This approach is insanity and the fixation on the outside world is precisely what prevents us from experiencing fulfillment.  All perceptions of the external objects and events are happening within us. And within is precisely where we should begin our search for happiness.

Lesson 2: Freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility.

The idea that with more responsibility comes more freedom is something most of us are not used to. Usually, when we think of a responsible person, we imagine someone who sacrifices some of their freedom for the sake of their family, professional career or some other commitment.  This is a misguided understanding of responsibility. 

Response-ability means being capable of responding to life circumstances in a conscious way instead of reacting based on unconscious impulses. This means that, as you increase your self-awareness, your ability to respond increases as well. 

You realize that there are always choices available and you are free to pick the best one of them.

Lesson 3: Too much thinking will kill your happiness.

Homo sapiens usually take pride in their intellect. After all, it is largely thanks to our ability to think logically, analyze and synthesize that we managed to build the global civilization in its current shape. 

However, the human mind also has serious limitations that can stand in the way of experiencing life at its fullest. 

Stay humble. You shouldn’t ever hope to possess complete knowledge of the Universe, for as a human, you are insignificant when compared to the vastness of it. However, this shouldn’t stop you from fully experiencing life just as it unfolds in front of your eyes.

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