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Every fashion and style that comes in vogue immediately creates a spirit and era of its own. And, guess what era we are currently experiencing? It’s the baddie era in fashion, beauty, and style!

Baddie fashion is a fashion style that transcends current conventional standards. It’s mostly influenced by celebrities, influencers, and every other beauty guru out there! Whether you are the luxurious baddie, retro baddie, vintage baddie, or the Y2K baddie, here are 21 astonishing baddie nail ideas to consider for that next nail appointment.

1 – The “That Girl” Baddie Nails

If you’ve ever been around social media enough, you should be familiar with the rise of the “that girl” trend. It’s an aesthetic trend represented in pictures and videos that promotes the idea of young women living their best lives as boss babes and trendsetters. This trend has captured so much of social media that it’s no surprise that we have the “that girl” baddie nail type.

The square-shaped acrylic outlines the beauty, and the design and shape don’t look at all like a finish you can achieve yourself. You’ll definitely need to book a nail appointment to get this exact classy finished look.

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2 – Ombré Baddie Acrylic Nails

These nails’ length, patterns, and definition bring luxurious baddie energy to mind. We especially love the glittery nail polish and the mixture of nude and white.

Everything about this look sits right with us, but if you want to go with something a bit subtle, you can consider removing the flowery design. You’ll still get an outcome that totally completes the baddie look if you do this. With this finish, we are already giving this nail artist all the accolades.

Sincerely, we’ve tried to imagine it shorter, but the beauty comes with the length. What do you think? Do you think you’ll want to rock this style even with the length? Do you think a shorter size will still do justice to it?

Ombré Baddie Acrylic Nails With Glitters And Flowery Design
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3 – Golden Snake Vibes Baddie Nails

Okay, is it really a baddie nail if it’s not going extra? This finish screams expertise! It must have really taken an expert to pull off the snaky design because that’s where the major definition lies.

We think this design blends with a light nude polish. Tweaking the nude for a creamy white will also achieve a stunning look. Also, if you want something subtler, consider removing the gold rhinestones and initials and replacing them with tiny stud silver rhinestones on the pinky and fourth fingers.

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4 – Simple, Classic, French Baddie Nails

Ooh yes! There’s the simple and classic baddie nail style too. It brings to mind a luxurious and classy baddie. We know baddies like to set the pace and trends for fashion, so we believe these nails are a great way to achieve that.

The blend of nude and white and the short square-shaped style is sophisticated. We love the oval-in-square design. The nail tech behind this really paid attention to details. And, it’s really the vibe for the boss babes looking for something simple but unique.

Simple, Classic, French Baddie Nails
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5 – Swarovski Baddie Nails

Another square-shaped, nude-painted baddie claws but this time, with an extra pattern that looks like a rainbow cloud design. This pattern is achieved using various primary colors, and we find it interesting how they take different shapes.

We particularly recommend this if you are looking to become a baddie; it can boost your confidence and complement almost any baddie outfit. To recreate it is. Best to visit a professional because only an expert can come close to recreating this.

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6 – Royal Blue Baddie Nails

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This is a look we probably wouldn’t have thought needed this many rhinestones. We think this amount of rhinestones is better off on a dress than on this particular nail. Yes, we know that rhinestones bring out the beauty in a nail style, but if you need this many rhinestones, you should consider tweaking the royal blue for a creamy nude.

This baddie nail will still look its best without the rhinestones. We totally love the nail polish and length. To recreate, consider no rhinestones, medium or long claws and for a different look, go for creamy nude.

Royal Blue Baddie Nails With Rhinestones
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7 – Glittery Ombré Baddie Nails

Another look representing this era of baddie nails is this glittery ombré nail. This perfectly falls in with the trendy baddie acrylic nails. I bet you’ve seen this on one of those fashion nova influencers on social media.

These are the nails you can rock for every function. And, we believe no other polish can bring this exact look of not white and nude. We’ve tried imagining it with a darker shade, but it wouldn’t go.

The glittery design and rhinestones echo our sentiments on the royal blue baddie nails. With your chunky sneakers and oversized sweatshirts, we think this nail design will perfect the fashionable baddie look you desire.

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8 – Yellow Ombré & Charms Baddie Nails

Another classic ombré look but this time, featuring yellow and a charm design instead of rhinestones. We love to see it! The color combo is stunning. It’s a blend of three shades—yellow, white, and nude.

There’s really something about baddie nails and square shapes, and this one ate it up. Even though the charms are lovely, the nail will still look lovely without them. For extra effect without the charms, place 2-3 tiny rhinestones on the white and nude polish, and it’s still a stunner. If you want to maintain the boss babe title, this mail is definitely it!

Yellow Ombré &Amp; Charms Baddie Nails
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9 – Spring Vibes Baddie Nails

It’s almost spring season, so why not commemorate it with a spring-themed baddie nail? This flowery art is beautiful, and it must have taken a lot of time and attention to achieve this look.

We love everything about this nail and if you want something different from nude, try either a gel or creamy white. It’s only reasonable that a spring vibe nail should appear on a natural surface. Don’t you think?

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10 – Plain Ombré Baddie Nails

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, too, but ombré is just too beautiful in whatever design and style it appears. For a change, we love to see a baddie nail on a shape that’s not square. And, it still looks beautiful as ever.

