Laying waste swtor walkthrough

Video Laying waste swtor walkthrough

This heroic can be done with 3 players with a healer, tank and DPS. You will make a decision at the end (light or dark) that grant you one of two chestpieces Dreadseed Armor (left) or Star Forager Jacket (right) for dark and light choices respectively.


Credits 17025 Experience

  • Dreadseed Armor or Star Forager’s Jacket (Bind on Legacy)
  • Seeker Droid (can be used as an ability)
  • 20 Basic Commendations


  • Enter the Corrupted Jedi Temple on Ilum

Not the easiest entrance to find, follow the dotted line on the map. The entrance is well hidden behind some ice rocks.


There is a bonus quest to get all four datalogs. The first datalog to start the bonus is located on this table not far from the entrance.

Up ahead you will find a hallway with a holdout type of scenario. There are power cells at each end of the hallway you can use to either power the turret or give power to the force fields.

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Supply the power cell/battery to the force field will make it stronger and prevent mobs from escaping into the hallway. Supply the power cell to the field turret will gradually charge up the turret which can one shot all mobs and finish the encounter (takes a lot of power cells to get it active)


If you see a force field turn yellow or red, it is able to break releasing mobs into the hallway.


In one of the rooms you will find a second datalog.


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Corrupted Sithspawn Experiment

Up ahead is the Corrupted Sithspawn Experiment. It has an interesting mechanic to the fight. It will periodically cast Ichor Spit followed by Triple Tongue Frenzy. This is a 3.5s cast that allows the boss to gain 1 stack of Dread Carapace, which reduces the damage it takes.


The miniboss will soon disappear and spawn four tentacles. After you kill the last tentacle, run to a Arcanum Bio-Containment Canister on the ground and stand near it (make sure to attack the Dreadseed Corruption growth on top of them to expose the canister) . This will cause the miniboss to land on top of the canister. The canister will explode, stunning the boss and remove the effect of Dread Carapace for a short duration. When the stun wears off, make sure to interrupt his Dread Tentacles, which will heal him otherwise.


Lord Tagriss

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Lord Tagriss has some interesting mechanics you need to be aware of. At 75, 50, and 25%, he will stun everyone and jump to the ritual altar.When this happens, he will break one of the crystals behind him and becomes immune to damage. Make sure you stand on a platform when this happens and not in the water.


One of the group members need to go to the crystal rock he broke and click it. This will deploy a Seeker droid on top of it. When you are deploying the seeker droid, he will try to interrupt you and apply lethal effects to the water. Keep casting the seeker droid and you will eventually get a cast off.


Once you have the crystal “mined”, run up to the alter and click on the seed of rage in the middle. This will break him out of invulnerability. At <25%, Lord Tagriss will die.


If you wish to pick the dark side choice, make sure to click on the altar once Lord Tagriss is defeated. This will give you an item that can be exchanged for Dreadseed Armor.

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