The Most Unforgettable Episodes of ‘Something Was Wrong’

True crime podcasts are all the rage, but many don’t cover the everyday abuse and violations that women experience. Something Was Wrong combines true crime and mental health to not only tell compelling stories, but also to teach others to look out for red flags and personality disorders. Host Tiffany Reese guides listeners through interviews with real life victims, using statistics, medical facts, and empathy.

Some of the best episodes of Something Was Wrong are told over an entire season. Other episodes stand alone. With over 130 episodes, and new seasons coming out a couple times a year, there’s always a great story to be heard on Something Was Wrong. For example, in season 13 episode 6 not only do you learn a great deal about love-bombing and signs to look out for, but also the difficulties of the legal system, like what it takes to get a restraining order. 

Something Was Wrong can be really emotional to listen to, because it not only covers the true stories of everday abuse, but also they are told by the people who experienced it. On this list you’ll see episodes covering the stories of women like Bailey, Angie, Molly, Sara, Danielle, Ardie, and Kenji.

Below you’ll see a list of Something Was Wrong podcast best episodes. Vote up your favorite episodes, whether they taught you something, helped you understand how to protect yourself or scared you so much you just can’t forget them. Check back to see if your picks topped our list!

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