1/4 Which company debits my account under the name FAMECHARGE? Is it a scam?

Have you noticed a direct debit under the name FAMECHARGE? FAMECHARGE is a website that charges you for online services. These are direct debits recurrent. You are already, or will be charged by FAMECHARGE each month because these debits correspond to a subscription. You have undoubtedly entered your bank card on a website to buy a service or take out a trial offer (on a dating or clairvoyance site? For cultural content such as streaming videos? For coaching … line are very varied).

Is this a scam? If your bank card has been stolen and used by a third party, then yes it is a scam. If you made a purchase yourself, it is not card fraud. We tell you more below.

You don’t remember having taken out a subscription? Maybe you just filled in your card as part of a trial offer? Or to pay for the postage of a so-called ‘gift’ that you have ‘won’?

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It may happen that subscriptions linked to FAMECHARGE direct debits are not desired by Internet users: you should know that attractive trial offers often lead to subscriptions if no steps are taken to cancel the subscription.

2/4 How to definitively stop the FAMECHARGE debits? We explain to you!

Canceling FAMECHARGE direct debits is free. You can carry out the formalities on your own directly online. You will find more information on the details of the procedure directly on their platform.

If you can’t do it or don’t want to do it alone (because you are lost, because you do not remember the origin of the subscription or for any other reason), it is possible to pass a termination assistance provider. For this we recommend I stop the costs!

This company helps you to identify the origin of the withdrawals and to stop them definitively. They can even help you get a refund when possible (be careful, refunds are unfortunately not systematic, because they are really on a case-by-case basis. On the other hand, when it comes to stopping direct debits / canceling of subscriptions, their services are guaranteed to be 100% effective or reimbursed.

3/4 Blocking your credit card to cancel FAMECHARGE direct debits: what does the bank think? What the law says ?

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What the law says ? : in March 2018, the court of cassation accepted the culpable negligence of a customer who had transmitted his bank details to a fraudulent site. The bank had opposed his requests for reimbursement, accusing him of negligence in the custody and conservation of his personal data of the security system of payment instruments.

This court decision explains why a banker may refuse to block your card if you are the originator of the purchase.

If you are still in possession of your bank card, it is very unlikely that this is a FAMECHARGE hack as explained above: blocking the card would therefore amount to not honoring a contract for which you signed up. We therefore do not recommend blocking your credit card but carrying out the online procedures to cancel the current subscription.

4/4 Get help from I stop the costs! to stop direct debits: key information!

As explained above, it is possible to go through a company specializing in the procedures to cancel a subscription online. The essential in this area is I stop the costs!

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Why do we recommend it to you?


  1. Personalized follow-up: survey to find the site at the origin of the withdrawals, termination procedures … and this, in all languages ​​(practical when the company that takes the money from you is foreign for example)
  2. When possible, I stop the costs! helps you obtain a refund of all or part of the sums withdrawn (be careful, get reimbursed for an internet scam is not systematic because each case is unique. When a refund is considered, the professional who follows your file will accompany you on the request.
  3. All termination services are guaranteed ‘100% effective or refunded’


  1. This is a paid service (24,90 to 49,90 euros depending on the formula selected)

Fraud point: of course, if your card has actually been stolen from you and you are not the originator of the purchase, it is a card hack. In this case, do not hesitate to go and file a complaint. In some cases, you will also be able to open a fraud file with your banker to try toget a refund : this point is to be seen directly with your bank or your card issuer (Visa, Mastercard…).

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