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Please note that benefits services are available from one of our many providers.

For Questions on: Contact: Medical, Dental and Vision Plans Benefits Unisys Benefits Service Center (UBSC)1-877-864-7972 Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts (HC FSAs) including the Limited Scope HC FSADependent Day Care FSA Benefits Payment Office – FSAC/O Aetna IncP.O. Box 4000Richmond, KY 40476-40001-800-223-3580Fax: 1-888-238-3539 Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Voluntary Term Life (VTL) Insurance continuation Lincoln Financial800-423-2765NOTE: Please do not reach out to LF until your termination information has been transmitted to them. This happens after your termination date. Your paperwork will generate automatically after receipt of your termination information. Unisys Savings Plan Pension Plan Unisys Benefits Service Center (UBSC)1-877-864-7972

US Payroll Information

Please note that payroll services are available from one of our many providers.

For Questions on: Contact: Deferred Compensation Plan MullinTBG Financial1-800-824-0040​ Employment verifications The Work Number1-800-996-7566​www.theworknumber.comSalary Key 800-EMP-AUTH​ (800-367-2884​)Company code 10654 Final Wages, W-2 Forms Payroll Service Center1-844-606-9729​ Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Plan eligibility Total management Solutions Inc. (TmS) Unisys Stock Option & Restricted Stock Unit plans

U.S. Alumni Other Information​

If you need to update your address, request records from your personnel file, or simply refer to what employee discounts are available to you, please see the list below.

For Questions on: Contact: Address Changes Unisys Benefit Service Center1-877-864-7972​ Former associate record requests HR Service [email protected] Former associate discounts Re-employment Unisys Human Resources HR Service Center – Send e-mail request to :[email protected] inquiry will be responded to in 1-2 business days.

U.S. Discounts

Services and discounts are offered to former Unisys employees and their family members. You and your family members can access the Services and Discounts website at

On the website – administered by Beneplace© – you can find savings, however not all vendors on the site are authorized to offer discounts to former employees, as an example; Liberty Mutual Insurance, AT&T and Verizon. The website is available 24×7, from any computer with Internet access.

What is an Employment Record

Employment records can include but are not limited to personnel files, benefit records, payroll records and other official company documents.

How to Access Records – Post Employment

A request can be submitted to access employment records up to one year from the employee’s last day worked. After that date, the right to access your personnel files expires, except as required by law. Requests should be submitted via email to [email protected] with details indicating the specific types of records desired.

Requestors requiring hard copies may be subject to fees of $0.25 per page copied for this service, except where such fees are prohibited by law. Procedures for receipt of payment are administered by the HRSC.

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