Lightning bolt haircut design

Video Lightning bolt haircut design

Are you looking for a new razor cut design to add to your buzzed hair? Try out Lightning Bolt Haircuts right on the side of your head. There are so many more ways to get this done than you would think. Don’t think that you are too old to have fun with your hair, as long as you still have it you should do whatever you want with it.

This technique can be done with short hair, long hair, braided or colored hair. Plus there are even some dope girls on this list that are trying their hand at the lighting bolt trend. You better hurry and get this done before all your friends see this list of the 50 cool lighting bolt haircut ideas.

Table of Contents

1. Side Parted Lightning Bolt Haircuts

This first style is a pretty simple one, just ask your barber to shave it right on the side of your new haircut. Finish this look off by parting your hair to one side so that your new design really stands out.

2. Simple Lightning Bolt Haircuts

This simple cut with a cool design for boys would look so cute on younger boys. In the photo above they added a thicker design and it really sticks out.

3. Combed Barber Hairstyle

This style is called a combed barber look, they gave him the cutest bolt right above the ear and it looks perfect.

4. Lightning Bolt Hairstyle

Wow, this style is giving off serious vibes with the vibrant yellow and black colors. This is a great way to add a new design to your hair without having to shave any off.

5. Curly Top Lightning Bolt Haircuts

This cutie is wearing a curly top with a cool cut in. Try keeping the side buzzed short and your curls long on top with your own personal touch on the side.

6. Yellow Black Tinted Buzz Cut

This buzz-cut style wins for the most lightning bolts in one style. There are at least 20 different small designs here, before you try out this style make sure you find yourself a good hairdresser so they look right.

7. Spiky Shark Lightning Razor Cut Design

This little cutie’s hairstyle is really cool. He went with a mohawk hairstyle with a shaved design on the side of his head, and it looks perfect.

8. Spiky Messed Up Hairstyle

Show off your creative side with a haircut like this one. He is wearing a spiky hairstyle that would look great on little boys, or older men it is so cool that it is an ageless look.

9. Short Hair with a Lightning Design

This short style is so cool. Try buzzing the sides and back of your hair short, but leave enough on top to put in a side part. To finish off this awesome haircut throw in a big design on the side.

10. Medium Length Side Part Lightning Bolt Haircuts

You can get this look with medium-length hair too. In the photo above they kept half of his hair long and pushed it over to one side, and it really helps to show off your new look.

11. Long Length Mohawk Hairstyle

He is wearing a long-length mohawk haircut. This is a great hairdo because you can wear it down as they did in the photo above, or add some hair gel and spike it up. Don’t forget to ask for the cool lightning bolt on the side.

12. Short Spiky Mohawk Lightning Bolt Haircuts

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He has an almost 3D design shaved into his undercut, and it looks so dope. Plus, a short spiky mohawk is such a fun haircut you will love the way you look.

13. Yellow Tinted Top with Lightning Bolt Design

Look how happy his new hairdo made him. To get this look, ask for a classic mohawk design and then pick out the best new hair color for the spiky part of your mohawk, cut in a bolt and you are all set.

14. Spiky Textured Top with a Lightning Strike Design

This is so much more than a normal haircut, it has a cool feature on the side plus a spiky textured top. If you get this hairstyle, be ready for all your friends to be your copycats in no time.

15. Military Cut Lightning Bolt Haircuts

This is a take on the old fashion military cut for men. His barber has added in a wonderful new pattern shaved into the side, and it looks so cool.

16. Edgar Lightning Bolt Haircuts

Edgar haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles to wear for men in 2022. For this look buzz the sides and back short and leave the top with a few inches of hair, the results are so fresh.

17. Beautiful Lightning Bolt with Slashed Haircuts

As you can see this pattern can come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn on any type of hair. This style is a slashed cut, with a little length left on top.

18. Long Lightning Bolt Haircuts with Ponytail Top

For a cut in pattern for your whole head, try this haircut. They added in a very long bolt and left enough hair on top to pull back in a ponytail. The best thing about this look is that when you let the ponytail down it covers up your design, so you can have two looks in one.

19. Afro Lightning Bolt Haircuts

This is a perfect example of a dope afro haircut for men. In the photo above they gave him an undercut with a really cool pattern and left the top natural and free.

20. Volumed Curl Top with Lightning Bolt Haircuts

For men with naturally curly hair, this look is for you. Try out a volumed curl top look with a short fade for the rest.

21. Inverted Lightning Bolt Short Afro Haircuts

Short afros haircuts will always be in style because they are so versatile anyone with this type of hair can wear them and feel their best. Try out this inverted lighting bolt for your next fresh hairdo.

22. 3D Lightning Design on Taper

This shaved design on the back of his head really jumps out at you. A 3D design in your taper cut is such a great way to add a little extra spice to your look.

23. Faded Double Lightning Designs

Double the design in your fade for a unique pattern that will make you stand out even more. In the photo above they added his design on the very top of the fade and it looks so cool.

