Chokidar usepolling

Allows watching globs and running a task when a change occurs. Tasks are handled uniformly with the rest of the task system.




parametertypenoteglobs(required)stringarrayGlobs to watch on the file system.optionsobjectDetailed in Options below.taskfunctionstringA task function or composed task – generated by series() and parallel().


An instance of chokidar for fine-grained control over your watch setup.


When a non-string or array with any non-strings is passed as globs, throws an error with the message, “Non-string provided as watch path”.

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When a string or array is passed as task, throws an error with the message, “watch task has to be a function (optionally generated by using gulp.parallel or gulp.series)”.


nametypedefaultnoteignoreInitialbooleantrueIf false, the task is called during instantiation as file paths are discovered. Use to trigger the task during startup.Note: This option is passed to chokidar but is defaulted to true instead of false.delaynumber200The millisecond delay between a file change and task execution. Allows for waiting on many changes before executing a task, e.g. find-and-replace on many files.queuebooleantrueWhen true and the task is already running, any file changes will queue a single task execution. Keeps long running tasks from overlapping.eventsstringarray[ ‘add’,’change’,’unlink’ ]The events being watched to trigger task execution. Can be ‘add’, ‘addDir’, ‘change’, ‘unlink’, ‘unlinkDir’, ‘ready’, and/or ‘error’. Additionally ‘all’ is available, which represents all events other than ‘ready’ and ‘error’.This option is passed directly to chokidar.persistentbooleantrueIf false, the watcher will not keep the Node process running. Disabling this option is not recommended.This option is passed directly to chokidar.ignoredarraystringRegExpfunctionDefines globs to be ignored. If a function is provided, it will be called twice per path – once with just the path, then with the path and the fs.Stats object of that file.This option is passed directly to chokidar.followSymlinksbooleantrueWhen true, changes to both symbolic links and the linked files trigger events. If false, only changes to the symbolic links trigger events.This option is passed directly to chokidar.cwdstringThe directory that will be combined with any relative path to form an absolute path. Is ignored for absolute paths. Use to avoid combining globs with path.join().This option is passed directly to chokidar.disableGlobbingbooleanfalseIf true, all globs are treated as literal path names, even if they have special characters.This option is passed directly to chokidar.usePollingbooleanfalseWhen false, the watcher will use (or fsevents on Mac) for watching. If true, use fs.watchFile() polling instead – needed for successfully watching files over a network or other non-standard situations. Overrides the useFsEvents default.This option is passed directly to chokidar.intervalnumber100Combine with usePolling: true. Interval of file system polling.This option is passed directly to chokidar.binaryIntervalnumber300Combine with usePolling: true. Interval of file system polling for binary files.This option is passed directly to chokidar.useFsEventsbooleantrueWhen true, uses fsevents for watching if available. If explicitly set to true, supersedes the usePolling option. If set to false, automatically sets usePolling to true.This option is passed directly to chokidar.alwaysStatbooleanfalseIf true, always calls fs.stat() on changed files – will slow down file watcher. The fs.Stat object is only available if you are using the chokidar instance directly.This option is passed directly to chokidar.depthnumberIndicates how many nested levels of directories will be watched.This option is passed directly to chokidar.awaitWriteFinishbooleanfalseDo not use this option, use delay instead.This option is passed directly to chokidar.ignorePermissionErrorsbooleanfalseSet to true to watch files that don’t have read permissions. Then, if watching fails due to EPERM or EACCES errors, they will be skipped silently.This option is passed directly to chokidar.atomicnumber100Only active if useFsEvents and usePolling are false. Automatically filters out artifacts that occur from “atomic writes” by some editors. If a file is re-added within the specified milliseconds of being deleted, a change event – instead of unlink then add – will be emitted.This option is passed directly to chokidar.

Chokidar instance#

The watch() method returns the underlying instance of chokidar, providing fine-grained control over your watch setup. Most commonly used to register individual event handlers that provide the path or stats of the changed files.

When using the chokidar instance directly, you will not have access to the task system integrations, including async completion, queueing, and delay.

watcher.on(eventName, eventHandler)

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Registers eventHandler functions to be called when the specified event occurs.

parametertypenoteeventNamestringThe events that may be watched are ‘add’, ‘addDir’, ‘change’, ‘unlink’, ‘unlinkDir’, ‘ready’, ‘error’, or ‘all’.eventHandlerfunctionFunction to be called when the specified event occurs. Arguments detailed in the table below.argumenttypenotepathstringThe path of the file that changed. If the cwd option was set, the path will be made relative by removing the cwd.statsobjectAn fs.Stat object, but could be undefined. If the alwaysStat option was set to true, stats will always be provided.


Shuts down the file watcher. Once shut down, no more events will be emitted.

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Adds additional globs to an already-running watcher instance.

parametertypenoteglobsstringarrayThe additional globs to be watched.


Removes globs that are being watched, while the watcher continues with the remaining paths.

parametertypenoteglobsstringarrayThe globs to be removed.

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