. Add a beautiful and spacious garden entrance to your museum!

In this build by seadreascafe on Tumblr, they used Stone Paths for the pavement, Garden Benches for the seats, Spooky Fences near the museum, Streetlamps to illuminate the area at night, and a Fountain at the center.

White flowers, bushes, and a Garden Wagon add the needed floral beauty to the place. It looks like such a pretty place for a stroll!

04. Moon and Stars Entrance

Here’s a sparkly and twinkling ACNH museum idea from Reddit! User u/tomatori0417 decorated their museum entrance with Star Fragments, Large Star Fragments, Zodiac Star Fragments, Nova Lights, and a Moon.

The fragments are set on top of Turkey Day Garden Stands, while Zodiac furniture is put all over the place as well. They used Scorpio Lamps, Capricorn Ornaments, Aquarius Urns, and Cancer Tables with Wedding Candle Sets on top.

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This is a great use for any spare fragments that you have. Celeste would be pleased!

03. Small Park Entrance

If your ACNH museum size isn’t that spacious, you can try what did to their museum entrance.

They made a tiny but lovely park outside their museum and filled the Stone Paths with rose petals. They also made the museum look grander by adding Wedding Pipe Organs at the front.

Pristine white is her theme, so aside from white flower petals on the ground, they also used white Garden Benches, Cypress Plants with customized white pots, white Streetlamps, and a white Birdbath at the center. There is even a white Decoy Duck!

White roses, hyacinths, and cosmos are also in bloom. For the custom flower petals, the code is from nook_by_the_book on Instagram.

02. Fountains and Falls Entrance

Don’t know what to do with your extra statues from Redd? Display them outside above a wide waterfall! This museum idea from Reddit user u/thatsorosendo uses a lot of fountains, spare statues, and lovely greenery.

You’ll have to know how to properly terraform waterfalls and collect some of these items, but other than that this is a very beautiful and beginner-friendly museum idea.

Other key elements used in this build are white Flower Stands, Cypress Plants, bushes not in season, Market Place Decorations, and a white Garden Bench. The pavement isn’t actually part of the default paths in the game, but a code from creator MA-4206-3301-8345.

01. Sunken Museum

And our last entry of this list is xixi_crossing’s sunken museum entrance! This design adds a sense of adventure and mysteriousness to your museum by the sort of hiding the building with towering cliffs, waterfalls, and bamboo trees.

They also add historical artifacts as decorations, like Swords and Double-Edged Swords, Glowing Moss Statues, Warrior Statues, Golden Vases, and a Forbidden Altar at the center.

Other items used in this entrance are Glowing Moss Ponds, Giant Vines, Ruined Decorative Pillars, Ruined Broken Pillars, Scorpion models, and Glowing Moss.

A lot of custom design codes are used in this design, from the brick staircase to the flower tiles. The codes are kindly provided by xixi_crossing in a separate Twitter post here.

Feeling like revamping your museum entrance now? These 20 best ACNH museum ideas have been a well of incredible ideas and inspiration!

Each entry has a link to the creator, so you can check more of their work on their social media pages.

We’ll continue to gather more creative designs, so look forward to more articles on ACNH island ideas in the future!

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