Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 15 Best Face Tattoos, Ranked

Eivor’s look is customizable in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as you can change her armor, hair, and even tattoos. She has tattoos all over her body, but there are some very interesting choices for those that can be placed on her face. Some can be bought at a trading post, while others are found in the world or earned at the Fishing Hut or Hunting Hut.

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Many often wonder what are the best tattoos in the game, and this list seeks to rank them based on originality, creativity, and overall fierceness. There are so many face tattoos to choose from in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and they all speak to players in different ways.

Updated April 16th, 2021 by Rebecca O’Neill: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers several options for customization, and that is expected to continue to grow with the release of DLC. The first of the DLC to be released is called Wrath of the Druids and fans cannot wait for it to finally be here on May 13, 2021. It will be set in Ireland and explore the folklore of this region.

There are sure to be new face tattoos that will relate to this expanded storyline, as the designs focus on Gaelic culture. However, there are plenty of face tattoos to choose from in the base game of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that will blow you away.




Donsk is basically two tattoos in one and is perfect for those with a hairstyle that includes a partially shaved head. The face itself features half of a star on Eivor’s forehead and a dark line extends down his lip into a pattern.

The second half of the tattoo is located on the side of his head as a series of two linear designs, so you will always see the tattoo no matter what angle you happen to be looking when wielding your spear.



The Sigrdrifumal tattoo is aesthetically pleasing, but not as fierce or as artistically minded as some of the other facial tattoos on this list. The dots that highlight Eivor’s eyes draw you into her face, while the dark rectangle accents this feature.

It is the perfect choice for those who prefer a more simplistic design, but there are others that blow it out of the water.



This is one of the face tattoos that you start out with, but its design still puts it into the top fifteen of all of the face tattoos available. It covers half of her face, although it is not so dark that it takes away from who Eivor is as a person.

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The various lines and jagged edges almost make it look like a piece of graffiti, which is the perfect choice for any real-life Viking.


Mjolnir Sign

The Mjolnir Sign reminds players of the Christianity side of the game, as it is a major part of the storyline and Anglo-Saxon life. The star at the top of her head is reminiscent of this, while the two bars extending from Eivor’s lips remind fans that she is a born killer.

The line running across her nose has this same effect as it shows the separation between the church and the Danes who invaded their lands.


Hulder’s Mark

Hulder’s Mark is messy, but then again, so are the Vikings on the battlefield. It looks to be hand-painted by someone’s fingers with flecks of paint for emphasis.

Finally, there are two dark lines extending below Eivor’s lower lip which is part of what makes it such a strong design and signifies this warrior’s build is ready for battle.


Dvergar Pattern

It might take a side quest or two to unlock this pattern, but it reveals Eivor’s savage nature. The choices a player makes throughout the game can determine whether or not Eivor has a soft heart for peace or one thirsty for blood and revenge.

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This tattoo speaks to the more barbaric side of Eivor’s nature as the haphazardly placed jagged edges cut across her face. It almost has a feminine feel to it in the way it outlines Eivor’s eye, which is why those playing the female version of this character may prefer this design to others.



The addition of tattoos was one fix from Odyssey that fans adore, and this tattoo shows why. It looks bare-bones compared to other tattoos on this list, although it covers more of Eivor’s face than it would seem.

The series of lines draw you to her eyes and mouth, while the piece at the top serves as a sort of subtle Viking crown.


Odin Emblem

The Odin Emblem face tattoo is one that any Norse god would approve of due to its contrasting design. The way the white and gray paint work together makes Eivor’s face pop.

It has a savage feel to it as well that allows it to be battle-ready with the way the paint drips down his face.


Tyr Bravery

Eivor is brave, especially as she takes on a number of difficult bosses, and she should wear this face tattoo as she defeats them.  It is called Tyr Bravery and the claw marks over her eyes give the vibe that it is war paint one would dawn before heading off into battle.

This tattoo gives her a fierceness that is to be envied, but it isn’t ranked at the top as other tattoos do a better job at inciting this feeling in viewers.



You should look at adding the Mimir face tattoo to your collection, as it is part of an entire set. It features white and reddish-brown paint with a series of geometric designs, similar to those on some of the Hammers.

This tattoo isn’t too overwhelming, but it’s also large enough where you will see it no matter how far away the camera is from Eivor’s face.


Viking Strike

This is one of the darkest face tattoos in the game that Eivor can have as it masks her eyes and chin in black. Pro players understand the importance of stealth in this game, and this tattoo speaks to players who prefer this style of play.

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It would scare anyone to death to see this version of Eivor creeping through the shadows or hiding in some tall grass ready to strike. The lines on her top lip give off the vibe that she means business and is willing to use any means to achieve her goal.



Halloween has passed, but this would have been the perfect face tattoo for Eivor to wear during this holiday. It almost looks like Jigsaw from the SAW movies in a sense, which is enough to inspire fear in everyone.

If you don’t see this comparison, it is one of the more artistic tattoo designs between the swirls on her cheeks and the placement of the dots above her eyebrows.


Skraelingi Emblem

Eivor looks like she was just in a major mud brawl for some of the best runes between the dripping paint below her eyes and the makeshift bandaid above her right eyebrow. Players want to beat the game just to unlock this tattoo due to how amazing it looks on Eivor.

When it is paired with the other tattoos for her arms, chest, and back it becomes even more epic as she is transformed into a nightmare for her foes.


Vestri Wind

Vestri Wind is the face tattoo toward the top of this ranking, even though it might surprise some players. It is simplistic, and yet, it covers more of her head than any other tattoo.

It allows her scar on her cheek to be on full display, while the arrows on her forehead and line beneath her lips center your eyes on her face. The rest of the tattoo wraps around the back of her head in a curved pattern, so it is best to wear the shaved hairstyle for the full effect.



One of the tattoos you can acquire from the Flying Papers is the Hjarta face tattoo. It is extremely intricate, and players love how it wraps around the back of the head and covers most of Eivor’s face.

It gives off the Viking vibe and makes Eivor look truly formidable in battle, especially when paired with your best armor.

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