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The sport’s nutrition industry has a problem. Traditionally, suppliers have given consumers two options when it comes to buying products:

  1. Pay more for high-quality products
  2. Pay less for low-quality products

Not exactly a revelation, I know. Still, this is important to understand because it illustrates the lose-lose scenario consumers have endured for years

Supplements Are a Lose-Lose Game

Buying low-quality supplements and health aids isn’t the same as buying a low-quality t-shirt or a cheap pair of sneakers. Sure, the t-shirt might disintegrate in the wash, and you might find holes in the soles of the sneakers after a few weeks of wear. Are these letdowns annoying? Yes. Do they affect your health? No.

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Supplements do affect your health and, contrary to popular belief, not always in a positive way. Whether they exert a positive or negative effect on your health largely depends on the quality of the product. Several recent studies have highlighted the dangers of relying on low-quality vitamins, protein powders, and supplements. The best-case scenario is ingesting fillers like magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide, the worst-case scenario is ingesting things like lead, cadmium, and BPA. Oh, and that worst-case scenario? It isn’t even that rare.

protein powder products tested overall clean label project
Source: cleanlabelproject.org

That leaves fitness enthusiasts with one viable option: pay more for high-quality products. When people have the means, many are happy to pay a bit more for the best products and services. When they don’t… well, they can’t.

COVID-19 has laid this issue bare. The financial strains of the pandemic have meant that many people simply cannot afford high-quality products. So, there you have it, two less-than-amazing options for fitness enthusiasts to choose from.

This is the problem Enhanced Performance Nutrition is trying to solve.

What Makes Enhanced Performance Nutrition Different?

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So, how does Enhanced Performance Nutrition go about solving this problem at the center of the sports nutrition industry? The company starts by addressing the problem’s route cause: profit markup.

To illustrate what I mean, let’s quickly go over the standard sports nutrition business model. When you pick up a product at a supplement shop, you’re the final link in a chain that includes:

  • Producers
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers

Parties at every stage of this supply chain need to mark up the price in order to get a piece of the profits. That’s just how the business model works!

By the time a product hits the shelves of your local supplement shop, you’re paying far more than the cost of production. Suppliers – the businesses that actually sell the products to you – are usually charging a 20-50% markup in order to support themselves.

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Enhanced Performance Nutrition takes a different approach. Instead of covering their operating costs by marking up the price of their products, the company offers customers a paid membership – think Costco or BJ’s Wholesale Club. Enhanced Performance Nutrition members unlock access to cost prices on all the company’s offerings.

This membership-based business model is the first of its kind in the industry. It allows Enhanced Performance Nutrition to supply fitness enthusiasts with high-quality products at extremely low costs. So far, the company has saved their customers over $400,000 in unnecessary markups… and people are starting to take note.

Since it was founded in early-2020, Enhanced Performance Nutrition has rapidly generated excitement among athletes, trainers, and gym-goers alike on the back of its consumer-friendly business model. The @epnsupplements Instagram page recently topped 50,000 followers and shows no signs of slowing down.

Behind the scenes, the Enhanced Performance Nutrition team is working hard to expand their product offering with creative flavors and unique supplement blends that always prioritize quality or affordability. The goal is simple: become a one-stop shop for all your sports nutrition and supplement needs.

To learn more about Enhanced Performance Nutrition’s membership program or to try out their product range, be sure to check out their website at ep-nutrition.com.

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