24. Pompadour Fade Lightning Bolt Haircuts

A classy haircut for men will always be the pompadour fade. Brush your hair over to one side, add a thick part and then buzz the other side shortly. The last step to get this look is to add your favorite pattern and you are all set.

25. Swept Side Lightning Bolt Haircuts

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For men with darker hair, this haircut would look so good on you. Try a swept side style at your next barber appointment, you will not regret it.

26. High Fade Pompadour Lightning Bolt Haircuts

This high-fade pompadour hairstyle looks so fresh. In the photo above they kept the fade high with one layer of hair pushed back, while adding a bolt into the design. They went with a thicker design here and it really makes it pop out.

27. Faded High Bun Curly Hair

Men with naturally curly hair this bun style would look so good on you. Try this high fade and keep the rest of your hair long enough to pull back into a ponytail. To finish off your look add in a long shaved in a bolt and you are all set.

28. Lightning Designs on Short Hair

This next look is a short hairstyle with vibrant colors. To recreate it, use the colors purple, black, and yellow or be inventive and pick your own colors to make this hairstyle your own.

29. Interconnected Lightning Bolt Haircuts

Another dope style for men to try is this interconnected pattern that goes along the entire side of your head. This style would look great one men of all ages that want to try something new.

30. Classic Lightning Bolt Haircuts

This little guy is wearing a classic haircut for men. In the photo above they shaved one side of his hair short and added in a cool lightning bolt look, and left the other side long enough to brush over to one side.

31. One-Sided Lightning Bolt in Natural Blond

Like most of these looks, this shaved-in design is only one on side of his head, and it looks so cool.

32. Spiky Hair with Slim Lightning Bolt

This next haircut is a spiky hairstyle with a slim design. This is a cute way to get a new look, but it’s so shallow that it should grow out soon.

33. Short Spiky Lightning Bolt Hairstyles

Here is a cool haircut for young men. They kept the hair short all around and left a few inches long on top, with the coolest design shaved in.

34. Connected Buzz Cut with a Lightning Bolt Design

If you are looking for a short style try out this connected buzz cut with a lighting bolt shaved in.

35. Slick Side with Lightning Bolt Ear-lining

Classy hairstyles will always be in style, just like this slicked side with a pattern on the ear-lining. They parted his side in the photo above and it looks so cool.

36. Doubled Lightning Bolt Hairstyles

To double the cool, try to double the design. This cutie is wearing his hair short and has a big double pattern shaved into the side of the head.

37. Low Fade with Back Lightning Bolt Hairstyles

In the photo above he is wearing a low fade with a design on one of the sides. Try growing the top of your hair out to your favorite length to make this look your own.

38. Multiple Lightning Bolts on Afro

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This dope style has multiple different designs shaved into his new afro haircut. This look keeps the sides of your hair fresh and the hair on top long and natural.

39. Overlapped Faded Lightning Bolt Hairstyles

Try this overlapping faded lighting bolt for your next cool new hairstyle. Keep your fade short on the bottom and leave the top a few inches longer for a fresh style.

40. Natural Curl Buzz Cut with Lightning Bolt

If you have naturally curly hair like his you deserve this handsome style. Try this natural curl buzz cut with a long double pattern shaved in for your next look.

41. Lightning Bolt Hairstyles on Taper Fade Haircuts

One of the best ways to wear your hair in 2022, is this taper fade haircut style. In the photo above they kept the bottom almost bald and the top has all one length.

42. Short Slick Back with Lightning Bolt Hairstyles

Here we have a short slicked back style that looks wonderful on men of any age.

43. Faux Hair with Lighting Bolt Designs

Here is another cool haircut for men, this faux hawk on top with a bold lighting design goes across the entire side of his head and looks marvelous.

44. Faux Hawk Lightning Bolt Hairstyles

Every little boy should try out a faux hawk look at least once in their life, and this style would be perfect to try.

45. Spiky Faux Hairstyle with Mini Lightning Designs

Try out this fun spiky faux hairstyle with mini designs shaved in. Let your child try out this style, the hair will grow out fast enough and it won’t stay for long.

46. Braided Lightning Bolt Hairline

Here is a great way to add in a bolt pattern without having to shave any parts in. When dividing the hair into the different sections use a comb to create a zig-zag pattern.

47. Parallel Lightning Bolt Haircuts on Blond Caramel

This cute color is a blond caramel hue and has a double parallel line design shaved in and it looks so cool.

48. Sage Green Blond with Lightning Bolt Haircuts

If you need to add some color to your life try out this sage green hue. This would be such a fun hairstyle to wear in the summertime, try adding in your own unique design to make this your own.

49. Layers Shaved Lightning Bolt Haircuts

Wow, this hairstyle is one of the most unique looks on this whole list. If you get this hairstyle, be ready to get all the compliments wherever you go.

50. Spiky Mohawk with Faded sides and a Lightning Bolt Haircuts

Get this look to have one of the best hairstyles for men. This spiky mohawk has double faded lighting bolts on the sides and he looks so cool.


The Lightning Bolt style is so cool that you will never want to change your hairstyle. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can get this hairstyle at any point in your life. Let us know down below which one you are going to try on your next trip to your barber.

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