How to Change Weapons in Kingdom Hearts 3 – GameSpew

Unlike previous games in the series, in Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora can have more than one keyblade equipped at any one time.

That doesn’t mean he can dual-wield them (however cool that would be), but at the touch of a button, he can choose any one of three to use in battle. With Kingdom Hearts 3‘s new formchanges, having a variety of weapons and their unique attacks at hand makes the game’s combat much more versatile. Here’s everything you need to know about changing weapons in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Sora starts out with just one Keyblade, but after each world you complete, you’ll be awarded with a new Keyblade, themed on that world. By entering the game’s menu and selecting “Equipment”, you can choose what items Sora – and Donald and Goofy – have equipped.

Donald and Goofy just have one slot for their weapons, and you’ll acquire these by either buying them, or finding them in hidden areas of the game.

Sora, however, has three slots for his weapon. You can equip any three Keyblades, and it’s a good idea to revisit regularly, and make sure you have the most powerful Keyblades equipped.

When you have all three weapon slots filled, you can flick between them in the game at any time. Simply press the right button on the d-pad in battle, and Sora will switch to the next Keyblade. You can cycle through at will. Changing Keyblades will also change the formchange attacks that Sora uses.

It’s a good idea to mix it up with a balance of strength attacks, magic and defence, so your attacks can be tailored to whatever enemy you’re fighting against. Good luck, and have fun killing Heartless!

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