What is a Nakiri Knife?

The Nakiri Knife


Lamson | Nakiri Knife

The Nakiri knife is similar to the Japanese Usuba knife and is used as a vegetable slicer. However, unlike the Usuba, the Nakiri is double beveled which makes it ideal for chopping, dicing, or slicing vegetables. Due to its design, the Nakiri is considered safer to use than other knives. 

Both the Nakiri and Usuba knives have origins in ancient Japan. Throughout the Edo period, from the early 1600s and into the late 1860s, the predominant diet consisted of fish, rice, and vegetables, causing the usefulness of each knife to increase in popularity. Today, the Nakiri remains one of the most popular knife knives in Japan. 

Design and Function 

The Nakiri knife has a deep belly on the knife with a predominantly straight edge crafted for chopping rather than rocking. The side of the knife resembles a meat cleaver. However, the Nakiri is lighter, with a slimmer blade, allowing it to easily handle chopping and slicing in a much safer manner than most knives. 

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