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A faith bracelet or salvation bracelet is a beautiful visual reminder for all ages.

The colors of the faith bracelet has a symbolic meaning.

It’s a simple way for children to remember what each color stands for.

To make this easier, I’ve included what some may refer to as the salvation bracelet poem.

Read further to learn more about faith bracelets, download your free salvation bracelet printable, and share this resource.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching preschoolers and elementary school-aged kids at Sunday School and Missionettes, at church.

It’s always fun to hear things from their perspective and also very humbling to see the faith they have in believing God’s Word as is.

There are of course times when things can get quite imaginative.

I remember the time I was teaching the 3 to 5-year-olds the story of the 5 loaves and 2 fish.

While doing a recap I asked the class to fill in the blanks.

The little boy gave Jesus 5 loaves and 2 _________

and a high pitched, little voice screamed back


Oh well!

I’ve learned that it’s always easy to get kids to remember verses, Bible stories, and important lessons when you put things to a song,

enact the same or give them something visual.

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That’s why I love doing Salvation Bead Bracelets.

How To Make Faith Bracelets (+ Free Salvation Bracelet Printable) (2)

Two Ways To Make Faith Bracelets

These are such an easy craft to do with young kids.

The colors on the faith bracelet (some like calling this the Salvation bracelet, Jesus bracelet or even the Colors of Faith bracelet) are great reminders of their faith in Christ.

Best of all you only need:

  • a box of Perler Beads
  • a spool of 1 mm Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord
  • a pair of scissors

How To Make Faith Bracelets (+ Free Salvation Bracelet Printable) (4)

How to make Faith Bracelets akaSalvation Bracelets using regular Perler beads

1. Give each child a pre-measured bracelet thread and the six colors of faith:

Black (represents sin)

Red (represents Jesus’ Blood)

White (represents being made holy)

Blue (represents water baptism)

Green (represents growth)

Yellow (represents heaven)

2. Before the beads are strung to the thread, ensure a knot is made at the end of the thread to ensure beads don’t slip off.

3. You can choose to make a bracelet repeating the colors of faith in sets (see the melted Perler beads bracelet example for reference)

or choose to use just one color of each representative bead.

When doing this, ensure the knot is not made at the end of the thread but close to the one-fourth point, to ensure the beads stay put in the center of the bracelet.

In a similar way, tie the finishing knot right next to the last bead (yellow).

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Finally, make a third knot to tie both ends of the completed bracelet together.How To Make Faith Bracelets (+ Free Salvation Bracelet Printable) (6)

How to make a Faith Bracelets akaSalvation Bracelets using melted Perler beads

We also really like the way the bracelets look when you use melted beads.

This is an alternative if you have a little extra time.

1. Now before you go into melting the beads or stringing them as is, have your kids separate the colors into bowls.

(Do this at home and separate the beads into zipped bags)

This is a great way to get them to identify colors, work as a team and practice precision and care.

(Impatient hands will result in beads flying all over the place so make sure you send out that warning beforehand.)

2. Now if you’re melting the beads while doing this craft at home, this is the time you will place the beads upright, on parchment paper, on a baking tray, with a 0.5-0.75 cm distance between each.

How To Make Faith Bracelets (+ Free Salvation Bracelet Printable) (8)

3. Heat your convection oven or toaster oven to 350 degrees.

Once it reaches that temperature, place your tray in the same for about 7 minutes and remove the tray once you see your beads looking like the beads in the photograph below.

*Note: When Perler beads melt the room will smell.

I cross-ventilated the kitchen and adjacent room before, during, and after I melted the beads to ensure the smell didn’t linger in the kitchen too long.

4. To begin making the bracelets, measure around the wearer’s wrist approximately and cut the thread with about 1 inch extra on either side.

Before you begin threading the beads, tie a knot or even a double knot on one side to ensure the beads don’t roll out.

5. Now have the kids string the beads in this order to represent the colors of faith:


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Each color is representative of something important in our faith journey.

When done print off my free printable salvation bracelet cards to allow kids to reference each color.

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How To Make Faith Bracelets (+ Free Salvation Bracelet Printable) (13)

How to print and share the Faith Bracelets and the cards

Print the salvation bracelet poem on white card stock.

Ensure you use the color option and not black and white when you print the cards, else the colors on your cards won’t show.

If you’re looking for a reliable printer and a way to save on printing, consider the HP Envy 7640.

This is the printer we use and I love the quality of the print.

It’s a reliable device plus signing up for the HP Ink programhas helped ensure I never run out of ink and don’t pay a pretty amount if I bought the cartridges at the store.

You can get these little bags to hold the beads and tie these to a pre-made hole made using a hole punch.

Or pre-make the bracelets and tie them to the hole with a ribbon, or place the same in a small bag.

Pass out the colors of faith bracelet and the card explaining the colors of faith bracelet meaning to kids in your Sunday School class,Bible class or Vacation Bible School as a memorable take-home craft.

You could very well make this a salvation bracelet lesson using the Bible references provided below the card.

This faith bracelet is an easy way to remember what each color stands for in the journey of faith.

For more great faith crafts, check out these beautiful inspirational craft ideas.

Check out these resources to help sow into your child and build their faith:

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