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What is the Athena Provider portal and how to login to the Athenanet EHR portal and app? What are the features and services providers get through this EMR portal? How do these services help providers and how they can use these services to help their patients? Check all the latest updates in this article.

Athena Health Athenanet Provider login

All providers can access all services and facilities by logging into their Athenanet provider portal. There are two ways providers can access their online accounts.

  1. Login through the online website
  2. Login through the AthenaOne mobile app

The login process is given below.

Login through the online website

Athena customers can login to the online web portal by using their username and password. Please check the below simple steps.

Step #1: Open the official Athena website

Step #2: On the official website, there are two links available in the top right corner.

  1. Patient – If you want to access the patient portal.
  2. Login – If you want to access the provider portal.

Click the Login link to open the Athena provider web portal. Providers can also visit the official Athena provider portal at

Step #3: You will see a provider login page (as shown above). Enter your Username and Password and press the Log In button to access your provider dashboard page.

Login through the AthenaOne mobile app

If you have downloaded the AthenaOne Athena provider mobile app for the iOS platform, please follow the below steps to access your account through the mobile app.

  • Open the Athenanet provider app on your smartphone.
  • You will find a login form on the smartphone screen.
  • Enter your Username and Password in the login form.
  • Press the Log-In button to access your provider account in the AthenaOne mobile app.

How to recover your Athenanet provider account?

All providers can easily recover their Athenanet account if they are not able to access it. There may be login issues such as the provider has forgotten the Username or login password. The provider can use the below information to reset their password or recover their username.

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Step 1- Visit the official web portal and click the Forgot Password link available on the login form.

Step 2- A password reset form will appear on the next screen (as shown below).

You will have to enter your Username in this password reset form.

Note 1: If you forgot your Username also then click the Forgot username link and enter your email address on the next screen and click the Next Step button. Your username will be sent to your email address if it is registered as a provider email address.

Note 2: If you forgot your email address also then you will have to contact your system administrator to get help.

Step 3- After entering your Username, click the Next Step button to verify your account.

Step 4- In the next step answer the security question you have set up while registering your Athena provider account.

Step 5- Complete the rest of the steps and create a new password for your provider account.

How to get help?

All Athena Health customers can get the necessary by logging into their provider account. Login and visit the Support section through your provider dashboard page. Customers can call the support team or create a support ticket. Customers can also visit the Athena success community here to find answers to common questions.

What if I am not able to open the provider portal?

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First of all, check if the website is working by opening the website in a web browser. If it is not working then check if the website is down by visiting the web page. This website shows if all Athenanet stacks and Athenanet services are operational or not.

If all services are operational then clear your browser cache and try again. If you are still facing the issue then contact the technical support team for further assistance.

AthenaNet providers app download

AthanaHealth has developed a dedicated mobile app AthenaOne for its customers to manage their healthcare services anytime anywhere.

Note: AthenaOne app is only available for the providers and patients can not access their patient portal account through this app.

Athena healthcare providers will get a secure and easily accessible system through the mobile app.

How to download the mobile app?

All customers can download the official iOS app from the app store.

  • Just open the app store on an Apple device and search “AthenaHealth”.
  • After the search, download the AthenaOne mobile app from the search result page on your smartphone.

Direct download link:

Alternatively, use the below direct download link to download the official mobile app.

Athenanet provider features and services:

Doctors and healthcare providers can access many useful services through the Athenanet online web portal and mobile app. Some of the useful services are mentioned below.

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Access your daily schedule:Login to your account and easily manage your schedule. Check your upcoming schedule and manage them as per your availability. Doctors can prepare for the upcoming visits in advance by checking through the online portal or mobile app.

Search Patients:The patient’s search facility is very useful where providers can easily search for any patient by logging in to their account. Providers can also search for patients in different departments.

Create patient cases:Providers can log in and create new patient cases and order groups. This feature is available through both the mobile app and web portal.

Group video conferencing:Care providers and other team members can participate in a group video conferencing meeting to easily communicate and share their advice. Four members can participate in a video meeting at a time.

Manage all urgent tasks:The clinical inbox feature is very useful that provides easy to manage interface for urgent care-related activities such as critical work, creating and signing orders, viewing test results, responding to patient cases, etc. These features are accessible anytime, anywhere without worrying about security and privacy issues.

Access important documents:A well-managed and easily accessible document section is available for providers to get the necessary document whenever required. Providers can easily search for any specific documents.

Access TeleHealth service:Now all providers can offer telehealth facilities to patients through the online Telehealth product developed by Athenasystem. It’s very useful for the patients and providers can easily share necessary medical advice with patients anytime without waiting for the patient’s physical visit. All patient engagement data can be uploaded to the Athena Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Athena Health

Athena Health is a healthcare technology company that offers different types of healthcare solutions through its award-winning healthcare product offerings. Different types of hospitals and healthcare providers are using the Athena Healthcare services which have been designed to fulfill the care needs of the different specialties.

Some of the important healthcare services AthenaHealth offers are…

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Engagement
  • Care Coordination
  • Enterprise Revenue Cycle
  • Telehealth
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Advisory Services


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