Top 100 Best Vine Tattoos For Women – Botanical Design Ideas

Vines reach upwards. Like women everywhere, they represent the attainable when it is carefully nurtured.

For the woman who wants to show off her own growth, the vine tattoo is one way to bring in power and remember where she wants to be in her own journey.

Women who want vine tattoos can find vines come in many forms. A single climbing vine that graceful trails against the small of your back is one way that offers a chance to show off your flat stomach.

Make that idea smaller and trace the curve of your neck with an intimate tattoo that just touches your collarbones.

You can also pair vines with other kinds of designs. Add in lots of flowers. Roses work particularly well with any kind of vines.

Place the flowers in between each vine and them serve as a form of commemoration for all you’ve achieved in life. You can add in different flowers for milestones such as having earned an advanced degree and for each of your children.

A bit of color in the form of pale lavender or pink lets you change it up and have art that others in your life can admire.

A vine tattoo design can also be used if you want to bring in lots of artwork in your life. Make it the center of your body with an energetic tattoo that adds character to your shoulders an shows off your sensual side.

The vine tattoo can be added anywhere you want. Cover it off with a little black dress. Then take off your wrap and reveal that you’re someone who is modern and willing to go for it.

These ideas are your chance to bring meaning to your life in the form of a tattoo that lets you walk in the wild side.


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