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The best fans can be a lifesaver for coping with warmer weather because let’s face it, no one wants to contend with balmy bedrooms or sweltering home offices if they can help it. And we know that perhaps the weather is winding down to more autumnal climes now, but simply shifting some of the stuffy air around your room can be the difference between a happy home and a hot home.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet desk fan to keep things cool while you work from home or an oscillating pedestal fan to waft cooler air around your living room, there are plenty of options to keep temperatures down throughout the year, with options that purify the air as they go or even some with reduced noise levels and night modes to keep disturbances to an absolute minimum while you sleep.

It’s never too late to invest in a top-quality cooling fan, and you’ll likely thank yourself next year when the sun decides to wash over your otherwise underprepared house, but don’t sweat it about figuring out which one is worth getting. We’ve selected our favourite fans for living rooms, bedrooms, hot-box-like home office studies and even a few to prop up in the kitchen so you can get zen-like cool air anywhere in your home.

Much like summer-friendly menswear essentials such as shorts, sandals and short-sleeved shirts, powerful fan technology is increasingly easier on the eyes, ears and, in the case of air purifying units, even the nose. With the right guidance, you’re sure to find the right bit of kit for your room. If your bedroom is particularly stuffy, we’ve got guides on the best mattresses, pillows, and duvets to help you keep cool and comfortable all year round.

What are the best fans you can buy right now?

Hands down the best purifying fan you can buy, Dyson’s top-spec air purifier does it all. If you’re still hyper-concerned with cleanliness after two years of health scares, this one scans the room for bacteria, eradicates it, and then wafts cooling air all around the space.

If the price of the all-singing Dyson above makes your eyes water, consider this affordable, eye-catching tower fan that’s made of sustainable materials to create a cold breeze around your home.

If colleagues are starting to notice beads of sweat dripping down your cheek during your weekly Zoom calls, then get this brilliant desk fan to regulate temperatures. It’s a powerful bit of kit, capable of blowing cool air at you from almost 30 feet away, so you can bring it into the office to keep everyone comfortable.

Like to keep the fan on in the bedroom to keep the night sweats at bay? This is one of the quietest models around, so you can sleep better overall during a scorching heatwave.

  • Best quiet fan: Duux whisper flex smart fan, £119 at
  • Best standing fan: Boneco F220 Air Shower Floor-Standing Fan, £159 at
  • Best tower fan: Tower Scandi 16in metal pedestal fan, £47 at
  • Best desk fan: Meaco MeacoFan 360 Air Circulator, £59.49 at
  • Best evaporator fan: Evasmart Evaporative Cooler, £239 at
  • Best overall fan: Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde, £599.99 at
  • Best portable fan: Honeywell HT 900E, £24 at
  • Best USB-charged mini-fan: Muji USB Desk Fan, £35 at

Which fan is the best brand?

You’ll likely have heard of some of the more premium brands available like Dyson and Duux to get your cooling fix at home, but figuring out which brand is best isn’t as nuanced as you might think. So long as your fan can blow cooler air around your room and do so quietly, you’ve got a good model on your hands. Dyson will always be the most popular and most sought-after brand, as it typically offers more comprehensive features like air purification, more powerful motors and the ability to reduce the overall temperature of a room a lot faster. They will also be more energy efficient than many others.

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