Disguise a turkey free printable

It’s that time of year again!

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and kids are already getting excited about the fun activities they can do.

But there’s one character who’s not happy about Thanksgiving approaching – the turkey!

Mr. Turkey doesn’t want to be on the Thanksgiving menu and with this disguise a turkey printable, kids can be sure he’ll stay safe!

Kids will have lots of fun turning their paper turkey into something unrecognizable with this printable template.

Make him look like a horse? Of course!

Transform him into a shoe? Who knew!

There’s no limit to what Mr. Turkey can turn into! We’re certain your kids or students will unleash their creativity with this fun activity.

Download it today!

Also, be sure to check out all of our fun turkey activities for kids.

Turkey Disguise Ideas

disguise a turkey craft image collage with the words disguise a turkey

In the free template set, we’re providing several different templates to choose from. Because there are so many different ways to create these turkeys, we wanted to offer a variety of templates to match your needs.

There are 5 different templates including:

  • Whole turkey with eyes and facial features
  • Turkey with eyes and facial features without feathers
  • Each separate piece of the turkey to trace or color in
  • Whole turkey with only beak and snood
  • Whole turkey with no facial features

We’re pretty sure this will cover all of your kids’ needs and their creative ideas!

If you’re looking for a simple, done for you ideas, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started!


  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Markers or crayons
  • Turkey Disguise template (enter your email in the form at the end of this post to have the link sent to you)


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Below are the directions on how to make each of the four characters we created! We can’t wait to see what your kids come up with as well!

Among Us Turkey Disguise

hand holding Among Us turkey in disguise

We all know Among Us is super popular with the kids (we even created an Among Us paper bag puppet)!

To turn your turkey into an Among Us character is very easy. First, choose your skin color. We went with red.

Print out the whole turkey with no facial features on the paper, then cut it out.

Print out the character template page and cut out the Among Us printables.

Use a light blue marker to fill in the mask. Glue this to the middle of the turkey’s face.

Use a yellow marker to draw on the details for the party hat, then glue the party hat to the top of the head.

That’s it! So simple and very trendy!

Pete The Cat Turkey Disguise

hand holding Pete the cat turkey in disguise

We love Pete the Cat and with the newest book, He’s a character that’s top of mind at the moment!

To begin creating your Pete turkey, print out the whole turkey without a face template onto white cardstock.

Use crayons or markers to color the feathers yellow (like Pete’s shirt). Use a blue marker to color in the turkey body.

Color Pete’s eyes with a yellow-orange marker, then glue the eyes in the middle of the head.

Next, color Pete’s ears and glue them to the top of the turkey head.

Glue Pete’s nose in the middle of the head, just below the eyes.

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Finish by coloring in the buttons and then gluing them in the middle of the body.

Now you’re done! Isn’t it so silly?!

Pikachu Turkey Disguise

hand holding Pikachu turkey in disguise

Another character that we love is Pikachu! Pokemon has been around forever, so we knew we had to create one for all the fans.

Begin by printing the whole turkey without a face on a yellow piece of cardstock.

Use a black marker to draw black tips at the end of the feathers, so it looks like Pikachu’s ears.

Take the eyes and glue them to the middle of the head, then glue the cheeks below and slightly outside the eyes.

Use your black marker to draw on a tiny nose and mouth.

Finish by cutting out the turkey and then you’re all done!

Forky Turkey Disguise

Disney fans are going to love this cute and easy Forky turkey disguise!

Begin by printing the whole turkey without face template on white paper.

hand holding turkey template

Use a red marker to color in the second feather from the bottom on each side. This is going to represent Forky’s hands.

hand coloring in turkey feather red

Color in the Forky template pieces and cut them out.

Take the spork topper and glue it to the top of the turkey’s head.

hand gluing spork top to Forky turkey craft

Next, glue his eyebrows along the bottom of the spork topper.

hand gluing eyebrow to Forky turkey craft

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Glue his eyes in the middle of the head, then the mouth below the eyes.

hand gluing eye to Forky turkey craft

Finish off by coloring in the turkey’s feet tan to represent Forky’s popsicle sticks.

hand gluing mouth to Forky turkey craft

Isn’t he too cute?!

Looking for some Thanksgiving fun and learning for your kids? Look no further than this Thanksgiving fun bundle! It’s packed with 79 pages of Thanksgiving-themed worksheets, do a dot printables, family activities, and more. This is the perfect way to get your kids excited about Thanksgiving and help them learn all about this special holiday. So don’t wait – grab the Thanksgiving printables bundle today!

Thanksgiving Unit For Kids

Want to create an entire unit around this turkey craft? If so, keep reading below for even more ideas!

We always love starting off units with books because there are so many amazing benefits of reading aloud to kids.

Below are some of the top Thanksgiving books for kids!

Turkey Trouble – If you’ve never read this book, you have to add it to your holiday collection! It’s so cute and fun and kids just love it! Follow the turkey around the farm as he disguises himself as different animals so the farmer doesn’t catch him for Thanksgiving dinner!

How To Catch A Turkey – Kids who love the How To Catch books will want to see all the crazy contraptions kids make to try to catch a turkey loose at the school!

Pete The Cat: The First Thanksgiving -Every Pete the Cat book is fantastic, but this one takes it up a notch with flaps for the kids to open. It’s a great way to get the kids excited about reading and Thanksgiving!

hand holding Forky turkey in disguise

Crafting is a fun activity kids love that also helps promote fine motor skills, creativity, and focus. Add in some Thanksgiving crafts with some of our favorites below:

  • Paper Bag Pilgrim Puppet
  • Turkey Headband Craft
  • Scarecrow Headband Craft
  • Acorn Craft For Kids

Kids will have a blast using these Thanksgiving do a dot printables. These are great for early learners to work on their letter recognition, and counting skills and develop fine motor skills with the markers!

disguise a turkey crafts

Do you need to keep the kids busy this Thanksgiving? These Thanksgiving I Spy printables are perfect. The no-prep activities help with visual discrimination and counting practice, with a bit of holiday flavor.

Kids will have a blast with these easy, no-prep Thanksgiving pattern block mats. It’s an easy way to introduce kids to math and work on learning shapes, patterns, and colors.

This fall play dough kit is the perfect activity for those kids who need something to do during family time or just want an open-ended creative outlet. It can be used at home or in school settings too!

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