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1 Thor: Love And Thunder Praised For Confirming Fan Favourite Character Is Gay

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  • Summary: 05/13/2022
  • Matching search results: 4.83 (783 vote)
  • Source: · Fans have praised Thor: Love and Thunder for confirming that a character is gay. Credit: Marvel. Another fan wrote: 

2 Bigots want Thor: Love and Thunder banned over &039LGBTQ content&039

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  • Summary: 04/12/2022
  • Matching search results: 4.7 (276 vote)
  • Source: · While director Taika Waititi claimed at a screening of Thor: Love and Thunder in London that the film was “super gay” and features two queer 

3 Chris Hemsworth And Chris Pratt’s Scene In Teaser Of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Sparks Discussions Around Thor Being Gay

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  • Summary: 08/16/2022
  • Matching search results: 4.45 (568 vote)
  • Source: · Much awaited ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ teaser is finally out. However, a particular scene featuring Thor and the star lord, Peter Quill is 

4 Is Valkyrie Gay in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Is Valkyrie Gay in Thor: Love and Thunder?
  • Author:
  • Summary: 06/07/2022
  • Matching search results: 4.28 (512 vote)
  • Source: · Thor: Love and Thunder prevails where Disney and Marvel failed so many times before, giving fans adequate LGBTQ+ representation by making King 
  • Details: While Valkyrie’s sexuality and romantic life aren’t heavily explored in Love and Thunder, making her bisexuality apparent is a step in the right direction for the MCU. The film also portrays her sexual identity in a way that is meaningful yet isn’t …

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