2020 Calendar

The first official calendar of Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro was released by Kodansha on November 8, 2019 blunded with a special edition of Volume 6.[1]

The months’ various illustrations revealed the color schemes of all of the manga’s secondary characters appeared until then: Gamo-chan, Yoshi, Sakura and the President; also the first ten of them follow specific events from the chapters, bonus and side stories published before and during the sixth volume, thus giving them a setting. The last two months’ illustrations are instead inspired by the fourth issue of theĀ original webcomic.

Months illustrations



January 2020January 2020

February 2020February 2020

March 2020March 2020

April 2020April 2020

May 2020May 2020

June 2020June 2020

July 2020July 2020

August 2020August 2020

September 2020September 2020

October 2020October 2020

November 2020November 2020

December 2020December 2020






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