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Man, COVID may not have been a creatively or financially fruitful for many musicians, but one thing it definitely inspired is donkey-brained schemes to make money. From Jasta Pasta to sock collaborations, this era really drove home the bizarre ways in which bands fight to pay for their new muffler. But this plan by Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows might be the most unhinged of them all.

As reported by our side-pieces at Metal Injection, late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul‘s house recently went up for sale to the tune of $750,000. Now, in an elaborate Twitter rant that’s been collected here, M. Shadows suggests that they could use NFTs to…amass crypto? To buy it and turn it into “the Graceland of Metal?”

Real talk: it sort of sounds like Shadows is listing terms he’s heard recently as a way to start an organization he would later find it exhausting to maintain. That said, who hasn’t gone on an outlandish rant at a bar about how you’d run things? At least he’s keeping his loopy ideations where they should be: on Twitter, in front of his entire fanbase.

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Here’s Shadows’ idea:

“Vinnie Paul’s house is for sale. The place was legendary by all standards and it will be a shame to see it bought by a developer or a non fan. So, what does that mean? What happens now? What if we started a DAO? A thread…

“So [Zacky Vengeance] called me today and showed me the news of this legendary property being put on the market. This is the place where any musician that came through Dallas would come after a long night at Vinnies famous strip club or after the shows. Musicians, actors… you name it… It was like the ‘Graceland of Heavy Metal.’ We have been many times. So Zacky suggested a DAO purchase it… DAO stands for ‘decentralize autonomous organization.

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“What that means is that fans of Vinnie Paul’s legacy would be able to purchase a token that represents a portion of this home. The Token (nft, it’s that word) sale would raise the money to purchase the house. After that, Token holders would have governance and a vote over how and what actions will be taken by the committee. Do you fix up the roof? Do you use it as a rental to other fans like an Air BnB?

“Do you turn it into more of a museum of Pantera artifacts that token holders and fans get to enjoy? That’s not up to me or any individual… it’s up to the DAO. Own a token and get a vote. Here is how I see it…

“Option 1: Someone that doesn’t give a fuck about Pantera buys it and lives in it, remodels or tears it down.

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“Option 2: A Pantera fan buys it, lives in it and treats it as their own personal trophy.

“Option 3: The Pantera community buys it, governs it and decides what’s best for the legacy of this important piece of Heavy Metal History. Anyway, this may sound crazy to some… and if I’m way off I’d love to get opinions. I’d love to discuss it and hear another side.”

You’ll never get metal legs, dude.

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