Unlike others, we believe you can pull this off yourself, especially if they’re press-on. This plain ombré tells the story that plain nails still find their way to be baddies even without line works, patterns, and decorations, and we think the energy lies within the length.

Plain Ombré Baddie Nails
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11 – Pointy-Tip Rainbow Stars Baddie Nails

A baddie in a stiletto? That’s truly stunning. Think aboutgangster Instagram baddie nails on celebrities and influencers and think of this nail. We really think that the rainbow stars and the claw shape bring the entire nail together.

There’s nothing wrong with turning the rainbow stars into a particular color when you want to switch this up. We are thinking about any matte color as the stars will still bang.

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12 – Fiery Baddie Nails

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These fiery baddie nails are giving the coffin baddie nailsvibes. So much artistry has gone into creating this, and we cannot un-see it. We especially love the red line works. Of course, nothing screams fiery than red.

It’s a themed look that definitely selects its occasion, and we are of no doubt that this particular nail fits perfectly on your Halloween bucket list. Another place you can rock this to is any spooky-themed party. We also think it’ll be a perfect combo for any Riverdale-themed party.

If you like this fiery look, check out our post with 22 unique flame nails!

Fiery Baddie Nails
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13 – Glittery Green Baddie Nails

We know green is cool and glittery green has this added effect. It complements the shape and length of the nail, but we are certain this polish will be selective for certain events.

It gives off a teenage girl vibe and a true Y2K baddie style. Another good thing about this nail is that you can pull it off yourself. Get a glitter green polish, your nail hardener, and nails, and within minutes, you’ll get this similar finish look.

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14 – Retro Vibes Baddie Nails with Butterfly

Retro baddie styles have a life of their own, and you can clearly see it on this nail. It’s a look we might have only imagined on retro dresses, bags, and shoes.

Going on a matching retro outfit with this nail will be a look. Imagining this look, what comes to mind is the high school senior year “that girl” look. With our low-rise jeans/skirts, bandage tops, and retro bags, everything definitely blends.

Retro Vibes Baddie Nails With Butterfly And Stones
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15 – Glittery Black Valentine Themed Baddie Nails

Black looks good in everything, and it certainly does when you’re recreating a black valentine’s theme art for a baddie. This is clearly an unusual style – I mean, we’ve always known valentine Inspo to be red or white, right?

This nail proves that black works just as fine. It’s a look you probably never imagined for valentine. But god a baddie like you (and me), why not? You can use this to achieve that baddie valentine look.

But, if you want perfection, you’ll need to visit a nail expert for it.

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Want to see some more bad asse and black baddie nails? Check out our post 74 Best Black Halloween Nail Designs for 2022.

16 – Valentine-Themed Coffin Baddie Nails

The charms on this give it an entirely different life. We especially like the line, ring, and heart-shaped charms. It brings an extra touch of detail to the nail.

We are all so used to certain valentine’s patterns, and there’s nothing bad about switching it up to accommodate this theme. The black and red mixture? We have to give it up for nail tech. The attention to detail is hundred percent.

Valentine-Themed Coffin Baddie Nails
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17 – Black Frenchies Baddie Nails

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Who knew black would blend so perfectly with nude on nails? These designs can be recreated using black, nude polish, and red rhinestones.

But, I’d recommend visiting a nail tech for better definition as it’ll not be easy trying to draw the pattern using black. You can even switch up the nude for any other natural tone of your choice.

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18 – Gray Swarovski Baddie Nails with Large Rhinestone

Gray is truly one color that looks good on long claws. This is an easy look to recreate once you get your hands on a gray nail polish. Without the charms, you can still rock this style perfectly.

This is a nail Inspo for soft baddie styles, and it’ll blend with any nude outfit. I absolutely admire this nail, and I think you should too. Whether you’ll be using a gel or matte polish, the result will be amazing.

Gray Swarovski Baddie Nails With Large Rhinestone
[email protected]_by_priscilla

By the way, we have made a follow-up post dedicated to baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones. Have fun!

19 – Pink & White Combo Baddie Nails

This baby pink color combo with white is a treat. You’ll need to visit the salon to get it exactly like this. It has this soft girly vibe, and we believe it has something to do with the heart patterns.

The pattern is finely drawn and must have taken so much attention to getting it to that almost-perfect look.

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20 – Powder Blue Baddie Nails

These powder blue nails can be recreated without visiting the salon. If you can find the press-on types, all you’ll need to get the exact look is your glue.

With attention and focus, you can achieve this look. The shape and design are simply achievable but if you’ve never had to do your nails before, visit the salon for better results.

Powder Blue Baddie Nails
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21 – Marble Ombré Color Combo Baddie Nails

We’ve heard about color combos but have you come across combos only in each palm? This nail makes us realize that color blocking works between blue and orange.

On your own, you can recreate this look. All you’ll need is your file, nails, and two different nail polish, and you’re good to go.

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What do you think about these baddie nails? Which of them has sparked your interest? Did you notice how they almost all blend with square shapes?

We are truly having a lot of fun with this baddie era, and if you want to learn more about recreating different baddie nail styles, this YouTube video will be a good bet.

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