Not Your Average YouTube Review

Greg Alberalla has been wrenching for years. The certified mechanic recently quit his day job running a performance parts retailer and began his new career as a content creator (YouTuber).

What makes Greg different than other mechanic-based YouTubers is his choice of vehicles. While others who wrench on camera are into imports or supercars, the Kentucky-based mechanic is a Cummins fanatic. Greg has every generation of diesel-powered RAM trucks. From tube-chassis quarter-mile race truck to the murdered-out Gen 5 dually tow pig he uses to haul it with, Greg knows these trucks inside and out. This niche expertise makes him an authority in the space. When he reviews and endorses a product, fans know it’s something worth spending their hard-earned money on. Such is the case with the new Banks Ram-Air Diff Cover for the 14-bolt American Axle found in 2003-2018 RAM and 2001-2019 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 with AAM 11.5″ or 11.8″ ring gear.

With 30,000 miles on the odometer, it was time to change the fluids including the rear differential.

Why did he choose the Banks cover over Mag-Hytec? After all, he’s had Mag-Hytecs on several trucks for years. According to Greg, it was Banks’ extensive R&D that convinced him. “Who would spend over a year developing a diff cover? Only Banks,” says Greg with a smile.

After some watch the video they commented, “Greg, you already have a finned factory cover. Why would you replace it with another finned cover?” The answer is simple. The research revealed that at 55 MPH on the high, the air velocity immediately behind the differential is only 11 MPH. The differential acts like an airplane wing, splitting the air. This leaves a dead air zone extending from the face of the cover out approximately 30 inches. So, no matter how deep the cover’s fins are, there’s little cool air rushing over them. This is why the Ram-Air scoops were invented. They redirect the 55 MPH air up and through the fins. Problem solved.

Watch as Greg unboxes and installs the new Black-Ops edition of the cover.

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