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The world of Arkesia is incredibly vast, spanning nine populated continents separated by vast seas. As Lost Ark players constantly jump back and forth between the civs where NPCs are hosting quests and the objectives they set for willing adventurers, equipping those players with some form of point-to-point transport reduces the time it takes to complete is spent on this process, immense.

However, there are limits to convenience. For example, let’s say a player wanders the Origins of Stern, sending quests and visiting Rapport NPCs. Amidst all the non-player socialization, the player then remembers that they also have important rapport correspondents in Luterra Castle to keep up with.

They grab their world map, find East Luterra, and hover over one of the city’s triports to teleport back to. Only this time the triport is greyed out and not responding to their clicks. However, this issue is not a bug, it is an intended mechanic.

Intercontinental Teleportation: A triport too far

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The range that a player can teleport between a system of Triports is limited to two points within the same continent. In the case of the hypothetical adventurer attempting to teleport from Stern to Luterra Castle, the continents of Arthetine and East Luterra are a few oceans apart, preventing that player from doing so.

While some see this limitation as unnecessary clutter in an already time-consuming game loop, developer Smilegate has one main reason for implementing this design decision – seafaring exploration. If players were allowed to roam freely in the game world, they would completely ignore sailing as a mechanic. This absence of players would result in many of the sea’s co-op island exploration challenges being severely understaffed, effectively leaving completers and explorers alone in their endeavours.

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Bypassing triport restrictions

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If transportation between Arkesia’s continents becomes a real problem for the average player, the simplest solution would be the aforementioned sailing. Players can travel by ship from one continent to the port of the other, from where they can take a triport to their destination. While this process takes longer than a teleport, it can be largely automated through the use of auto routes.

Alternatively, if a player knows they will return to a certain location, they can set a Bifrost point, which they can teleport to instantly from anywhere on the map. Each use of the Bifrost costs 1,000 Silver and a minimum one-hour cooldown follows each use, but the player can unlock up to three different Bifrost points to place in high-traffic locations.

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