Goth bat tattoo

When it comes to cute Halloween tattoos, it’s hard to go wrong with a bat. If you’re into that whole spoopy (that’s “cute spooky”) vibe, these cute bat tattoos are where it’s at.

Because, let’s face it, while raven tattoos are cool, they’re rarely “cute.” You just sort of wait for them to start croaking Nevermore around midnight because it wants you to stop watching What We Do In the Shadows. Look, Clyde, we have to find out what happens with Laszlo.

But, bats? They can be adorable! They can curl up around pumpkins, hang upside down and show off their enormous ears, or just cause a worldwide “issue” that’s lasted for nearly a year. Not such a good job on that last one, guys.

But, despite that and the fact that they make bad pets, we still love the little flying mammals.

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31 Cute Bat Tattoos

1. This cute bat snuggling up into a pile of fall leaves. Tattoo by Milburn. Bat Tattoos - Sleeping Fall Leaves

2. When you’re a bat but wish you were a VSCO girl. Ink by Morgane Skye. Bat Tattoos - Pink and Purple Sunset Bat

3. Yeah? That’s your human? Looks like a disembodied hand to us, but what do we know? Tattoo by Sacred Gold. Bat Tattoos - Witch Familiar

4. Nope, definitely not hoarding crystals. Nope.

5. When you’re magical and the darkness and also very cute. This My Little Pony bat tattoo is by Jackie Huertas. Bat Tattoos - My Little Pony

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6. This Halloween bat showing off his pumpkin carving skills. Make sure to compliment him so he doesn’t get a complex. Bat tattoo by Isobel Morton. Bat Tattoos - With Pumpkin

7. “What do you mean we’re out of candy?” Bat Tattoos - Catbat

8. Pusheen in her best form yet. Tattoo by Roxy Ryder. Bat Tattoos - Pusheen

9. This jet black bat tattoo that captures the I am the night aesthetic with its moon and star detail. Tattoo by Alexandra Fische. Bat Tattoos - Moon and Stars

10. This bat tattoo hasn’t had its coffee yet. By Stephanie Melbourne. Bat Tattoos - In Flowers

11. When you want to be all tough and stuff but love flowers.

12. Count, is that you? Bat tattoo by Sam Nancy. Bat Tattoos - Cute Halloween

13. The moment that fall breeze sets in. Tattoo by Katarina Mermay. Bat Tattoos - With Moon

14. When you’re so cute it hurts. Ink by malevesarah. Bat Tattoos - Line drawing

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15. This cute bat tattoo just wants to be friends.

16. This baby bat has his own tattoo!

17. If you have to say you’re cute, are you? In this case, yes.

18. My precious… Ink by Amelia Moore. Bat Tattoos - With gold crystal

19. It can’t be a cute bat tattoo list without a Disney-inspired bat or two. Bat Tattoos - Cute Disney Bat

20. When you’re very proud of your Halloween decorations.

21. Fangs? Check. Giant wings? Check. Cute little beady eyes? Check. (After Event Horizon you never know.)

22. When you try really hard to be classy but then stick your tongue out for the camera. Tattoo by Kate Crane. Bat Tattoos - Fruit

23. Everyone has that one friend. Tattoo by Ryan Bray. Bat Tattoos - Disney Bat

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24. You know you’ve totally gone batty over your crush when.

25. Please take a number. I’ll be with you as soon as I can.

26. That’s Doctor Bats to you. Tattoo by Stephanie Mo Gutierrez. Bat Tattoos - Doctor

27. Befriends bat. Immediately enters him into staring contest.

28. Those eyes tho.

29. You can’t please everyone you’re not a pizza bat oh wait.

30. When you’re shy but still want to hang. Tattoo by Nick at Kreative Ink.

Bat Tattoos - Black and Grey

31. This little baby bat is too cute for words. So we’re not writing any more of them.

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