Daddy long legs game world record

Video Daddy long legs game world record

Mr. Long Legs is at it again, and by that I mean he’s simply trying to walk. With legs twice as long as your head though, that’s no simple matter. Daddy Long Legs is an endless runner with clear influence from the infamous tough-as-nails runner QWOP. Alternate between your two legs to try to get as far as you can! We’re here with our Daddy Long Legs cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to help you get the best distance.

We’ve recorded a video to help you out in our Daddy Long Legs tips and tricks guide!

1. Try to keep your momentum towards the left side of the screen!

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Here, take a look at a replay of my best run.

Did you notice that my head was usually in the middle and towards the back most of the time? For me, I’ve noticed I get more stability if I keep leaning back like that a little bit. Let your head hang back a little bit and let your legs go out a little farther than usual. I’ve tried to keep my head leaned forward, but that usually ends up in a faceplant, as seen in the video. It’s a delicate trick, but it works out great if you can get the momentum down on your daddy long legs!

2. Don’t wait too long to switch legs!

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I’ve noticed that if you wait a little too long when switching legs, your back leg will get “stuck” in the ground. Your daddy long legs will try to move it forward, but it’ll hit the ground and because there’s not enough space he’ll just stop dead in his tracks. This almost always means a game over, as switching legs will make him splat right in place, so try not to wait too long!

3. Small steps go a long way!

Don’t try to make giant leaps as they will most assuredly throw your whole balance off. Little steps are what will carry you for a long time, so try to create your own rhythm. One, two, one, two! Tiny baby steps make sure that you don’t add too much momentum to your movement, keep you from flinging yourself into the ground.

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4. Patience and persistence!

This is one of those games designed to make you fail as much as it can, albeit with hilarious results. It’s also much like Flappy Bird in the sense that it seems impossible and too daunting at first glance. Don’t worry if you can get down the walking momentum, as practice will help you out with each run. Don’t give up, and if you need to, take a break! Frustration can throw off your timing so don’t be afraid to come back to the game later.

That’s about all we can say on Daddy Long Legs. Remember, keep your head back a little back and make small steps! If you have any other questions, leave a comment below!

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