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Video Jay park hairstyle

After Jay Park received a lot of criticism from black people about wearing a dreaded hairstyle in a music video, he expressed his feelings through a long comment.

The MV was deleted after black people criticized Park Jae Beom for his “dread hairstyle”. He then rebutted the argument with a long comment.

Jay Park released his new song ‘DNA Remix’ and its MV on the 14th. This song, in which many other hip-hop musicians such as Park Jae Beom, The Arc, and Aurildok participated, received great attention from domestic hip-hop fans.

The MV was also uploaded to Hire Music’s official YouTube channel, but soon afterward, it faced unexpected criticism.

Jay Park wore a dread hairstyle in the ‘DNA Remix’ MV, and some black people criticized him for it.

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Dreadlock is a type of reggae hair that is braided. It is mainly worn by black musicians. Bob Marley, the godfather of reggae, was famous for dreadlock, and several musicians in Korea also performed it to the public.

Black people are criticizing Jay Park for having a dreaded hairstyle, thinking that he has stolen their culture. They said, ‘Dreadlock is our unique culture, so don’t copy it recklessly’, ‘Why are you mixing our culture with Korean songs’, ‘It looks like they are just trying to imitate the black culture without understanding or respecting it’, ‘Why do Koreans steal black culture?” Incomprehensible criticism poured in

The MV he released was flooded with malicious comments and “dislikes”. In the end, the MV was deleted.

Jay Park expressed his feelings in a lengthy YouTube comment. He said, “I am grateful that Black and Latino people created Hip Hop and shared it with the world.” “Hip-hop has now become a global genre that is loved all over the world. Each country has its own unique scene and sound.”

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“We don’t look at the color of our skin. We feel like we’re brothers and sisters in hip-hop.” “I feel that hip-hop is a universal language that transcends race and religion. We don’t want to be black. We are proud to be Korean and we will not trade it for anything.”

“We are not a majority who bully minorities, and we are not trying to steal culture. Rather, we are colleagues and we have the best understanding of the culture. We have the power to correct people who judge hip-hop and black culture with shallow knowledge.”

Jay Park said, “Just because you know Korea through K-pop and Korean dramas, doesn’t mean that everything is just dandy and soft over here. Koreans have experienced so many inhuman things in history, and they had to work hard to be recognized. Not long ago, most people didn’t even know where Korea was. Everyone has to realize that there are worse people out there trying to use hip-hop than a young Korean rapper with dreadlock hair.”

Finally, he said, “I didn’t want to hide Korea’s hip-hop culture. This is Korea’s hip-hop and we wanted to do our best to let the world know where we came from. You don’t have to support me, but I hope that at least you can give us room to live and progress in our lives.”

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This is not the first time black people have criticized dreadlocks and Jay Park.

Jay Park posted a picture of his musician Dalco on Instagram in May 2019, but black people’s malicious comments also ran at the time. It was because Dalco had dreadlocks. As in this case, they also claimed that Koreans “stole” black culture. The criticism from black people was so strong that this issue was ranked in the top 10 real-time Twitter rankings at the time.

Jay Park said, “We are not enemies. There are people in the world who spread hatred and try to harm them in terrible ways, but we are not like that.”

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