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Created in 2017 in the volcanic region of Jalisco, Volcán de Mi Tierra was born from a strong entrepreneurial partnership, combining the Gallardo family’s passion for its homeland and deep roots in Mexico, together with Moet Hennessy’s commitment to craftmanship and luxury branding.

In its latest mission to create the world’s finest tequila, vanguard tequila distillery Volcán de Mi Tierra announces its latest launch: Volcán X.A, an innovative blend of Reposado, Añejo and Extra-Añejo tequilas.

It all begins within the pulsating core of a pre-historic volcano, when over 200,000 years ago, the volcano named Tequila erupted, nourishing the soils of Mexico’s Jalisco region, ideal for the growth of Blue Agave. Volcán is among one of an incredibly small number of tequilas with its own distillery, which sits at the foot of the volcano and is home to a distinctive distilling process that marries tradition with innovation. Volcán follows the rhythm and flow of the seasons to produce the highest-quality agave, grown in volcanic soils and sourced from two terroirs, the highlands and the lowlands. This approach captures the essence and energy of the volcano’s raw natural power and allows for different elevation profiles to come together in perfect harmony.

A new chapter in the history of tequila erupts with Volcán de Mi Tierra’s latest release: Volcán X.A, driven by a burning passion to make a different tequila, a more exclusive tequila than ever before, an ultra-premium product handcrafted at every step of the process.

“Tequila is one of the fastest growing spirit categories, with continuous premiumization of the offer. After a successful introduction of our Core Range, we are thrilled to bring Volcán X.A to the world, our ultra-premium expression, and demonstrate what Tequila is capable of offering in terms of taste, craft and quality” Julien Morel, CEO of Volcán de mi Tierra.

Uncompromisingly Crafted. No additives are used during the process; shortcuts, and synthetics have no place here. Made of 100% blue agave and aged in Volcán’s proprietary Grace Casks, an American oak unveiling delicious aromas, Volcán X.A embraces duality and pushes boundaries by ushering in the ‘Art of Blending’ to the world of Tequila. This unique blend is the highest expression of its kind, the result of an alchemy only a volcano and centuries of Mexican heritage and craftsmanship could create. The result – A delicious tequila profile: the Reposado base brings the right level of sweetness and smoothness, while Añejo and Extra-Añejo add aromatic elegance and complexity.

“Over the last 18 months, we have been in test, learn and grow mode, working to expand our capabilities and capacity at Volcán’s very own distillery. Throughout this process we have continuously refined our craft and have ultimately produced a world-class ultra-premium expression. Volcán X.A is not only a Tequila, it is the creation of a unique profile, enhancing all the nuances from aging. We look forward to further sharing Volcán X.A with the world.” Santiago Cortina Gallardo, COO and member of the board.

This is a product built on pure, unadulterated blending integrity and centuries of craftsmanship. It is a result of harnessing the power of duality: between fire and water, between the heartbeats of a volcano and the people who cultivate its land; between Mexican and French traditions; between the history of tequila and its future.

Volcán X.A will only be available in select on-trade accounts in Europe & North America .

For More Information: https://www1.mhusa.com/#/

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