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It’s fiesta o-clock, time to draw inspiration for stunning Cinco de Mayo nails! As May is descending upon us, so is one of the most colorful celebrations in Mexican culture.

The wildest parades might be canceled due to the global lockdown, but we are all in for an in-house celebration. That’s right! Even though you would not be able to enjoy the festive parties in 2020, you can still get into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo.

Let’s bring the fiesta to your hands!

Have a look at some of the most creative and inspirational Cinco de Mayo nail designs.

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Stunning Cinco de Mayo Manicures

1. 3D Mexican Nail Design

What is great about this Cinco de Mayo nail art is that it is simple, yet eye-catching. The 3D Mexican decorations create an optical illusion that simply intrigues people’s attention.

2. Blossom Cinco de Mayo Nail Art

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This colorful Mexican manicure is one of the easiest DIY cute nail designs. The Cinco de Mayo flower artwork matches perfectly the simplicity of the red fiesta theme.

3. Viva Mexico Nails

Classic Mexico-inspired nail designs thoroughly meet the expectations of great Cinco de Mayo nails. Hand-drawn polish illustrations of poncho, sombrero, and flowers bring a manicure’s latino spirit to another level.

4. Red Hot Chilli De Mayo Nails

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Chili peppers are a big thing in Mexican cuisine and culture. The extra spicy edibles are a huge inspiration for Cinco de Mayo nails. Most nail artwork for the 5th of May celebrations includes chili stickers or illustrations.

5. Cocktail Mexican Nail Art

It’s cocktail nails time! This margarita nail art would definitely get you in a mood. The sugary fruity design contains the spirit of Cinco de Mayo.

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6. Mexico Flag Nails

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Get your Cinco de Mayo nails fiesta ready! A flag manicure really suits the occasion. To spice up the plain Mexican flag nail design you can add some glitter polish and even some themed sticky decals.

7. Colorful Cinco de Mayo Nails

Colorful Nails | Cinco De Mayo | mexico nails designs
Cinco de Mayo Colorful Nails Photo by Nailed Daily

Those colorful zig-zag nails are vibrant to the Mexican culture. The nail art is easy to copy since it gives you the freedom of alternation. It’s simple, yet makes a statement.

8. Fiesta Vibe Nails

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This cool nail art would lift your spirits and brighten your days just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Mexican symbols of culture are customized on the bright colored fingernail plates. The design brings the fiesta vibes to your hands.

9. Cactus Party Nail Design

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This is one of the most uplifting Mexican nail art designs for Cinco de Mayo. This yellow manicure would spice up your nails just in time for celebration.

So don’t let this lockdown stop you. Get in the party spirit by coloring your nails and get Cinco de Mayo ready today!

Which of these Cinco de Mayo nail designs inspired you to bring the fiesta to your hands? Tell us your pick in the comments below!

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