This Is What Tampon Commercials Would Look Like If Guys Had Periods

What do you get when you combine girls in white clothes, cotton soaked in colored liquid, and a lot of twirling? Easy. A tampon commercial. (I mean, what kind of superwoman climbs a rock wall in white shorts while on her period? Let’s be real.) OK, now: What do you get when you combine intense music, prototype breakdowns, sci-fi sound effects, and tampons? That one’s a little harder. The answer: a manpon commercial—what a standard tampon advertisement would look like if men had periods.

Media company Omeleto decided to reimagine what tampon commercials would look like if men were the ones with periods, instead of women, and the results are—of course—hilarious. There are no frilly dresses or idyllic white rooms in a manpon commercial. Nay, the ordinary tampon needs to seem cooler and more masculine than ever. Beautiful settings are traded for gritty bathroom walls, and colored water is replaced by NASA-esque prototype demonstrations. The tampon cuts through the air like a bullet, promising to guard our fearless tennis-playing protagonist from any distractions as he approaches his big match. Manpons are about stealth, not comfort. And I have to admit, my go-to sanitary product has never seemed quite as badass as it does right now.

Omeleto’s manpon commercial is a hilarious parody on both gender stereotypes in society and the general absurdity of some tampon commercials. Its subversive message begs the question: Why don’t we advertise tampons to women this way? I know I’d buy a feminine product that promised to be as strong and protective as a manpon. And why wouldn’t we advertise the comfort and happiness a product can provide to men? Well done, Omeleto, for providing a video that entertained while challenging conventions. You get a rousing round of applause from this girl.

See the commercial for yourself below.

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